I'd like to thank you all who supported 'Just Because of a Letter' and to all those who thought it was really good. It's very surprising that I still get a number of reviews every now and then—some are hate, which is very fine by me since I wrote this when I was thirteen or fourteen, I am not quite sure. And to answer most reviewers, yes, I based this on 'Letters from Juliet' and some other movies (and believe me, as much as this fanfic got so much readers, I am so ashamed that this is not originally by me), I believe that in each chapter I wrote a disclaimer saying that I do not own the movie nor the books (and to those who think otherwise, I hope God shows you the light sometime soon). And I am super sorry, since I reread the whole fanfic, for making Annabeth very out of character. It gives me shame knowing that I did not do justice with her character.

As most of you know—I'm assuming—I haven't been writing any stories ever since this fanfic. I enjoyed writing a lot and I've taken my time writing for a roleplay community (which is also a PJO RP—also if you are interested to you can message me via email, we're in need of characters) which is why I have failed to continue updating my fanfic account. I even lost my muse in writing 'The Royal Treatment' which I think sucks now because it's another 'book-based' story. I have a lot of stories in mind that I just don't really think favors Percabeth since I've been interested with weird topics such as: incest, cannibalism, and other things like that. I still love Percabeth but I have found myself slowly start to dislike them. Maybe because the second series have given me a wider view about the both of them since we can now read point of views from both Percy and Annabeth.

If you want to personally recommend fanfictions to me—possibly your own—feel free to do so. I am very active on my tumblr account (both personal and rp accounts). If you want me to be your beta reader, sure why not (but I doubt I am good enough to be such)? If you want to have a collaboration with me, then again, sure (as long as the plot interests me)! But I may not be able to start writing again for all of you since I am very busy with college life and my RP accounts. Thank you so much for sticking with me and reading my stories—even though my first one was such a fail—I really hope that one day, I get published, even if my chosen course isn't related to the literary arts.

But! If you have any story suggestions-Percabeth, yes-you can go suggest and if one strikes me as a really nice plot, I may go around it and write about it. Actually, I'd like to post an original story yet I am finding it hard to gather data since I'm either busy or lazy, oops.

Thank you and I hope I can write soon.