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Pairing: KagomexItachi (with mentions of KagomexInuyasha) and SangoxMiroku.
Rating: T
Chapter Summary: Sasuke uses the Mangekyou to erase Itachi's existence, but end up tossing his older brother into another dimension...

The tales of the lost Shinobi.

-Itachi's PoV-

1: To a new World.

Uchiha Itachi grunted lowly. His face an impassive mask of calm, though, if you knew how to read him just right, you'd have noticed the slight narrowing of his eyes, and known he was strained somehow.

In this case, it was emotionally and physicallystrained.

Blood red eyes closed, as their owner tried to breath out the exhaustion running through his body. Itachi only felt mildly annoyed, considering the situation at hand. But life as a shinobi - and an S Class wanted criminal - hardened his perception of life just a little bit.

Enough to make easy of what happened to him.

Not an easy task, mind you.

Thin, nimble, deceptionantly delicate fingers trailed lightly over the stone wall that Itachi found himself surrounded of. It looked like some sort of dried up well, with vines crawling between the rocks, and the muddy ground he regretfully had his feet on. At least he was on his feet... Itachi finished his evaluation of his surroundings by tilting his head and looking up. By the amount of light finding its way to where he stood, and by the lack of noise - human noise that is - that the well he was found currently in, was somewhere in an open field, with some variants of wild life - like a forest - around, and clearly forgotten.

Also, by the obvious lack of murdering intent directed to his person, he came to the conclusion that he was far, far, FAR away from
Sasuke... and the battle he had with Sasuke...

His sharp mind working overdrive to make some sense of his situation, and joining the pieces of this puzzle together, it took all of his ex-ANBU-captain-S-class-ranked-criminal-belonging-to-Akatsuki to hold in the gasp that rose to his throat. It was fairly simple once he managed to see the bigger picture. Really.

He had been fighting his younger brother, Sasuke. It was looking promising, what with Sasuke cornering him and dealing all those dangerous looking jutsus to see him dead - which was what he wanted, to be fair - and when Itachi crumpled all of his little brother's attempts on his life, Sasuke got desperate and from out of no-freaking-where pulled out a Mangekyou Sharingan... and the last thing Itachi knew was the snarled cry Sasuke gave - "DIE!" - And then sweet oblivion.

Until he woke up inside this (mud-filled) well.

Sasuke used the Mangekyou's dimension-warp jutsu on him!

Itachi's left brow twitched a fraction.

He now knew he was thrown by his o-so lovely younger sibling in a completely strange, potentially deadly, dimension.

He hoped Madara would rot in hell because of this.

Opening his now normal, Sharingan-less black-as-soot eyes, Itachi found he needed to attend to more pressing matters, such as if he still could use his chakra. All his life-threatening wounds would have to wait for now - at least most of them have stopped bleeding - if this dimension were to be somehow hostile, then he would surely need his chakra. But things looked promising, since he could feel the low hum of energy cursing through his body, curling around his eyes like a fisherman net, and responding to his will when he summoned a small bit of it to his hands.

Whit a satisfied nod, Itachi saw the calm blue swirling of his chakra cover his hand. He felt safer, for now, he had to get out of this well, because if the sun's position was any indication, it was approaching mid morning.

Sending a burst of chakra to his feet and hands, Itachi started to crawl up the well's stony wall. Not very dignified for his esteemed clan name - note the small dose of sarcasm - but there was no way he would fit this small hole if his body was horizontal. Plus this position affected less the few burns Sasuke, for some kind of fortune - or lack of it in Itachi's case - landed on him with that Hatake's corny-named jutsu - Chidori Nagashi - Sasuke's personal brand.

Aside the burns scattered all over his body, there were that shallow cut on his cheek, the most mellow of his wounds, the hole in his stomach for when Sasuke insisted on introducing his intestines to his Chidori-covered fists, and the lacerations from when he was thrown across the ground by that giant maniac pet-summon-snake, Manda. Ah, loveliness of taking a bash from his baby brother, who couldn't even throw kunai properly without cutting his own fingers a few years ago - and now was all about summoning hell-snakes to eat and/or poison his older brother.

Not that Itachi left Sasuke off so easily also. He was sure he had tormented his brother's mind enough to make the boy a certified raging lunatic, with so many mental and physical scars... He may or may not have unleashed a Tsukiyomi on Sasuke... and a Katon justsu or two or three... and some B-to-S-class-forbidden-jutsu...

They were even then. So now all that he had to do was make sure Madara rotted in hell for everything he's done.

Itachi was out of his musings about why he had severe internal bleeding, when the sun kissed his face for the first time for what felt like years. The comforting heat baking his cheeks and forehead, and he had to blink away the black dancing dots on his visage. He guessed the blood loss was coming up to him now. He had reached the well's lips, and heaved his body out of it. His limbs were starting to feel like they were made of lead, and with the last of his strength, Itachi scouted the area with a small chakra burst.

Finding nothing, the twenty years old fell into oblivion once again. Not knowing if he should hope to somehow wake up again, or die of blood loss during his... sleep. He had no reason to keep living, after all...


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