Pairing: KagomexItachi (with mentions of KagomexInuyasha) and SangoxMiroku.
Rating: T
Chapter Summary: The final turn to make a circle.

The tales of the lost Shinobi.

13: Weasel's circle.

"We have it! we have the whole jewel!" Kagome cheered, cradling in her hands the pink bauble of trouble. It was twinkling merrily under the sun, as its pink swirls of energy danced around it, in joy of being whole again.

A few hours prior, Kouga had demanded that Itachi fought him, for his honor' sake, since Kouga wanted to be the one to behead Kagura. Itachi ignored him for the most part – that is, until Kouga – with Inuyasha's blessing – tried to kick "Itachi" – only to get Itachi to explode on his face – again. Kouga gave up after that…

"And I'm free!" Miroku cried in pure happiness, as he studied his now Kazaana-free hand.

"It's not cursed anymore, huh Houshi-sama?" Sango teased lightly, but she too had a huge smile on her lips. Though, for her it must have been the hardest... since she had to fight and "kill" her younger brother... It wasn't easy for her, and the emotional strain had almost cost her life, if Miroku haven't got to her in time... But the comfort thought was that now Kohaku was free, free from his sins and the life Naraku destroyed.

"I wouldn't be so sure of that" Miroku stopped to stare at his hands in awe long enough to leer suggestively at Sango's rear. The demon slayer blushed... but then...

"Well, it better not be, Houshi-sama... when we get married, I expect no less" She announced haughtyly. Making Miroku pass out from a major nose-bleed.

"I will meditate on something" The group's attention was snapped to a person they all forgot was there – or chose to ignore – Kikiyou.

"Kikiyou…" Inuyasha called after her, the older priestess ignored the red clad hanyou, stepping inside the forest. Soon after, a few Soul Stealers were hovering above the forest where Kikiyou went. Kagome sighed in distress as her eyes followed the elder miko.

"I don't understand her…" Was the muttered comment that left Kagome's lips.


Miroku then started to twitch, Sango leaned closer to him, to make sure he was alright… and was fondled… She shrieked, startled, and then slapped the "dreaming" monk so hard his head bounced off the ground.

"Houshi-sama! I'm so sorry!" Soon after she cried in alarm, crouching next to the fallen monk, and holding head.

Kagome sincerely laughed at her friends antics – Kikiyou forgotten for now. Her joyful laugh clearing away Itachi's heart. He still had many doubts about returning home, and now felt the perfect time to tell Kagome a few things about himself... if she accepted him, well... the better.

"Kagome-sama" He called lowly to her. Kagome looked at him questioningly. "We need to talk" Inuyasha huffed, but said nothing. For once the hanyou would let the weasel have his ways. He just wanted Kagome to be happy.

"Oh? Sure!" Kagome nodded. Black mass of hair in disarray. Smiling blue eyes focused on him.

"Alone" Itachi mumbled to their audience. Inuyasha begun to mutter darkly under his breath, Shippou, not missing an opportunity to mess with the hanyou, trapped the silver haired half demon under one of his enchanted rocks. Sango winked at him from her position on the ground - holding her fiancée's head so that it didn't collide with the ground – He was still out cold – though the silly, goofy smile on his face was a dead give away.

"Ok" Kagome complied to follow him into a deeper part of the forest. She trusted him to take care of her at least, Itachi breathed.

"Kagome-sama, I trust you already know this" Seeing her confused look, Itachi continued "I am not of this world" Realization made her eyes lit up.

"Yes! I heard about it" she confirmed.

"I have been thinking about ways of returning to my own world, and I believe the method is connected to your well" Kagome blinked up at him, waiting for him to elaborate. "I believe you face a similar situation..." And, as if a light was turned off, Kagome's eyes dimmed to a haughty dark blue.

"You don't know if you should return to your world, or remain here" She supplied. Itachi nodded unnecessarily.

"I'd like to hear your decision, before deciding for myself..."

"I don't understand" Kagome tilted her head to the side. Her face still tight with a sour emotion Itachi felt as well.

"Kagome" He spoke her name without the suffix. Blue eyes widened in surprise. "I need to tell you something." He gave no room for her to reply, as he held two fingers over her lips. "I am a murderer, a criminal, from where I am from... I killed my family, minus my younger brother and encouraged him to hate me... in the end, he did as I told him to, and tried to kill me, almost succeeding, if it wasn't for you" Blue eyes now were full of mixed emotions. There was confusion, a lingering fear because of his admission, pity, and something he couldn't read at all.

"Itachi..." Kagome breathed. In and out air came and went. She was trying to formulate speech without stutter. "I-I don't believe you..." The young priestess struggled to speak. "Why? Why you did it? I want to hear it all" She half asked half ordered. For a second, Itachi thought he was dealing with a fool shinobi, see what's underneath the underneath. Kagome was trying to understand him. He'd give her respect for that.

"An Order... My family was plotting overtaking my village, so the village's council ordered me, their faithful tool, to kill all of Uchiha clan..." He spoke bitterly. Kagome brought her hands to her eyes, as his words were affecting her heart. Again an unknown emotion flashed through her face. "though I followed through it all, I couldn't lay hands on my brother... I didn't have it in me to end his life... so I came to the decision to let him end mine." Tears formed on the corner of each of Kagome's eyes.

"Itachi-" His fingers pressing against her lips prevented her from saying something more.

"I made him hate me, despise me, hate me so much he made it his life's goal to kill me, to do so, he'd have to get stronger... I left Konoha soon after, and joined a criminal organization... Akatsuki..." He paused, hoping that the angst he felt about Madara didn't show in his voice "An ancestor of mine, Uchiha Madara, is behind Akatsuki... and his main goal is world domination... he wants to wake up and control the power of an ancient demonic beast, a ten-tailed monster with enough power to crack the land in two..." He didn't want to talk about capturing and locking the Bijous, and the death that awaited those who housed said beasts.

Kagome was making the best impersonation of a fish, well, a person could make. Itachi left her absorb everything he just said.

"Eventually, Sasuke ran from Konoha to join and train under another traitor from Konoha, Orochimaru, who's goal is to obtain the sharingan, and eventually destroy Konoha. Sasuke killed Orochimaru, and then came for me, like I was expecting. Eight months ago, Sasuke and I fought... and I was ready to die for him… but Sasuke used a Mangekyou jutsu to send me here, leaving him guard less against Madara, who will, with no doubt, tell Sasuke everything, even against my wishes" And the hate that bubbled inside Sasuke's eyes, made Itachi shiver inwardly... his little brother became powerful enough to even "kill" him.

"A-and now you're worried that Sasuke will want to get revenge for you... against your village... and that maybe he will join with your what-a-not uncle?" Kagome spoke quietly. Itachi had to leave an empty space of time, void of his voice - or his fingers on her lips - so that she'd comment on what he said. "You want to be there" It wasn't a question this time.

"Yes, yes and yes" Itachi said evenly. A shadow that few on him, darkening his features.

"But... you also don't want to leave what you've known here" And the weasel knew what she wanted to say with "here". But for him, it wasn't exactly the healthy wild life that bloomed in this world - so similar to his own but with much smaller threes - nor the different knowledge he gained, or the friends he made... It was her. "I know how you feel"

"I know" That's why he decided to tell her his life story in the first place.

Kagome fell silent on her own, and Itachi wasn't about to say anything either - so both of them just stood there staring silently at the face of the other – silent tears still running through her face.

A sigh broke the spell. From which of them? not even they knew.

"I know what I will do" the miko started, her voice heavy with emotion. "I-I think I will stay here" She half-sobbed. A dry sound leaving her throat "I don't think I could leave you guys" Itachi lowered his head.

Did he still have a purpose in his world? For sure everyone believed him to be dead. He could start anew here in these lands, begin a family, care for it, or he could protect a village - he could start his own village/clan of shinobi - hell! he could do all of the above... but his home… Sasuke needed him... Kagome's smiling face flashed behind his eyelids... would it really be worth it without the person he owned his life to?

"Then I shall stay here with you" His words were lightly said. His eyes were half-lidded while he stared at the young miko.

"Itachi..." Kagome raised her hands to touch carefully his cheeks. Delicate fingers traced a line on his face, and Itachi found himself leaning against her hands. Sucking up air, Kagome took a step forward, making their bodies closer.

And then she kissed him. Lightly, shyly. Her lips brushed his hesitantly, and then left.

Itachi grabbed her arms when she was about to step back, blushing so much her face was glowing, and flushed her against his chest, he cradled her head and brought their lips together once again, and this time, the kiss was more passionate.

Kagome whimpered at the rough treatment, but melted the second she was in his arms... Inuyasha a fading voice at the back of her head… a voice she was ready to forget.


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