The title is a lyric from the song "Same Old Lang Syne" by Dan Fogelberg. Just listening to the song makes me think what would happen if Cal and Gillian hadn't seen each other in years. This song was more of a focal point than inspiration, but you should definitely listen to it! :)

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The part in italics are flashback scenes!

The woman stared blankly into the camera. Her brown hair was tied back neatly. The suit she was wearing was a bland color of blue, but if she wore it any other day it would look stunning on her. She was holding a picture of a little girl with sandy blonde curls and the bluest pair of eyes, just like her mother.

Right next to her was a man in his mid-forties, holding on closely to his wife. He was taller than her by a couple of inches and the suit he wore was just as bland. He was trying to hold back the tears as the police commissioner was talking.

"Her name is Olivia Louise Kramer. She just turned 3 a couple of months ago. She is approximately 2 foot 9 inches tall and 30 pounds. She was last seen at the Charleston Park playing in the sandbox. She has on a pink and blue stripped sweater, blue jeans and red sparkly shoes. If you have any information on the whereabouts of Olivia, please call our police hotline at the bottom of your screen. Any information will help."

The camera cut off and the picture on the television went back to the anchors. Emily shut off the TV and stared at it for a couple minutes. This wasn't good, she thought to herself. If she didn't tell her dad what she saw then he would eventually find out and get mad at her. If she told him then there was a big possibility that he would do something stupid. She straightened her back with her final decision and went straight to her dad's study. She had off from classes today so her dad took off from work so that they could spend some quality time together. Her dad was finishing up a report when she walked through the doors. "Look Em, I promise, I'll be done in about 5 minutes." He looked up and saw the confusion all over his daughter's face. He took off his black rimmed glasses and asked, "What is it? You look like you've seen a ghost, Luv."

Emily shook her head. For a moment she was rendered speechless from what she saw on the TV. She pointed back into the family room with her thumb and said, "Dad, I've just… I just saw…" She knew what she was about to say was about to break her dad's heart. "I saw… on the news that a little girl is missing."

He leaned back into his chair. "Darling, many children go missing. I hope that they will eventually find her, but there is nothing that I can do at the present moment." This was the reason he never watched the news. These stories of missing children were the worst, but unless they needed help from the Lightman Group, he couldn't do anything to help.

"Dad, its Gillian's child that's missing."


Cal was sitting in his office looking over some footage for their recent case. Gillian hesitantly walked through his doors with a file in her hand. He could tell that she was shaking all over. Only one thing did that to her and that was a missing child's case. Usually they don't get involved with those cases unless the parents contacted them.

They went over the case together. The child went missing from the front of their house while the mom went in to get some juice. Despite living on a busy family block, no one saw anything. They were to interview people in the neighborhood to see if anyone was lying.

Gillian picked up the picture of the young girl missing and stared at it for a couple of minutes. She was very cute with her brown hair in ponytails and a big smile for the camera. Cal stood over her and placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. She shook her head and hastily put the picture back into the case file. She looked up at Cal, tears starting to cloud her normally bright blue eyes. "Cal, let's get her back home."

"I promise to do my best, Luv."

She looked back down and nodded. She knew that these cases could go either way. She said a silent prayer and wiped the tears from her eyes. She stood up, grabbed the file and left the office without another word.


Cal stood abruptly. Of the things that would come out of Emily's mouth, he wasn't expecting that. "Are you sure you saw Gillian and not someone who looks like her?"

"Dad, it was her! She has a 3 year old little girl that has gone missing. Someone took her from the park maybe an hour or two ago. It's all over the news."

Cal started to pace the room. He hadn't seen nor heard from Gillian in four years. Should he call her and offer his assistance? She was probably busy with the police, but maybe she didn't want to talk to him. He had to think of some way to get to her. Even after she left, he still thought about her almost every single day. And she had a daughter?

The phone rang and Cal picked it up after the first ring. "Hello? Gillian, is that you?"

"No, Dr. Lightman, it's Ria. Listen, I don't know if you are near a TV but-"

"Emily saw it on the TV." He tried not to sound too disappointed. "Did you try to contact her?"

Ria hesitated, "Well… I was calling to see if you have contacted her. If there is anything that she wants the Lightman Group to do."

Cal sat for a second, grinding his teeth in thought. "I'll get back to you." Then he hung up the phone and turned to Emily, "Did the news report say where they are livin'?"

"She is in Charleston, South Carolina."

He walked past her to the stairs. "Pack a suitcase darling, we're goin' to Charleston."

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