Author: Oh wow, haven't been made a fanfic in what... Over a good year? Anyways, I'm back with a new KisameXItachi fanfic. I've seen improvement that there are more of them, but I still think there should be more since we know more about Kisame's and Itachi's backgrounds. Anyways enough with my babbling off, have fun reading this

Warning: Suggestive Sexual themes, mild violence, Alcohol use. . . There will be a lot more in the second chapter.

Location: Olive Garden in Konohagakure. Okay, before any of you complain, there are restaurants in the Naruto world, just nothing like Olive Garden.. BUT I made it the old fashioned Olive Garden (Lol, fail on me), so no complaints and I hope you enjoy it anyways.

Not even properly dressed up for a fancy restaurant such as Olive Garden, even if it was night time, Itachi and Kisame were in their usual Akatsuki uniformed attire sitting down in a booth across from one another. Gigantic maroon colored menus blocking view from their faces.

"... None of these appear healthy." commented Itachi, scanning over each food listed twice the place had to offer.

"Ah, Itachi-san. Eating a big course meal for tonight won't be that bad. Lets take a break from all these Jinchuuriki chases and live it up a little, ne'?" Kisame chuckled, already storing what he was going to have in his mind.

"I'll just have what you're having, as long as it's not steak. We're on a tight budget anyway." Itachi turned his gaze towards his partner with no expression spot on his face.

Before Kisame had the chance to answer, a female waitress with the legit long blonde hair, blue eyes, and curvy hourglass figure skipped her way to the Akatsuki members, holding a compressed transparent glass bowl with salad and chopped vegatables inside, and a basket of long bread rolls.

"Hello Sirs, may I get you something to drink? And if you're ready to order, that's also fine." She offered them both a sickly sweet smile, placing the bowl and basket on the table between the two. Two bowls were already settled in front of Kisame and Itachi when they first arrived, so it wouldn't be hard to seperate the salad.

Itachi didn't buy the 'valley girl' look or personality, just looked back down at his menu as if it were the means to ignore her. Kisame rubbed the back of his neck, grinning sheepishly in return and waving a hand up in the air.

"Ah, yes. Two glasses of water a long with the finest bottle of wine you have," Kisame answered. "As well as a medium bowl of three cheese pasta. That will be all."

The waitress nodded and jotted their order down, but once she did, she looked up at Itachi, finding him pretty attractive. Noticing this straight off, Kisame shot her a odd and rather overprotective look, the woman knowing she should back away. The Uchiha simply had no intentions to speak to her or start any arguements, closing his eyes in thought.

The female gulped, quickly rushing away from the table of the Akatsuki members, going to a regular couple that was obviously less dangerous than a Sharkman and a Sharingan user. Or at least attempted.

Once she crossed her ankles at an awkward position from being nervous, she accidently tripped and fell face first. People turned their heads to see what happened, but no one bothered to help her. Fortunately for her, she wasn't carrying any food or glass at the time. She stood up, huffed, gave Kisame and Itachi a quick glare, and stomped off into the kitchen as if to hide her embarassment from the current crowd.

The two Akatsuki members stacked their menus to the side. Kisame couldn't resist but to chuckle. Itachi shook his head in disgust.

"... I hate females." Itachi spoke quietly, fetching up some salad into his once empty bowl, not even bothering to capture a glance of his partner.

"Some girls are pretty attractive, Fun to bang as well, I think. But they do work too hard to gain your attention, ne'?"

Silence winded over them.

Stabbing the leaves, cucumbers, and tomato pieces inside the bowl with his fork in a obnoxious matter, Itachi quietly sighed.

"Something the matter?" Apparently the Shark-nin already had his salad prepared with ranch dressing drizzled all over it. Himself having a mouthful of it. It wasn't a problem though, since he possessed those fearsome sharp teeth. He could pretty much chew anything up quickly without any concern.

Instead of using the fork, the Uchiha left it dangling against the side of the bowl and decided to pick up a tomato slice and popped it between his lips to chew politely, nodding at Kisame.


As the ex seven swordsmen continued to munch on his salad, his eyes wandered over to a warm bowl of fried squid, then to the basket of bread. Grabbing a long roll, he wrapped the soft food up with several napkins before tucking it into the deep pocket that he had on his cloak. Looking back up at the younger male, he merely chuckled.

"Wanna talk about it?"

Itachi watched him put the wrapped bread into his pocket, raising a brow in curiousity.

"No. . ." He paused for a moment. "Why did you do that? It's just going to go to waste and become hard."

"That's not the only thing that's getting hard," The Shark-nin laughed at his joke, or at least attempted to make it seem like he was kidding. "Besides, I like hardened food. Makes more of a challenge for me to eat."

Itachi rolled his charcoal hued orbs to the side, trying to forget what the elder just said, but it stuck inside of his mind. Hiding a good portion of his face inside of the high neck collar attached to his cloak, he blushed faintly, making sure his partner was unable to see his weakness.

Kisame rose a brow before smiling widely as if Itachi would become his delicious dessert, he went to speak but got interupted again by the waitress who previously embarassed herself in front of the entire restaurant.

She didn't even try to strike up a friendly conversation, just placed the two glasses of water in between them and the big bottle of wine. All she said was "We'll get your food as soon as we can," and hurried off.

"... Hm." The raven haired male poked his face back out to the world, picking up the glass and sipping on it contently.

Kisame picked up the bottle, pulled off the cork and chugged right out of it. Swallowing and smacking his lips to the bittersweet taste.

"Kisame, calm down on that. . ." Itachi said. "I want some too, you know."

A snicker left the former Kirigakure citizen, moving the bottle over towards the Uchiha, which he picked up after, taking minor sips from it.

Kisame timidly tapped his fingers on the edge of the table, staring at his partner in want.

"Ah. . . Itachi-san, I'll go wash up. I feel awkward." Kisame then excused himself from the booth, wandering over to the men's bathroom, but it was nearly impossible to get by with the crowds of waiters and lines of people complaining, shouting, and waiting to get to their tables.

The pacifist wondered if he had done something wrong. Taking one more huge gulp from the alcoholic beverage, he carefully set it down beside his barely eaten salad and stood up to follow his larger partner.

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