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Fanfic Title: Fairytale Charade

Notes: So I noticed there were some fantastic fics about Ronnie in the "Little Children" category, but none about Sarah and Brad. Le Gasp. Anyway this is me correcting that.

She wanted to tell him all of her dreams. She just wanted to sit down and hold on to him tight, and spill her soul.

Regular people didn't want these things. Regular women didn't want these things, nor should they. Particularly...married women shouldn't want these things.

She's always forgetting that she's a married woman. All she can remember is how much things have changed since she first put that golden band around her finger. It's still there, but she can only see it if she looks down. Right now, she's looking up.

In his eyes, she can see a warm sandy beach, with wild blue waves and a beautiful sun. She sees the reasons a woman needs to dream, and they haunt her because she knows they mean nothing to the rest of society. They are alone in the world right now, just the two of them. For just a short time, they can live the dream and not feel that shame.

The shame's going to come, she's always reminding herself. It will come the next morning, or the day after, or an hour before lunchtime, or right as she's drinking the last sip of coffee. It sneaks up on her when she least expects it, and she can't believe she's letting herself feel that way.

Because she told him it wasn't wrong. She told him she didn't feel sorry. And she didn't...Not for meeting him, not for taking a chance with him, not for...loving him. But she kept that shame hidden. She didn't want him to know her weakness. She sensed she had to be the strong one sometimes, and he might be just as lost without her.

He was the prince she never had as a child, and now she was living the fairy tale. But their fairy tale was just an illusion behind closed doors. It was hard to know now whether this or their everyday life was the charade...

This was where she felt real. This was where she felt whole. When she was with him, in his arms, looking into his beautiful blue eyes. When his fingers were trailing over her skin, and his breath was warming the back of her neck.

She wondered if he felt the same way.

One time she asked him, because she felt she could ask him anything.

He blinked and he answered her in his loving, husky voice, "Of course I do."

And his word was good enough for her.

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