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AN: I got this idea from Doctor Who who talked about Gallifrey which in the new TV show is no longer there and I made my own description of Krypton

Justice Mountain

Rec Room

"So Superman, who is he?" asked Robin. The older Kryptonian sat around looking at the next generation that would take the torch from the older generation eventually but they were too young, too naive to bear such responsibility at the time being. His clone Conner who was basically his son stared intently at him waiting for an answer.

"How come the ancient race of Kryptonians created such a monster," said Megan.

"What is he to you? Like a brother or friend?" spoke Kid Flash.

"No nothing like that, he's General Zod, he was my father's childhood friend until he led a military coup against the Council which would later be unsuccessful. He was sentenced to a lengthy sentence inside the Phantom Zone," said Superman

Megan furrowed her brow in confusion. "But from what they taught at us at school on Mars, Krypton sounded so perfect, so infallible."

The older Kryptonian chuckled and glanced at his son who was listening intently, he doesn't know so much about his own race, it was about time he told him things about Krypton. He remembers his sessions with Jor-El at the Fortress.

"Perfect to look at sure, and it was, it was beautiful," he said proudly sitting back in his seat. "They use to call it, a shining jewel in a vast dark universe and on the continent of Argos, in the Red Mountains under a burnt orange sky there stood the Tower of Knowledge; the oldest and most powerful race in the Universe looking down at the galaxies below, swearing never to interfere only to observe around two centuries before Krypton would be destroyed by the unstable core, a criminal detonated a bomb that would destabilize Krypton's core causing tremors that would eventually destroy the planet, only a few Kryptonians remain along with one billion years of Kryptonian history"

"And your parents Jor-El and Lara sacrificed everything to save your life," spoke Conner.

Superman smiled and nodded. "Yeah they did," he murmured remembering his biological parents.