Honey sat down in a big brown wooden chair opposite Mrs. Bucket.

"so deary where do you want me to start?"

"well from the basics really if you wouldn't mind Mrs. Bucket, how about…why did you scream for starters". Honey was starting to get excited, notebook and pen ready.

"well, me and my gardener were planting some fresh new flowers in the patch of soil just by that iron fence…", she pointed at a huge iron fence at the bottom of her garden.

"well me and the gardener were digging a new deep hole so we could plant an apple tree I had brought yesterday, I left the gardener digging for about 3 minutes while I made us both a cup of tea, I then came back outside to find the gardener froze on his knees in front of the hole gasping for air, I ran over to him to see what the matter was, then I saw it too…"

She froze for a second looking as if she'd seen a ghost.

"what Mrs. Bucket, what did you see?", Honey was nearly jumping out of her seat in excitement.

"I…I…I saw a body…a dead body, a rotting disgusting body, just lying there lifeless and a mess…that's when I screamed".

"o Mrs. Bucket I bet that was truly awful!"

"yes it was child, the worst thing I had ever seen in my life".

"did you recognize this…body?"

"no definitely not Honey"

"any idea who might of done this to him/her?"

"no not any one around here, it's to quite a town for that sort of thing".