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Warning: There are a lot of Irish words in this chapter. The translations will be down in the author's note for those who are curious.

Epilogue: Together Forever

"You should really get going, Bella," Alice murmured as I teased her pulse point with my tongue. "Don't want to keep Fiona and Holly waiting, do you?"

Smiling against her skin, I lifted up to look into her eyes, my smile transforming into a smirk as I noticed her eyes growing darker under my gaze. "Let them wait," I said before bending down again, pressing my lips to her collarbone.

Alice writhed under my kiss, a small moan escaping her lips as my hands slowly trailed down her bare sides, anticipating what treasures they would find once I reached the Holy Land. Her hands reached up to my head, one tangling itself into my hair while the other one scratched at my neck, obviously trying to get my attention about something.

"Don't. Stop." she breathed out roughly as my hands danced across her abdomen, barely touching the skin as I nibbled the skin on her neck. "Bella," she moaned. "Please."

"Weren't you just telling me I should get going?" I asked merrily, a smile on my lips as I let my fingers slowly trail down towards her core. "Which is it? Should I continue, or should I stop?"

Alice hissed, looking at me with almost black eyes as she moved her hand to the one creeping down her skin, her hand like a vice-grip on my wrist as she pushed it down further.

"I get the point," I chuckled before I started to lick my way down her body, taking in each of her nipples, swirling my tongue over them as my hand slid inside her dripping folds, a moan of my own coming through my lips. She was so wet.

Slipping my fingers deep within her, I couldn't help but smile when she squirmed under my touch, her hips bucking against my hand as I continued thrusting in and out of her, my smile growing more prominent as I elicited more and more moans out of her.

"Bella," a calm and collective voice called from outside the bedroom door, followed by two swift knocks. "Fiona is in here waiting for you…she gave me something for you to wear."

The gúna íobartach, no doubt, I thought as a growl threatened to escape my throat as Alice panted in front of me, her chest heaving as I looked at the door annoyingly.

"I figured that since you were already," he cleared his throat, "bare, that I should hand this to you through the door."

Alice sat up and looked at me with her lips pursed and her eyebrows raised as if to say "I told you so," before I sighed and got to my feet, opening the door but making sure that it shielded the parts of me I didn't want my father-in-law to see.

"Thank you, Carlisle," I said with a fake smile, taking the black cloak out of his hands. "I'll just put this on and be right out."

He gave me a swift nod before he disappeared from my view, so I knew that meant I was allowed to put on my robe without problems. Closing the door with my foot, I slid my arms through the sleeves before I found the velvet like belt, tying it around my waist as I made sure that none of my assets were out in the open.

Alice gave me a pout as she watched me cover up, crossing her arms over her chest in a pitiful fashion.

"Aww, don't be like that," I said with a chuckle. "You were the one who wanted me to stop, remember?"

She snorted. "Not when I'm this close to going over the edge. You're supposed to stay and finish the job."

"I'm sorry," I said as I jumped on the large king sized bed, crawling towards her before I pressed my lips to hers hungrily. She let out a moan inside my mouth as she entwined her hands into my hair, pulling me closer to her as she wrapped her little legs around my waist. "Alice," I said as I pulled back from her, raising an eyebrow at her. "I have to go. Holly has to escort me there."

"Where exactly are you going?" she asked. "And why is it that I can't come when you become…immortal?"

I chuckled as I hopped off of the bed, trying to make sure that she doesn't tempt me into staying there with her, before I shook my head. "I don't know where I'm going. They change up the place every time we have the bás a íobairt, that is, the ceremony in which one becomes immortal. As for the second question, well, in order for me to become immortal, I have to drink blood. Having a vampire around might not be a wise idea."

Alice chuckled. "I see your point."

"Any advice? On the blood drinking part, I mean?" I asked with a laugh. "It would be great coming from someone who lives off of the stuff."

"Well, since blood probably won't be as appealing to you as it is for me, let me say you might want to close your eyes and plug your nose. Normally smell affects taste, so if you can't smell it, it might help you not taste it, either."

I nodded. "Thanks."

"Bella?" Carlisle called again. "Holly is growing anxious."

Letting out a groan, I leaned over to give Alice one more kiss. "The next time I see you, I'll be immortal."

"Forever frozen at nineteen," Alice mused, "every woman's dream come true."

"It is if you can spend it with you," I quipped before I walked out of the bedroom, shaking my head as I thought of all the events that took place in the last two years.

I had gone to Senior Prom with Alice, Angela and Leah, causing a lot of the male population to drop dead at our public displays of affection. I had graduated at Forks High School, along with Alice and Angela, and watched proudly as she made her Valedictorian speech at graduation, Leah beaming brightly in the audience. I stood at Sue's side, along with Leah, as I watched my father marry the woman of his dreams, his brown eyes twinkling with happiness before he whispered "I do".

Many things had happened to me, things that definitely outweighed the loss I felt during the battle against Micah. I never thought it would happen, but I did grieve at my mother's funeral, as did Charlie. She might not have been the best Mom in the world, but she did risk her life for mine so I could defeat Micah, and for that, I owed her some tears. Besides, she could've been a hell of a lot worse than that; I was just glad she wasn't abusive.

As I walked into the little living room in our Executive King's Suite, because we had thought it would be better for me to go to Phoenix rather than bring the pack up to Forks, I noticed that Carlisle was chatting with Fiona who was, by my surprise, about as big as a whale.

"Dear Lord," I exclaimed, my eyes growing wide as they zeroed in on her stomach. "What in the world happened, Fiona? Did you eat your cat and then some?"

She rolled her eyes at me. "Oh, ha ha. Very funny, Bella. You'd expect to be big when you're in your seventh month of carrying twins. Be more polite, these are your uncles."

"Ugh, please, don't remind me," I said jokingly, waving my hands in front of me. I had known that Fiona and my grandfather had announced their relationship to the pack, and that Fiona had tried for over a year to convince him to let her carry his heir. After a month of trying, it was revealed that she was pregnant and, when she went to get a check-up, it was revealed she wasn't carrying just one heir, but two.

Still, I tried to avoid the terms like uncle when thinking about her children. That just weirded me out, even though it was something I was still trying to come to terms with.

"Why are you here? I thought the one that gives the sacrifice escorts the one wanting to become buanaithe?"

She nodded. "Hugh thought it would be best to keep me away, in case things don't go as expected… and…he figured another checkup wouldn't hurt. He called Carlisle in advance and asked him to look me over."

"That's why I tagged along with you two," Carlisle continued. "Although I didn't really want to at first, considering I knew that you and Alice would be…"

"I get the picture," I said, hiding my grimace. Stupid future father-in-law having supersonic hearing. "I probably should be going, then, if Holly is waiting for me out there."

I was about to turn on my heel before Fiona placed her hand on my shoulder, turning me to face her.

"What?" I asked with my brow furrowed.

She reached for the hood and flipped it over onto my head, making sure it covered my eyes. "There. Now I'll walk you to Holly."

Fuck. I remember that the one who was becoming buanaithe wasn't allowed to know where the ritual was taking place, and that they had to be led by the one who was sacrificing their own blood. Usually it was someone from the family, someone who had previously been immortalized that you trusted, but, seeing as Holly had practically threatened me to make her be my sacrifice during the ritual, I had to use her.

Of course, I was a little worried that our bond wasn't strong enough. There was a reason you had to trust the one that was sacrificing themselves, and vice versa. You had to trust that they wouldn't cut too deep into your skin with the lann cré-umha, and they had to trust that you wouldn't bite too hard into their arm. You also had to trust each other, hoping that your blood would mix in the ór cupán, and that the one who was becoming buanaithe would be able to take the blood in and not become a ravage beast, or worse, reject the blood completely and die.

Yeah, I had a lot to look forward to.

So as Holly escorted me through the halls of the hotel, probably encouraging families to stare at us as I remained hooded in the sweltering heat once we stepped outside, I hoped and prayed to Bendis that Holly and I trusted each other enough for this to work. It wasn't that I didn't have any faith in her I just…didn't want to die without Alice knowing. I hadn't told her the brutality of this ritual, that I could die if things went wrong, because I didn't want her to worry.

I knew she worried about me whenever I told her things that put my life at risk. I had faith in Holly, I did, and I was sure I would make it out alive.

Of course, as did most of those who had died during the ritual.

I could tell when we made it into the woods; the burning asphalt soon became grass and twigs that crunched under my weight.

After fifteen minutes of walking, Holly eventually stopped us and I could hear the sound of twelve or so hearts beating. Most likely Granddad and the members of his council that he consoled with, and maybe a few wolves that have recently turned sixteen. One of the whole "welcome to adulthood" type of things they give to you once you become sixteen is that they let you watch someone become buanaithe for the first time. Thankfully, when I watched it, the guy didn't die, but I was hoping that those kids weren't going to witness that today.

"Welcome," my grandfather's voice boomed within the clearing. "We are here today, under the Goddess' light, to watch one of our own become buanaithe. Iobairt, state your name."

"Holly Lynette Spears," she said from next to me.

"Mortal, state yours."

I tried to prevent myself from snorting. "Isabella Marie Swan."

"Holly, please remove Isabella's hood," he instructed, his voice vibrating with the tone of the alpha.

Almost instantly the hood was off of me and I looked around the crowd to see several shirtless men (because my grandfather's council was full of men since he was old-fashioned and whatnot) and a couple of teenage girls wearing tank tops as they watched me awkwardly, their lips pursed as they noticed that this was the alpha's granddaughter becoming buanaithe.

"Isabella, you are aware of the consequences if the trust between the two of you is not up to Bendis' liking, yes?"

I nodded. "I am fully aware."

"Then, Craig, hand me the lann cré-umha for the íobairt, please."

Craig, one of the shirtless males that stood in front of a younger wolf, probably his son, nodded before he walked forward, holding something that was wrapped in cloth before he uncovered it, revealing a bronze blade that was about the length of his forearm. He handed the blade to Granddad before he took his place back at the line.

Granddad admired the blade with a tight smile, running his hand along the length of the blade before he pointed it at me. "Isabella, you understand that if you go through with this ritual, you will be stuck at the age you are in at the moment, correct?"

"Yes," I said in a bored tone. I knew it was a formality to ask in case the person was having second thoughts but really? He knew Alice was my Anam Cara and there was no way I was going to have her sit at my funeral.

"Holly, please come and retrieve the lann cré-umha from me," Granddad instructed as he pointed the blade towards her, waiting for her to collect it.

Once she walked up to him, she grabbed the blade from him and turned to me with her lips in a fine line, preparing for what was about to happen as she walked closer to me.

"Isabella, expose your wrists," Granddad instructed in the tone of the Alpha.

Gritting my teeth together, I lifted my wrists up, pushing the sleeves of my cloak past my elbows to give Holly room.

"Henry, the ór cupán, please," he called out before another werewolf walked forward with the golden gauntlet that I had seen only twice before, each time during one of these ceremonies.

When Granddad possessed the cup, he walked forward and stopped when he was in front of both Holly and I.

"Holly, please, cut Bella's wrists, but make sure that the cut is enough to get about an inch of blood into the ór cupán."

Holly nodded before she placed the blade onto my wrists, looking at me briefly as I felt the sting of her cutting them open. Blood rushed to the surface of my wrist, and I knew I only had a window of opportunity before I would heal myself, so I quickly turned my wrist over as Granddad put the gauntlet under it, making sure it would collect the blood as it dripped. Holly waited until my left wrist healed itself before she cut the next one, and I did the same thing as I did with my left wrist.

Once both of my wrists were completely healed, Granddad looked into the cup, pleased with the outcome before he cleared his throat. "Isabella, athrú."

Unable to resist the call of the alpha, I let my bones shift into those of my wolf. Almost immediately I was on all fours.

"Holly, reveal your arm," Granddad said, his yellow eyes shining as the moon shone high above.

Holly did as she was told before she held out her arm in front of me. This next part I didn't like. I was going to have to bite Holly. Hopefully she trusted me enough to let me do this.

Waiting for Granddad's word, I watched him from the corner of my eyes. When he nodded his head, I opened my mouth and bit down into Holly's bare flesh, trying to ignore the feel of her blood on my tongue.

When I felt I had bitten down enough into her skin, I let go, watching as Holly moved her arm and hovered it over the cup, letting her blood seep inside it. Once her arm was done dripping, she took a step back with her lips pursed and her eyes watching the cup carefully.

Granddad swirled the cup around, making sure that my blood and Holly's blood would mix, as he turned to look at me. "Athrú," he instructed again. As I felt my bones reverse back into those of my skin, I tried to ignore my wolf's resistance, as she knew it was the full moon, her time to shine. Once I was on two feet, Granddad handed the ór cupán to me. "Don't drink it yet," he said, and, with a nod, I brought it to my lips, ignoring the bitter smell of it.

I seriously had to drink this stuff?

"As you all know, the bás a íobairt is a ceremony centered around trust," Granddad started as he looked at Holly and I before turning to the four teenagers that were standing behind Granddad's council, their lips pressed together in a fine line. "If the mortal doesn't trust the íobairt, or vice versa, the blood could mix into a poison, killing the mortal on the spot, or it could become a mixture that would make the mortal into a horrible, ravage beast. If that happens…we must kill the mortal," he said, glancing at me. "Let us hope that Bendis will grant Isabella and Holly the trust needed for the bás a íobairt. Isabella, you may now drink the blood mixture, but you have to make sure you drink it all in one go. Once it reaches your mouth, you cannot stop until the ór cupán is empty."

Giving him a nod, I took a deep breath as I prayed to Bendis that it would work. Reaching up with my free hand, I plugged my nose before I tilted the cup, allowing its contents to slip into my mouth.

Alice's advice helped. I couldn't tell that the blood tasted horrible as I glugged it down. Once it was empty I looked inside of it; the inside was a bit red from the blood and it looked a bit disgusting.

Suddenly, my veins became cold and my knees gave out under me. I felt very cold and my heart was beating faster than normal.

Holly looked at me with concern as the blood that pumped through my veins became colder and colder.

After a minute or so my blood returned to normal and I looked up at my Granddad who smiled at me.

At least now Alice and I would be together forever.

A/N: And there you have it, the Epilogue to the wonderful journey known as Lunar Soul. The Irish words in this chapter are: gúna íobartach which is sacrifical robe, bás a íobairt which is immortal sacrifice, buanaithe is immortalized, lann cré-umha which is bronze knife, ór cupán which is gold cup, íobairt which is sacrifice, athrú which is shift.

They look and sound a lot cooler in Irish, in my opinion, so I thought it would be best for me to use Irish words.

Big thanks to everyone who helped me with this story and a bigger thanks for those readers who stuck by until the end. There is a possible sequel in the works, still planning it out and trying to see what would happen and all, and if I do intend to make one, I will let you all know.

With that said and done, goodbye, my reviewers. It's been one hell of a ride. :)