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This I Blackops and these are my OC I plan on using for a future fic, if I ever get to it. If anyone wants to use them go right ahead, just let me know.

Hero Name: Sorcery

Real Name: Serena LumeUmbra

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Height: 5'2

Weight: 104lb

Hair Color: Brunette (Black in Demon form)

Eye: Green(Black sclera)

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Race: Human/Demon

Normal Clothing: White halter top, green shirt, and white shoes

Hero Clothing: black sorceress clothing( think DC's Circe)

Unusually Features: Horns in demon form. Fangs in both forms(elongates when angered). Tail and bat-like wings in demon form(At times they stick out in human form when angry or embarrassed).




Spell casting


Demon Form:

Super Strength

Shape Shifting Wings






Cannot use spells if she cannot concentrate.

Her powers are weakened when her body is weak.

Some spells backfire.

Iron can weaken/kill her.

Demon form is unstable. Such as unable to hold it for long and attacks everyone around her.

Demon form can only be used in times of extreme pain/dying.

Bio: The daughter of a sorcerer and a demon queen Serena has lived an odd life. She began to learn magic at a early age since she has a high affinity for it. She has a great relationship with her father, but a stressed one with her mother. She spends a lot time practicing magic or hang out with her friends. Since her father help maintains the balance between the magical/demonic realms she often helps him out with thing such as finding magical artifacts to babysitting the offspring of magic beings, mostly the latter. She has a flirty attitude with boys she likes, but can be a tomboy at other times.


She has a crush on Aqualad.

She lets Ms. Martian talk telepathically a lot.

She call SuperBoy Emo a lot.

She has been babysitting since she was 11.

She feels awkward in large crowds.


"Kid Flash is annoying, Superboy is emo, and Robin too young, Kaldur's the only one I find interesting."

"You think this bother me? I have changed the diaper of a baby Cyclops, have you ever changed the diaper of a baby Cyclops? No! And let me something that is some sick shit!"

"I can never understand why girls go for the brooding type?"