Summary: Battered. Bruised. Broken. Who ever thought that the hanyou was capable of such? She didn't, that's for sure. She would return home but it's heavily protected. What's a girl to do? Run? Suicide? Sesshoumaru?

Bring Me To Life

Chapter One – My Suffering

"Move it guys, I want to find a shard before we rest" Everyone's loved hanyou called back to his exhausted companions as he sprinted with Kagome on his back. The miko herself sighed at her friend, he was so pushy. He always (purposely) forgot that his friends were only human and couldn't keep up with him. She knew she couldn't, in every aspect.

She used to love Inuyasha with all of her heart. She believed that he was the one. He had broken her heart so much in the past but she always forgave him, a faithful lover always does. From the first day she ever set eyes on him she felt her heart beating out to him. She believed he was her soul mate. She didn't care that he was a 'dirty halfbreed', she just loved him for who and what he was. Her was her protector, lover and world. Heck, she had given up her life back home for him. Yes, she did still return home from time to time but she now did officially live in the feudal era with him. She was absolutely thrilled when he too expressed his feelings to her and proposed that she be his life long partner. Of course she accepted immediately where her feudal fairytale then began. It was a shame that it didn't last forever.

She had been with the hanyou for two years now and he still hadn't mated her, when she asked why he always claimed it was because he was waiting for the right perfect moment. Bullshit. She soon found out that he was seeing her clay clad copy behind her back. She should have really seen it coming. Inuyasha would never forget about Kikyo. After this knowledge finally hit her, Kagome decided it would be best that she left and went home. Inuyasha on the other hand refused to allow such. Naraku was still lurking about and they hadn't collected all of the remaining jewel shards that she (as he always reminded) shattered. Eventually, she agreed to stay but told him that there were no more 'them'. She would only stay until Naraku was defeated and the Shikon no Tama wished from the world. Of course, Inuyasha didn't like this new arrangement, he always liked to have things his way. He decided that if Kagome wouldn't be his willingly then he'd take her by force.

One night during mating season, Kagome had headed to a hot spring alone since Sango was feeling poorly and Shippo was already asleep. It didn't really bother her, she was powerful enough to kill any youkai that dared to harm her. She knew the strongest being in the forest was Inuyasha for quite a few miles, otherwise she would have sensed it. Letting her guard down slightly, she stripped down to her bathing suit where she then turned and manoeuvred to the spring. Just as her big toe rippled the water Inuyasha sprang out of the trees and landed on top of her with ease. The lust was evident in his eyes, freezing Kagome where she now lay. The hanyou went about undressing whilst she did her best to get free from her rogue friend. It was all in vain. She was raped brutally, and by her best friend and ex-lover. She did try her best to scream for help but the hanyou had seen to it that she was silenced by his lips. Once he was done with her he re-dressed and returned to camp, but not before ordering her to wash his scent from her body so that Shippo and Kirara didn't scent it. She returned to camp a broken woman...

That was nearly four months ago now. Inuyasha still continued to use her body whenever Kikyo wasn't around since the bitch didn't want to travel with them. The rest of the gang had no clue as to what was going on. They knew that Inuyasha had cheated on Kagome with Kikyo and that they were no longer a couple; Miroku and Shippo put Kagome's saddened aura down to this but Sango was beginning to believe that there was more to her friend's depression. Kagome refused to tell them what happened as she didn't wish to break their friendship with the hanyou, that and he threatened to tear her away from them if she did. So Kagome kept up the pretence of still being best friends with the hanyou, even having to make physical contact like she was now when riding upon his back. It was disgusting. She knew he would get aroused from this. What had happened to him? He never used to be such a pig. Where was the hanyou she had fallen in love with all two years ago? She was seventeen now and was positive that she would never fall in love with another again.

The sun was beginning to set on the horizon and still there were no traces of any jewel shards. They were now in the Western Lands where the most dangerous of youkai lurked. Inuyasha had to reluctantly give in and stopped for camp, he knew it wasn't safe even for him to continue travelling at night. Even if he was the second Prince and this being his homeland he would never be safe due to the fact that he was a hanyou and his brother lived in these lands. His great and terrible father was once King of the whole region just by enforcing his brute strength as well as showing compassion to his subjects. It was now Inuyasha's half brother who took his place. He may not be compassionate like his father but Inuyasha had to admit that Sesshoumaru was probably a very good leader. Just being an inuyoukai showed his importance since they were rare to come across and supposedly were to carry royal blood in their veins. Inuyasha snorted at this, he held the same blood as his dear brother and he was never respected.

Grumbling, Inuyasha set Kagome down on her feet in a clearing surrounded by trees where she then went about helping her friends set up camp. He couldn't have her tonight, not in Sesshoumaru's lands. His lands, he kept reminding himself. Then again it's not like he belonged here anyway, he didn't belong anywhere. Without muttering anything to his friends, Inuyasha jumped up on the branch a tree that he had noticed Kagome had set her stuff up underneath and took watch. No one would take his little toy, he'd make sure of that.

Sango and Kagome prepared a delicious meal for them all in a comfortable silence whilst Miroku read one of the miko's bedtime stories to Shippo and Kirara. Kagome couldn't help but smile warmly at this, Miroku always had a soft spot for the kitsune. They all did...except Inuyasha. She reluctantly let her eyes wander to the hanyou where she found his intense lust filled gaze undressing her with every passing second. She resisted the urge to gag and went about helping Sango comb her hair.

The demon slayer watched the interaction between her two friends and frowned. Something definitely wasn't right. She knew that look on the hanyou's face. She would keep a careful eye on him from now on; ever since he had broken Kagome's heart she had vowed to never trust him again. She still spoke coldly to him when he barked orders at her. She didn't believe he was worthy of compassion. Sango was very protective of the miko, she looked at her as a little sister and she'd be damned before she let Inuyasha hurt her again.

Once Sango's hair was tangle free and the camp site was clean Kagome opted for a trip to the hot spring they hadn't long passed by. She wasn't worried about being attacked, she didn't believe that death was as bad as what she was currently enduring right now. "Do you wish for some company Kagome?" Sango's voice pulled her back to reality as she shook her head of her thoughts. She looked at Inuyasha who mimed a no at the demon slayer's proposal. With a short nod Kagome turned back to Sango and declined politely

"Thanks Sango, but if it's all the same to you I'd like some alone time"

"Umm...okay Kagome" She clocked the exchanged glances between the two. Something was definitely up "Just take your bow and arrows with you, ne"

"Sure" She plastered on a fake smile "I may be a while, depends on how nice the spring is" She winked as she grabbed her bag and weapons "Catch ya in a bit" And with that she disappeared through the trees.

Inuyasha waited for roughly ten minutes before he hopped down from the tree and told them that he was going for a run to clear his head. Shippo barked that he was a liar and that he was going to find Kikyo which resulted in him getting smacked across the head. Once the hanyou was satisfied he made the kitsune cry he ran off in the opposite direction of Kagome.

Kagome arrived at the spring within fifteen minutes where she found Inuyasha awaiting her with a malicious grin plastered on his face. She resisted the urge to cry when he began to approach her. He was rather agitated and annoyed today so it was likely that he was going to take his frustration out on her battered body. He pulled her into his arms and buried his head into the crook of her neck "It's been torture today" He growled into her neck "I've been wanting this..." He gripped Kagome's backside, causing her to whimper "all day"

"Please Inuyasha, I don't want this" She tried every night to reason with him but it never worked, she would plead and plead until he silenced her with his mouth or beat her. He was always careful as to where to hit her, he made sure not to leave marks anywhere where Sango or Miroku could see them. He shoved her to the muddy ground and climbed on top of her

"You're mine Kagome! Forever!" He smashed his lips against hers and impatiently ripped her clothes from her body. He made a mental note to allow her to go home to get more clothes before he dipped down and ravished her fragile form. He didn't really care about her screams or pleas tonight, they were out of earshot of their human companions so didn't have to worry.

Tears streamed continuously down the miko's cheeks as he brutally raped her. No matter how many times he assaulted her body she just couldn't get used to it. She was just grateful that he hadn't gotten her pregnant, though, every time he did assault her she always panicked if he had gotten her pregnant this time. So far every pregnancy test came up as negative but she knew it couldn't continue, she would eventually end up pregnant and she knew she wouldn't have the heart to abort it. She knew she was fertile. She had gone to the doctor's for a check up in the past when she was suffering from stomach pains. He had offered her a fully body scan which she readily agreed to. At the time she was madly in love with Inuyasha and was desperate to know if she could gift him with children. When she heard she could she was thrilled. Now she wished that wasn't the case.

She winced as he scraped his claws down her healing back and bit her neck. Blood streamed down her form as she squirmed beneath him. It was agony. The hanyou was about to flip her over and take her like a true animal when the sound of a twig snapping caught his attention. He snarled dangerously as he glared at the cause of his interruption. The figure silhouetted in the shadows stepped forward with a deep scowl tainted her usual beautiful features "You disgusting animal!" She snapped as she raised her weapon. The hanyou's eyes widened in horror at being caught by the female as he ripped himself from Kagome and slipped into hakama


"You make me sick!" She growled as she aimed her arrow at him "You have betrayed me, your mate! And you have also defiled my reincarnation. How long has this been going on for Inuyasha?" The hanyou just stared at her dumbfounded "Answer me!"

"Three months" He finally blurted "Please Kikyo, I'm sorry. I couldn't help myself. It all began during mating season. You weren't around and my body was on fire, Kagome was the nearest thing to being you. I took her and haven't been able to help myself since"

"She doesn't want you Inuyasha. You've raped her" She kept her glare on the hanyou as she moved to stand in front of Kagome "I just went to your camp to find you where the demon slayer began to verbally attack me. She told me I had some nerve to show my face. I enquired why and guess what! Apparently you have been with both of us for the past two years, I never knew of your relationship or your false promises to Kagome. You disgusting pig"

"I only want you Kikyo, it was all a mistake" He took a step forward "Please..."

"Save your words for someone who cares" She released the bow where it then hit him in the shoulder. He cried out in agony as the purity of the arrow burned and scorched him. He continued to scream until his exhausted body rendered him unconscious. Once she was sure he would not be waking any time soon, Kikyo kneeled beside a eye wide numb Kagome and covered her with her outer haori "I'm deeply sorry Kagome, if I knew that he promised himself to you too then I would never have allowed him to mate me"

"A-at least I-I know why h-he didn't mate me" She whimpered as she allowed the older miko to pull her into a sitting position "Did you explain your innocence to my friends?"

"No, I did not see the point" One of her soul collectors then carried Kagome's pack over and set it down beside her "Dress yourself and we shall flee from here, I will train you so that you can protect yourself from Inuyasha's wrath"

"No" She winced as she moved slightly "I need to stay with my friends and collect the jewel shards, I shattered it so I must fix it"

"Then you must tell your friends of his abuse"

"I can't. If I did then they would rebel against him, he might kill them for such"

"You cannot allow this to continue Kagome. Return to your time, you shall be safe there"

"Inuyasha has prevented me from doing so, he has laced the well with a toxic miasma. Only he knows how to disperse it"

"Have you tried to purify it?"

"I haven't had the chance, he's caught me every time and then drags me off too..." Fresh tears appeared as she began to sob loudly. Kikyo's heart dropped at this, tears was always her downfall and Kagome was the type of person who could warm anyone's heart. No matter how lifeless it was

"Then what are you going to do?"

"I'm going to continue with what I have been doing for the past three months, just grin and bear it"

"He'll eventually kill you, do you realize this?" The little miko nodded and shakily pulled herself to her feet. She then limped over to the hot spring and slowly sunk in. She handed Kikyo her outer haori back once she approached her "If you refuse to leave then I shall stay. We shall both bring him down together"

"And how are we supposed to do that?" She raised a brow at her dead copy

"Leave that to me, for now just pretend as if nothing has happened"

"Fine" She splashed water on her face and sighed as the water soothed her aching body "I shall tell my friends of your innocence and in exchange you're not to tell them of all of this or put them in any danger that involves Inuyasha"

"Very well" Once Kagome was bathed Kikyo helped her dress and took her back to the camp with belongings in hand.

Sango had just settled Shippo and Kirara down for the night when she noticed Kikyo and Kagome from the corner of her eye. Her gaze flickered to theirs as a deep frown creased her brow. She stood from where her companions slept and turned to them as she folded her arms. Miroku followed suit but he wasn't acting as hostile as his lover was

"Lady Kikyo, Kagome?" The monk raised a brow "How are you two walking together?"

"And after what she has done?" Sango glared at the dead miko

"Kikyo didn't know about Inuyasha. He did the same to her as he did to me" Kagome explained as she dropped her pack down by her sleeping bag "She only found out tonight after what transpired between you two"

"Do you believe this Kagome?" The demon slayer asked wearily, her expression softening slightly

"Yes, she holds the same hurt in her eyes as I once did" She replied as she stretched "I said she could travel with us...if that is alright with you guys"

"I have no such problem" Miroku answered as he slumped down by the sleeping kitsune "The more women the merrier"

"Monk" Sango warned whilst keeping her fiery gaze on Kikyo "Tell me Kikyo, why would you accept to travel with us? With the very hanyou who betrayed you?"

"I feel guilty for the pain I have put Kagome through so I intend to make amends by helping her seek out the jewel shards. I shall also seek revenge out on Inuyasha but do not worry, no harm shall befall any of you"

"Swear your oath as a miko" Kikyo raised her hand in front of her where her spiritual powers formed

"I, miko Kikyo give you my solemn oath that I am here to help the miko Kagome gather the shards of the Shikon no Tama as well as exact my revenge on the hanyou Prince Inuyasha. No harm shall befall any of the humans and youkai that I travel with when I have Inuyasha" She used her powers to cross over her heart "If I break this oath then I shall die and leave this world forever"

Sango's frown wavered at Kikyo's words and nodded in approval. She held her hand out to the miko who then took it "Welcome to the gang, Kikyo"

"Very much appreciated" Kikyo shook it back and bowed her head

"Just tell me one thing, Kikyo" She retracted her hand and let her guard down. She knew if Kikyo broke the oath she would die immediately so she could not endanger them "Where is Inuyasha right now? We believed he left to seek you out"

"I found him after I left here and purified him until he collapsed. Do not fear, he is alive...unfortunately. He shall we fine by sunrise. Until then I suggest we get some rest, we have a busy day ahead of us"

"Indeed" Sango then turned and headed over to Miroku whilst Kikyo came and sat by Kagome

"She is very protective of you" She commented as she looked over Kagome's strange night clothing

"She has been since Inuyasha broke my heart" She smiled sadly "She's the big sister I've never had"

"So I see" The older miko mused as she watched the demon slayer slap the monk for groping her "Your group is very...odd"

"I see it as my dysfunctional family" Kagome mused as Sango moved to the other side of the clearing and away from a now grinning monk "It would be no fun if everyone was normal" She then let out an exhausted yawn and stretched

"Perhaps you should get some rest Kagome, my soul collectors shall watch over us for the night" Kikyo offered as her ghostly servants flew into camp and encircled the tree where they sat "If anything that could cause us harm approaches they shall wake us"

"Well...okay" Kagome lay down in her sleeping back and gazed up at the soul collectors hovering around the tree above her head "Up close they are beautiful creatures"

"Indeed" The miko smiled softly "Their very nature easily scares away people before they can embrace their beauty" Kagome nodded in agreement as her eyelids suddenly began to feel heavy. With another yawn she allowed her eyes to close as she fell into what would be another restless sleep...

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