Last time I got such a positive response I decided to give it another go. This one takes place around Chapter 32 of We're All Brave. I hope you enjoy it!

Pyro had wanted to fool around, so I had agreed thinking it would help keep my mind off what was troubling me. Which happened to be: he was going trying to get a job using a fake name. But the thing was he had been a member of the Brotherhood, was wanted by the government for being a terrorist. It seemed like we were just asking for trouble, and no amount of his reassurance was putting my mind at ease.

"Maybe you could just wait a while." I suggested to Pyro as he lounged back against the bed. My hand was pumping up and down on his shaft, but I was distracted.

"No." He was watching my hand move on him.

"Just a few more months." I was worried; the idea of him getting caught was driving me nuts.

"No." He repeated himself.

"I could talk to the Professor." I'd been playing with the idea since he'd told me about the job interview.

"No." He sounded frustrated. "You've got to trust me."

"I do." I sighed, still stroking him, but it was getting to be a half hearted effort.

"Use your mouth." He directed.

I rolled my eyes, realizing he was trying to get me to stop talking about the interview. I obliged him anyway, and moved to lie between his spread legs.

Pyro let out a low groan and let his head fall back against the pillows as I began to taste him. Moments passed and his breathing quickened, his fists bunched in the sheets. Eyes closing, he started murmuring encouragements that almost had me blushing.

Truth was he wasn't the only one enjoying himself. Seeing how I affected him was stirring my own need, and I forgot about the interview. Opening his eyes, Pyro watched me for a moment as I worked him with kisses and licks and some well placed sucking. Our eyes locked right before I took him deep into my mouth and moaned. The audible breath he sucked in was a victory.

By the heated looked on his face and the sounds coming from him, I knew he was getting close, so I pulled away. I made quick work of the t-shirt and panties I had on, and tossed them over the side of the bed. Moving up his body I kept eye contact with him as I straddled him.

"You want to ride me?" Pyro asked with a challenging smile. He'd tried to get me on top before, but I'd always refused. He could see every inch of me, and being that exposed during something so intimate was kind of terrifying.

However, at right that moment I wanted to give it a try. Maybe it was the look in his eyes or the simple fact that the only light in the room was from the fading light of the setting sun coming in through the closed blinds, but I was feeling a little surer of myself than usual.

Before I could change my mind I brought myself down on him fully, causing Pyro to arch back with a gasp.

I bite my lip, and cautiously began to move. I'd honestly never tried this position before, and I hoped I was doing it right. What if I came down too hard and hurt him or something? What if my boobs looked weird from the angle he was at or when I moved and I jiggled in places that shouldn't jiggle because Lord knows I eat junk food night and day. I should have gone on a job that morning. Damnit, I should have never gotten on top. The burst of confidence that had made me think I could do this was gone, and I was left with doubting myself.

Pyro's hands gripped my hips, guiding me. "Stop thinking." He said, apparently picking up on my uncertainty. "Just relax."

Trying to take his advice I kept moving, letting him show me how to move. I used my own hands to steady myself, one splayed against his chest, the other on his stomach.

"Jesus." He hissed as I came down on him then lifted my hips and pushed back down again. Sweat was starting to break out on his chest. "You're hot. Fucking sexy as hell, baby."

Pyro rarely, ever called me baby, and when he did it always delighted me. It was the only endearment he'd ever used. Add that to what he'd said with it I realized that I whatever I was doing was working for him. That was a boost of confidence that went straight to my head, and I picked up the rhythm.

Licking my lips, I moved my hands over his chest, caressing him, before settling them again. I was feeling turned on; I stopped caring what I looked like from his angle and focused on what seeing Pyro below me was doing to me. I watched as he shifted under me, arching his back and flexing his hips up so that he drove even deeper as I repeatedly impaled myself on him.

Pyro's eyes were glued to my chest, and he moved his hands up to cup my breasts. I sucked in a breath at the touch. He molded them and pinched. I whimpered and let my head fall back, but his hands moved from them far too quickly for my liking. His gaze continued to watch them as one of his hands settled on my waist, and the other dipped down to between my thighs.

"Oh, God, John." I gasped out as I felt his fingers began to stroke me. "That…that feels so good." Squeezing my eyes shut I focused on the pleasure building up in me.

"Watch." Pyro grunted the demand.

Looking down, I saw my own breasts bouncing with each move I made and his hand stroking me. It proved more than I could handle, and I came apart at the seams. Bliss crashed over me, and I think I may have even cried out.

I was barely starting to come down from my climax when I felt Pyro's fingers dig into my hips and he started thrusting up into me. I turned my focus to him, trying to help find his release.

He lasted maybe a whole thirty seconds.

"Bell…" He threw his head back against the pillows and moaned my name. I felt like I had just won the fucking lottery when I heard it. His whole body tensed and arched under me, gripped in his own pleasure. Erotic was the only word that came to mind to describe it.

Grinning and spent, I stretched out next to him when he was done. I gave him a kiss on his cheek, his stubble pricking my lips, before fully settling in.

Pyro was panting, but he put his arm around me. "I hope you liked that, because you're getting on top a lot from now on."

I laughed. My worries and uncertainties from earlier seemed silly now. I snaked my arm around him, completely sated. "I wish I had taken you up on it the first time you suggested it."

Pyro's fingers trailed lazily over my arm. "Why didn't you?"

I shrugged, letting my eyes drift closed. "I worried about how I'd look."

"How you looked?" He asked like didn't understand.

"You can see everything from up there." I muttered, trusting him not to ever use that insecurity against me.

He chuckled. "That's what I like about it."

"Well, it was kind of unnerving for me at first." I admitted.

Pyro stilled. "Hey, look at me," he touched his fingertips to my cheek, running them lightly down to my chin.

I open my eyes and meet his gaze.

"You've got nothing to worry about. Don't bring doubt between us." His voice soft, as he kept his eyes trained on me.

I nodded, amazed by his gentle reassurance.

He kissed my forehead, then relaxed back again. "Besides, next we're going to do it in front of a mirror."

I rolled my eyes and scoffed. "Not on your life."

Pyro laughed out right, and I couldn't resist smiling with him.