A/N: I wanted to make a list of how to annoy the campers at Camp Half-Blood, and I thought: Who knows how to annoy people better than Travis and Connor Stoll? So, here they are now. Enjoy, R & R!

Travis: Dude, can you believe they're letting us do this?

Connor: I know! Hey, you know what we should do? Type stupid news headlines on here like Satyr Attacks Hades, Hades Kicks Satyr's Butt.

Travis: That's a stupid idea. Aphrodite Cabin Throws Flaming Marshmallows At Mr. D is a much better headline.

Connor: *rolls eyes* We're supposed to tell people how to annoy the demigods. Who first?

Travis: Percy, of course. He's fun to annoy.

Ways To Annoy Percy Jackson

1. Ask him over and over if he's the lightning thief.

2. When he says "No!", say "I already knew that."

3. When you hear about a volcano erupting, ask him if he caused it.

4. Attack him with a pen in your hand saying "I've got Riptide!"

5. Tell him that you see a skeleton warrior staring in his window at night.

6. Walk up to him holding a dagger and ask if you can see his Achilles' heel.

7. Tell him that Annabeth joined the Hunters.

8. Tell him stupid jokes like "What did the ocean say to the shore? Nothing, it just waved."

9. Ask him if his dad lives in a pineapple under the sea.

10. Call him Fish Boy, Water Dude, Mermaid, etc.

11. Ask him why his mom married a blowfish.

12. Push him into the river every time you play Capture the Flag to see if it will cause a tidal wave.

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