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Travis: What was that?

Connor: What was what?

Travis: That thing moving in the shadows!

Connor: There's nothing back there. Don't be so paranoid.

Travis: Well, if you say so-WHAT WAS THAT?

Connor: Look behind you, dude. There's nothing at all.

Travis: Okay, then-WHAT WAS THAT?

Connor: Travis, just how much coffee did you have this morning?

Ways To Annoy Nico di Angelo

1. Tell the whole camp about his "secret Care Bears obsession".

2. Call him Emo Boy and laugh when he protests against the new nickname.

3. Paint little pink hearts all over his cabin.

4. Bonus points if you write T + N (just guess what that stands for) inside every heart.

5. Make Hades take him to "Bring Your Child To Work Day".

6. Get him hyped up on Mountain Dew and Fun Dip, then video him as he runs around camp breaking everything.

7. Dress all in black, sit on a rock with your arms crossed, put on an angry face, and ask him if he likes your Nico di Angelo impression.

8. Constantly quote Twilight whenever he's around.

9. Call him Nicolas, Nicole, Nikki, or any other annoying variant of his actual name.

10. Ask him: since he's technically over 70 years old, shouldn't he be wearing dentures and listening to oldies?

11. Tell the Aphrodite girls that he's single, and watch as all of them either try to set him up with Thalia or ask to date him themselves.

12. Two words: Cheese Cannons! We don't actually know what those are, but the Hermes cabin can always invent one!

Connor: Wasn't that fun? Now you can stop worrying about whatever it was in the-

Nico: Who dares to tell the Internet twelve different ways to annoy me?

Connor: Oh my Zeus, it's Nikki- I mean, our very kind and nonviolent shadow traveling friend named Nico!

Travis: I know I should probably be scared, but seriously? Who says "who dares to" anymore?

Nico: Very funny. I blame it on spending too much time with Charon. That isn't the point, though.

Connor: Well, what is the point?

Nico: These lists are really going to anger the gods when they see them. And believe me, they will. Your dad practically never leaves his laptop!

Travis: The gods should just be glad they're not being annoyed, right?

Nico: Probably, but my father thinks you should lay low for a while to stay out of harm's way. By that, I mean way low.

Connor: Wait, you're not seriously thinking about-

Nico: Yes, I am. Would you rather stay with Persephone or with the Furies?

Travis and Connor: Say what?

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