Disclaimer: I asked for the rights for my birthday, but I don't think MARVEL was exactly "with the program" on that one.

A/N: Today's my birthday. And because it's my birthday, I am typing up a little oneshot that is going to amuse us all, while-for once- keeping with the theme.

Good luck wit' dat.

Aw, c'mon, luv. Zany can do it.

Don' call Indy luv. An' oui, she can, but only wit' our help.

You're admittin' that ya moight need moy 'elp?



"What- is, I mean, is dat normal?"

"Yes, Mr. LeBeau, I assure you, it's perfectly normal."

"AHHH! Remy LeBeau, Ah am going to kill you!"

"What did Remy do?"

"Do ya even need to ask that question!"

"Didn' hear you complainin' 'bout it before, chere."

"AH! That's because before it wasn't painful!"


"You're dead, you're dead, you're dead!"

"Be reasonable-"

"REASONABLE? Ah am lying on mah back surrounded bah people Ah don' know in the worst pain Ah have ever been in in mah lahfe, an' you want me to be REASONABLE?"

"Chere, y' crushin' Remy's hand."

"Serves ya rahght, Swamp Rat."

"Aw, Cherie, don' cry. Remy's got y', y' gonna be fine."

"It hurts, Rems."

"I know, chere."

"Distract meh."

"O-kayyy… names. Y' got a name yet?"

"Ah… want… Etienne."

"Okay, bon. Middle?"

*gasp* "O-Oliver."

"Bon, dat's it, y' alright, chere. Y' doin' jus' fine."

"Mrs. LeBeau, just one last push."


"Dat's it!"

"Etienne Oliver LeBeau, meet y' mama."

"Ohhh, oh Remy!"


"Look at- look at his eyes!"

"Mon seigneur…"

"They're so beautiful."


"Remy, he's perfect!"

"Je'taime, Anna.

"Ah love you too, Swamp Rat."

A/N: Hehe, who guessed, really? C'mon, tell me.

Who doesn't love Romy delivery room scenes?