`Bio Girl

A girl is sent to the land of the Glatorian, Bara Magna, at the same time as Mata Nui. They met then go on adventures together with the others.

By Water Toa

Chapter one

Gabrielle's p.o.v

I leaned on a brick wall, breathing fast but quietly as I heard the bullies I was running from, and now hiding from, rush past. ~Well, thank goodness TV is right about some things. ~ I thought relieved as the sound of running feet disappeared around the corner. I peeked out, my long hair falling onto my face. "Their gone," I muttered as I slunk out, smiled, and then started running back to my home.
Being an orphan isn't so bad, if you count out the no parents to love you, kids treating you differently, and such. But other then that and a few other things, I never really had a very big problem with it. Though I always wished for a family; what family less kid or teen didn't?

My name is Gabrielle Roxie blank. The blank is where my last name would be if I had one. I only know my first and middle name because who ever left me on the door step of my home for 16 years left a note as well. And Roxie doesn't seem like a last name. My home is the orphanage I was left at, and I thankfully had my own room so once I ran in and up the many stairs, I knew I'd be alone.

After saying hello to Miss Carter, the owner of the orphanage, I walked into my room and closed the door. I sighed with relief and after dropping my school bag on the floor I walked to my bed then flopped down on my gut. I stayed on my bed, face in the pillow, for a while. Just thinking and letting my body relax after all that running. ~Boy am I happy tomorrow is Saturday. I don't want to see Buster and Bruisers right now, ~ I giggled at that name but dread filled me. Buster and the Bruisers are my schools' bullies. They were in my grade but were taller, stronger, and a bit scary. Not very smart though, but they make up for it with everything else. Why am I worried about them? Because I stopped their fun and now they want some payback.

Long story short a new, geeky looking teen came to school today, messing around with a PSP. Buster noticed him and he and his gang decided to have some fun with him. They surrounded him then snatched his PSP from him and started to toss it back and forth with each other, like it was a ball. I had walked onto the school grounds as they were doing it and I walked over to the small crowd. Once I figured out what was going on and saw no one was going to help the poor boy, I stepped in. I had jumped in front of Buster and caught the PSP as it was coming his way. I then turned and handed the electronic to the owner, who thanked me three times. It was a bit funny and awkward for me but I managed pretty well. The problem was Buster.

When Buster got over his shock he became mad at me. He tried to threaten me but, somehow, I managed to keep my cool, acting aloof. It was when he grabbed me arm when I acted without thinking.

And kicked him in the batteries. Needless to say, he let go fast but told me, squeaking, that after school I'm dead. The bell rang and I used that as my chance to scram. I hid from the gang the whole day and tried to miss them after school, but nope. They were waiting for me. Well, I sure didn't want to know what it feels like to be pummeled to a pulp, so I pulled an anime and ran away at top speed. I ran around with them chasing me until I ducked into a corner. And the rest is history.

I turned onto my back and looked up at my paint chipped roof. I stared for a while then closed my eyes. ~I'll take a quick cat nap. Then get to work. ~ I thought as I fell asleep.


No ones p.o.v

As Gabrielle slept from the afternoon to the evening, another being was waking up for the first time in years. As he did, an island that was over his face broke apart and as the chunks fell into the ocean, the being slowly stood up. As the water fell from his body, he looked around, his golden eyes unblinking. Inside him, the Matorion worked happily as the others on the outside prepared parties in celebration. But something felt wrong. Suddenly his eyes went out and as Mata Nui felt his power being stripped away, an evil presence took over his body. The giant robots' eyes went red and as red lighting shot around the body, inside the Matorion quickly realized something was terrible wrong.

Soon some were trapped with their hands in or on the controls as then latched onto their arms; others were stuck in red glowing tubes, while others were trapped inside rooms with no light. The robot seemed too smiled wickedly then looked down to his chest. A small golden glow appeared then was shot into the sky and beyond, starting a train of interesting events.

And back in our world, the world of the humans, Gabrielle started to glow a rainbow of colors, then disappeared.

Authors notes.

Hey, everybody, it's me Water Toa. Confused? Look at the bio. 'k, I have a problem understanding how the Bionicle characters can be inside Mata Nui and yet the island of Mata Nui is on the outside and the Toa Metru find it. So for my benefit, and just to make things easier for me, I'll say some of the Matorion work inside Mata Nui's giant robot body while the rest live on islands on the outside. Ok, R & R Please!