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Chapter 8

First thing I noticed was the fact that the work Berix did to the lights, must have also fixed the lights in this room. On the walls were green circle symbols on the wall that were glowing. I walked down the stairs with everyone else though a bit slower seeing as there are no headrests. Boothnath warned me about those kinds of stairs and I am wearing boots. Once we were at the bottom everyone spread out taking in the room. I was very curious and walked to a wall and studied the symbols which now I was up close could see they were in hexagon shapes.

"I wonder what they say," I muttered to myself. Not far from me Nikolaj was kneeling near a large leg by the look of it.

"What is all this?" I heard Ackar say, his words easily heard in the silent room.

"It looks like this could have been some sort of laboratory." Mata Nui replied. There was silence again and I had started back when there was a gasp. I shared a look with Nikolaj and we both ran to the others. Mata Nui was standing behind the stairs, looking up as if he had just seen something long forgotten.

"What's wrong? You look like you've just seen a ghost." Ackar asked. They have ghosts here? Went through my mind as I stopped.

"I have." Mata Nui said. Everyone looked where he was looking.

"You know that thing?" Kiina asked.

"Yes. A gigantic mechanical being." Mata Nui answered. On the wall, glowing green was a large robot form. There was a smaller side view and more of those symbols too. "Just like the one now enslaving my people."

"Wait! You think the Great Beings had something to do with it!" Kiina guessed.

"No. The responsibility lies on my shoulders alone." Mata Nui corrected. He looked back to the picture and everyone else followed. "This place, these symbols. We're on the right track."

After a beat the Glatorians started talking amongst themselves and I wondered off. It's not that I didn't want to listen; it was I had noticed something as I ran over and wanted to check it out. I stopped in front of a wall in a darker place on the room. Nothing really amazing about it at all. Except for the fact there was a shape of a door in the wall and a small hole where the door knob or whatever might have been.

Feeling really curious and almost drawn to the door, I looked around for a knob but didn't see it. Looking back at the hole I had a brilliant idea. I reached behind myself and slid my bow off my back and into my hand. After checking if it'd fit I slowly slid one end into the hole.

"What are you doing?" Nikolaj said suddenly from behind me, making me jump and with a yell spun around holding the bow in defense. Once I saw it was him I couldn't hold back my giggles at my own actions. It didn't help that he had taken a step back and put his hands up in surrender when I aimed the bow at his face. Or that I thought about how lucky I was I didn't trip in the boots.

"I'm…ha…I found this door and I'm about to open it. Or I was until you snuck up behind me." I said with a few remaining giggles. "Want to watch?"


"There might be a dead persons' body in there." I said with a spooky voice moving my hands. I was playing, of course, but that did happen in one old episode of Adventures in Odyssey. And now that I think of that, now I'm wondering if there is a dead body in there. Oh boy that'd be creepy. Nikolaj laughed at me, bringing me back to reality, and nodded towards the door.

"Just open the door." He said. I nodded and I turned back to the door and slipped the bow inside. I held it at an angle and then slowly opened it.

I was a bit surprised and disappointed when all I saw was another door at the end of a short hallway. After shrugging to Nikolaj, I walked in and did the same thing, first removing a cover from this knob space. This time it was different. Once I opened the door I had to back away quickly to avoid a massive cloud of what I think was smoke or something else that flew out of the room. Thankfully it dispersed quickly and I didn't breathe in any and by the nonexistent coughing from my partner I doubt he did either. After trading my bow for a light from my bag (I had found out I had a bag with me if I haven't said before. It's full of stuff) I walked into the room.

The room was about the length of the bottom of the stairs outside. The roof was a dark gray and black. On one side of the room there was a large desk that I had a feeling took the most of whatever blast happened in the room. It was totally black and had fallen over along with the chair. On the other side of the room were dark things in the wall. I frowned, my brain already guessing what they were before I took a step inside.

"Wait, are you sure we should go in there?" asked Nikolaj as he followed me in but stayed at the door. He was looking around with caution, like he didn't trust the room.

"It should be fine." I said more focused on where I put my feet as I got closer to the wall. The floor was covered with glass and metal parts. Most are in pieces or just barely still in one piece. "The roof has stayed up this long, I'm sure it can stay up now…" I trailed off as I stopped about a foot from the wall. "Nikolaj, come look."

I didn't move as he came up behind me and stopped. "Are those…chains?"

"I think so. Ten of them; ending in the wall or in cuffs. Enough to hold five people…" I painstakingly slowly took one in my gloved hand and lifted it up to see it better. "Five teens or adults by how big they are." I finished with a deeper frown. I slowly let it down, not wanting to hear the sound of the chain and cuff hitting the wall. It still made a small sound and neither of us spoke.

After about two breaths we both moved from the wall and looked around the room; I went to the desk while Nik looked around the chains. The glass and whatever else on the ground crunched and cracked as we stepped on them in our thick shoes. Nikolaj had pulled out his own flashlight and was using it to look at how they were attached to the wall. After a bit I turned to him and was about to say 'let's go', when the flashlight made something glitter on the ground in the corner.

"Hmm?" I walked to the corner in two steps and crotched down. I aimed the flashlight down and gasped surprised. I reached into the corner and picked up…

A ring. A HUMAN female's Engagement ring by the look of it. It was gold with a square holder for the big diamond in the middle. There are four smaller diamonds on each side and gold had small lines in it. After looking at it for a moment, turning it around in my fingers, I grabbed the end of my cape and cleaned it off. Once it was clean I slipped off my gloves and placed the ring on each of my fingers then settled on my third finger on my right hand.

"Now why would a ring be here?" I muttered to myself as I stood looking at the ring. As I started to turn towards my friend I saw one more thing. It made my eyes open wide as I stared at the ground. Is that…?

No one's p.o.v

"Roxie, look what I found!" Nikolaj said, making Roxie turn to him and quickly walk over. Nikolaj was standing behind the desk and was holding a book in his hands. He had it open to the front cover and showed it to Roxie once she was next to him. "It's a diary. What's a diary doing here?"

"Beats me. I also want to know why an engagement ring is in here." Roxie said holding her finger up for him to see. He gently took her hand and looked at it, just as surprised and confused as Roxie was.

"So we have a room with chains, a desk with a chair, a ring, a diary, and what looks like the remains of an explosion on everything." Nikolaj said as Roxie took the book and looked at it, slipping her gloves in her pocket for later.

"But no bodies, though I did find some blood on the ground over there." Roxie said pointing to the spot. "I think the only way we are going to find out what happened is to read the diary."

Right then the two heard Roxie's name being called. They turned to each other then quickly left the room, suddenly not wanting to stay any longer. Once up the stairs they found the others hanging around, Mata Nui waiting at the entrance/exit for them. "Where did you two go?" he asked noting the book in Roxie's hands.

Nikolaj started to explain and finally introduce himself while Roxie walked to the side and sat down on the ground her back on a wall. After a moment of fixing her skirt and cape she folded her legs to the side and got comfortable. She then brushed off some dirt and dust from the cover. The diary looked ordinary; it was red with gold trim. After a moment of fighting her inner voices telling her to respect the owner of the diary and not read it, she knew that-unless it was somehow placed there by accident-it probably has info about that room and what happened. And that it was their only lead on what happened here. So with that thought she opened it and started reading.

Roxie is a fast reader and retainer so she went through the first few unimportant entrees quickly. It was normal teenage girl who went to public school and had a bunch of friends that were girls stuff. Not something Roxie had at all back home. But one thing she and the writer, who she figured out was an 18 year old college student in the late-ish 1900s, had in common was the habit with only writing in diaries when something bad or extremely good happened. Her name was Mackenzie Road.

So it didn't take long for her to find the entry when everything changed for the 18 year old. The entry was short but to the point but a bit rushed, as though the author didn't have much time to write. The girl was off buying cheap food for dinner when she had felt she was being watched. She had quickly found out she was right.

Diary, I turned around and what I saw made no sense. Standing before me, under the shade of a tree, was a robot. It was a dark red and came up to my lower chest and his eyes glowed a sickly green from its black face. That was all I saw before he somehow, in a moment, got behind me and hit me in the neck hard. Everything went dark then I woke up here, chained to a wall in this room.

Thankfully the chain is long enough I can move my left arm freely, but it's strong and the only sign it can be unlocked is the tiny slit, no bigger than a dime. I have all my things I had on me when I was taken, which is how I'm even holding you, let alone writing. I guess it's a good thing I left my backpack on when I left the dorm. And I noticed a free stone that is right behind my hand which is big enough to hold you and my other personal things.

Uh-oh, I think it's coming ack! Writ latr diary

The entry stopped there. Roxie didn't fault Mackenzie for the last few words; she must have had to hide the diary quickly in case her kidnaper stole it and never went back to fix the misspelling. By the way she described the kidnaper, it was a red Agori. But why would an Agori kidnap a human? For that matter, how? Roxie continued to the next entry. It was short and to the point.

Dear diary

Well, I'm not alone here. Not sure if I should be happy about that or depressed. You see, the robot that kidnapped me also took four other's and chained them to the wall next to me. Each one came through a weird portal either dragged or carried over the guys' shoulder. I pretended to be asleep and watched as he chained each; two teen girls and two young men. I'm not sure the reason he chained the guys by the legs but that's not really important.

The point is; he has us. And I don't know how we'll ever get home. All I can do is pray to God we make it home alive or that this is all a strange hallucination caused by my roommates' curry I tried.

Roxie continued reading, completely missing when Gresh woke up and got to his feet and when Kiina showed everyone else the glowing rooms. Mackenzie didn't get to write every day or very much, thanks to the kidnapper, who called himself an Agori of the 'highest level and name'. His was Hiho. Really. Hiho. Anyway he was often in the room and she had to hide the diary in fear he would take it. One day he finally started to talk to them.

He told why he took everyone was so he could study how humans ticked; fascinated by how similar his kind are to humans in form. How he was able to do that? He explained like any super villain in the movies. To quote Frozone, 'He started monologing.'

He was banished from his village for his, in their words not his, 'crazy and wrong experiments and ideas.' So yeah, we've been kidnaped by a crazy scientist. Just like in the movies and books. Anyway, he said that on his travels for a new place of residence he came upon the mask on his face in the sand.

He took it off so we could see it better. The mask was completely black and when he took it off I noticed what looked like a dark haze falling from it on the side, as if it was broken and whatever was inside was coming out. Just as quickly as he took it off he put it back on and continued to talk and pace.

After studying the mask he tried it on. He wasn't expecting the burst of pain and to be knocked out by it, but when he woke up he found himself in a new land with purple sand and a red sky. Before he could take a good look around; the mask vibrated and everything swirled and he was falling into a giant snakes' mouth, just to be saved right as the snakes' mouth shut.

After that he quickly learned that the mask was a legendry mask called The Great Mask of Dimensions. It apparently has the power to send its wearer and whatever the wearer is holding through dimensions with a single thought. But since the mask was broken when he found it and put it on the power went haywire and it took him a long time to take control of the mask. When he did and could finally go home, he realized something. He had power now, more power than any other of his people, so he says. He could go anywhere he wanted and no one could stop him.

After that things changed he said. No longer was he interested in making his people the strongest of the Agori, stronger then Glatorians(whatever they are) or the creatures in the wild. He was now interested in other species and wanted to see how they worked and what made them different from him. He then plans to use that knowledge to make himself the most powerful being in Bara Magna and someday rule with an iron fist.

Roxie stopped reading for a moment to absorb that information, leaning back onto the wall. She moved to a colder spot and moved her hair out of the way so her neck could get cooler. She closed her eyes thinking.

So those chains were used on humans. Kidnaped humans; thanks to a random mask with evil Tardis energy inside. She made a note to ask Mata Nui about powerful masks since he, well, owns one and is wearing it on his face. Opening her eyes again she looked around and was surprised everyone was back and was sharing odd looking fruit. She went back and read the rest of the entry and a bit more then closed the book. It's time for a break.

She got up and walked over to the table and silently stared at the fruit as the Glatorian talked with Mata Nui. She leaned down a bit and poked a fruit with a nail.

"What is this stuff?" she asked Nikolaj turning to him. Nikolaj was flipping a giant double bladed axe in his hands up and down, somehow catching it in his hands by the handle each time. Roxie watched impressed. She couldn't do that with a balanced baton back home. He shrugged.

"They're call Baku berries. Apparently these Glatorian and Agori don't really eat food. Or at least a lot of food anyway. The berries here are safe to eat, I've tried them. They taste a lot like strawberries really." He explained handing one over to Roxie. She eyed the odd purple berry with orange seeds and stem roughly the same size of a strawberry wearily then popped it into her mouth. Slowly she bit into it and blinked.

"Wow, they do taste like strawberries." Roxie said pleasantly surprised and very relieved.

"So, what have you found out?" Nikolaj asked after Roxie ate a few strawberry-tasting baku berries. She swallowed the one in her mouth and leaned back on the table, looking up at the extremely high roof.

"Well, a few things. One, those chains were used to hold kidnapped teens/young adults. Two, the kidnapper was an Agori named Hiho."


"Yep. Hiho. One word. Anyway, the teens were kidnapped because Hiho found a mask, one that allowed the wearer to go through dimensions at will." Roxie continued to explain everything else she had read. How he did weird tests on them to see how close humans were to Agori. From seeing if they could hold the same weight to understanding language to see if humans truly are just organic. Sadly, while the tests themselves weren't too bad, the tests went on for a long time. A few months at least and he didn't seem to have any plans to set them free.

"I stopped at an entry with Mackenzie saying she and the others were planning to escape back home." Roxie finished and ate the last of the berries. Nikolaj hmm'd and put his ax away. He crossed his arms and after a moment turned to Roxie.

"You don't think we're in danger here, do you?" he asked Roxie looking serious. Roxie started and opened her mouth but Nikolaj wasn't done. "I'm not talking about here, with the Glatorians. I mean here, as in on this planet. We are two humans stuck on a planet we don't know and its inhabitants are beings that are mostly robotic. We are lucky we can eat the food but what about water? What about the other things we need to survive?"

Roxie closed her mouth and thought about that. She glanced to the others, the ones who were aliens to her but really, she was the alien here. It hadn't occurred to her that maybe this planet would be dangerous. No, strike that, of course it had. She just hadn't thought about it in that light. Nikolaj was right. They were lucky they had food at all. And Roxie had been drinking from water bottles from her backpack but what will she do when they run out? She didn't see a Lifestraw in there at all. Were they safe here?

"…I don't know. But we're here now and we have to make the best of it. I'm sure whoever or whatever brought us here wouldn't have done so to let us die. We just have to hope for the best and be prepared for the worst." Roxie said finally standing up straight and folding her arms. She turned to Nikolaj and shrugged. "That's all we can do."

Nikolaj looked at Roxie for a moment then smiled and stood too. "Alright." He said simply and like that the matter was settled.

"OK everyone. We need to leave and head to Tesara and warn them of what has happened." Ackar said bring the humans attention. Gresh was up and seemed alright enough to walk. He waved his good arm at Roxie when she looked at him and she returned it with a smile. Roxie then helped Nikolaj pack up the food-the others said they could have all the food on the table for themselves- and after making sure she had the diary Roxie followed the others up the stairs, Nikolaj bringing up the rear.

The group soon got to the exit and after walking up the cavern soon could see the still smoking village. The whole walk Gresh was being helped by Mata Nui and Berix. Ackar held a hand up to the group and they stopped. He went ahead and the rest of them watched him take out the two sentries by bashing their heads together.

"You have all the fun. I get the next two." Kiina said to Acker with a grin.

"You can have them." Acker said turning back to the group and sighed. "Let's move. We have to warn the other villages about the Skrall and bone hunters uniting."

"And," Kiina added. "That we've got a traitor on the inside."

The group caught up to the two. "How are you holding up?" Mata Nui asked Gresh.

"I'm fine," Gresh assured shaking the two off. "Thanks to Berix."

Berix laughed humbly and said. "No problem." He then walked away from the two after noticing something. Gresh turned to Mata Nui.

"But I could use a new weapon. Skrall shredded my blade." Gresh said holding up an odd looking sword with one end broken off.

"Get in line." Kiina huffed looking at her own weapon, her dual- headed vapor trident, which had seen better days.

"I might be able to…" Berix started to say walking over to Kiina but was cut off as she swung her trident away from him.

"Don't even think about it."

Roxie chuckled quietly at that then her attention went back to Mata Nui as he took a few steps, gaining everyone's attention, and spoke. "I am sorry about your weapons, but I must continue on my journey."

Gresh gasped surprised. "What? You're not going to help us?" he asked leaning towards Mata Nui as he spoke.

"I have my own battles to fight." Mata Nui said as though it was all the explanation needed.

"And to lose." Roxie muttered to herself crossing her arms. But since everything was quiet at that moment her words were still heard and had everyone glancing at her. She shrugged, hiding the nervous lurch inside. Oops. Keep comments to myself, next time I must. She thought.

Acker 'uh'd' and moved a bit closer to Mata Nui. "Trust me, Mata Nui, I've seen you fight. You're not ready." He said with a shake of his head. Roxie almost snorted. That was a bit of an understatement. "Stay, and I'll teach you everything I know."

"Sounds like a good deal." Roxie said and Nikolaj nodded in agreement. Click seemed to have the final voice there as he clicked at Mata Nui and he seemed to change his mind.

"Wait." Ackar said suddenly, having an epiphany. "What you did with the Vorox tail and, Click. Could it work with these?" Acker asked and he pulled his sword off his back. Kiina and Gresh followed his example and held out their weapons as well.

"I don't know." Mata Nui shrugged. He then touched the mask. "This mask gave me new life, but I still don't completely understand its power. I think it only works on things that are, or were, alive."

"No problem." Berix said with confidence. "Most Glatorian weapons are made from bone or claw."

"Collected a few, have you?" Kiina said meaningfully to Berix from behind him. He turned to her fake chuckling. "So funny."

Ackar walked over to Mata Nui and handed him his sword. "It's worth a try." Mata Nui said. He looked at it then held it up to his face and-more to the point-mask. "Together as one mind."

His face glowed along with the sword and it flashed red. Everyone ended up squinting their eyes, but still managed to watch. "It's working!" Kiina said excited.

The glowing stopped and Ackar took back his sword, now new and improved. He held it up in his left hand, as though to look at it fully, and watched as it started to glow bright red. He lifted his arm up and jumped along with everyone else when flames suddenly burst from the sword and went high into the sky. The light filling the formally dark area and made Roxie look around in worry at the thought that he just sent a big signal flare that could lead trouble right to them.

"W-whoa! What in the…?" Ackar exclaimed as the flames kept on going.

"Of course!" Mata Nui said as it hit him what was happening. "Fire is your elemental power." he said to Acker as he got the sword under control. "The Mask of Life has simply ignited it. You have become a true Toa."

"'Toa?'" Nikolaj asked Roxie who shrugged back. She didn't know what the word meant, but she did remember Mata Nui calling Ackar that before.

Ackar walked to Mata Nui again and put a hand on his shoulder. "Thank you, friend." He said sincerely. Mata Nui looked at the hand with curiosity.

"Strange." He said and Ackar put his hand down. "I have worn many titles, been called a lot of things," he continued. "but never 'friend'." He finished putting his own hand on Ackar. Roxie smiled along with the others at this. Then-

"Me next!" Kiina said excited, holding up her staff.

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