Thanks for looking at Warriors Dancing with the Stars, staring your host...


Bramblepaw: Blazepaw is my mate. I had to let him be a host.

Blazepaw: Be quiet Bramblepaw!

Bramblepaw: Anyways...

Blazepaw: Bramblepaw does not own warriors, dancing with the stars, or anything else included.

Bramblepaw and Blazepaw smiled. "Welcome to the show! I am Bramblepaw, your main host, and this is the host... Blazepaw." Bramblepaw said, handing the mic to Blazepaw.

"Today we have... some warriors." Blazepaw said.

"And some... people." Bramblepaw said.

First walked in was the warriors, Firestar, Sandstorm, Squirrelfight, Leafpool, Crowfeather, Brambleclaw, Hawkfrost, Hollyleaf, Tigerstar, Thornclaw, Nightcloud, Ferncloud, Goldenflower, Leopardstar, Mistystar, Onestar, Lionblaze, Heathertail, Jayfeather, and Graystripe.

"Hello, eight-teen warriors!" Blazepaw said, jumping to the celling.

Jayfeather laughed as he pulled out his stick and started to dance with it.

"JAYFEATHER. GIMME THE STICK." Bramblepaw yelled, then took the stick.

"Are you gonna give her cake?" Jayfeather asked.

Bramblepaw nodded, then ate the stick's cake, and put the stick on fire.

"STICK!" Jayfeather cried.

"Jayfeather, Run! There is a fire right next to you!" Hollyleaf told her brother kindly.

"Okay!" Jayfeather said, and skipped over to Graystripe.

"You look sexy today Jayfeather." Heathertail said.

"Shut-up, Heathertail!" Lionblaze hissed.

Heathertail shut-up.

Then walked in the celebrities, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Bella Thorne, Zendaya, Miranda Crosgrove, Victoria Justice, Clara Bravo, and Brittany Spears.

"OMG ITS BRITTANY SPEARS!" Brambleclaw shouted.

"OMG ITS BRAMBLECLAW!" Brittany Spears yelled, and kissed Brambleclaw for the rest of the day.

Squirrelflight was crying.

When they stopped kissing, the boy celebrities walked in, Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow-

And the narrator had to stop once Bramblepaw jumped onto James Maslow.

"ITS JAMES MASLOW!" She yelled.


"I KNOW RIGHT? SO ARE YOU!" Bramblepaw said.

"GO IN THE COMPETITION!" James Maslow ordered.

"KAY!" Bramblepaw said, then faced Blazepaw. "Bye!" She said happily.

Blazepaw joined the compition, too.

Another girl named Jamie Lynn Spears walked in.

Blazepaw just stared at her.

Now the four new hosts came, Bramble, Pluto, Dawny, and Dazz.

Bramble and Dawny sat down next each other, while Pluto grabbed Vintage out of the audience and Dazz grabbed Lone, Claudie, and Fluffeh out of the audience.

Bramble suddenly noticed Jen and grabbed her.

Dawny suddenly noticed Moonsong and grabbed her.

"Sissyyyy. Stay behind me and Dawn's chair, kay?" Bramble whispered.

Jen nodded and sat on the floor, noticeable.

Bramble rolled her eyes.

Dawny sat Moonsong down near a water fountain on the stage.

"WATER!" Moonsong said and dragged the water fountain to Las Vegas... since she didn't want to see it, then walked back.

"Okay. The rest of the boys should walk in." Pluto suggested.

Dazz nodded, while Fluffeh was just on the stage, doing... nothing.

"ANYWAYS!" Vintage said, pointing to the boy celebrities walking in.

The boy celebrities walked in, Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow with Bramblepaw on his shoulder,

"Bramblepaw! Get off of his shoulder right now!" Lone told the apprentice.

Bramblepaw leaped down and joined the other warriors.


The boy celebrities, Kendall Schimidt, James Maslow, Carlos Pena JR, Logan Henderson, Jaden Smith, Justin Bieber, Troy Polamalu, Simon Cowel, and Usher walked in.


Bramblepaw and Blazepaw chuckled.

Kevin Woo chuckled in the audience.

"OMG ITS KEVIN WOO!" Vintage said, and canonballed into the audience and landed in the seat next to Kevin.

"Vin..." Pluto said.

Vintage grabbed Kevin Woo and walked back up to the stage.

((Authors Note: I forgot to tell you this earlier. Bramblepaw and Bramble are the same people, but Bramblepaw is a cat. And, I know all of these people from an RPing site and a chat that is a host, or that is on the stage.))

"Well since there is to much crazyness, we'll tell you who is paired up with who in the next show! Bye!" Bramble said, and then everyone on the stage zoomed out, except Kevin and Fluffeh, who were playing Rock, Paper, Scissors.

All of the audience ran out.

All of the contestants ran out.

"Haha! Paper! I got you! I win! BOOYEAH!" Kevin shouted.

"Play again?" Fluffeh asked.

Kevin nodded.

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