Toulouse whispered to me "mission accomplished. We've successful evaded Fincher."

Silver confetti fell from the ceiling immediately during the room's attention; I held my breath for I would finally see why people talked about this place in such high passion. Tonight I would see the Sparkling Diamond.

He came down on a silver swing; there was no sound in the hall. Everyone's heart was racing. All eager to get a first look on this beautiful creature. And then he sang.

"The French are glad to die for love."

With each word that was sang my heart beat faster, my mouth hung open that this exquisite sight. But someone else was to meet Andrew that night. Fincher's investor. The duke.

Drumming began to pick up as he span around on his swing. Cheers erupted as the music picked up to a danceable beat. With each spin he got closer and closer to the ground, the men around the circle held out their hands for just even the smallest touch. Gracefully he got of the seat and started to entertain the masses.

"A kiss on the hand may be quite continental, but diamonds are a boy's best friend."

He danced and sang in a way I didn't know was possible until this very night. Men each waved their notes for a chance he may gaze in their direction. It is true what they say in this world, money talks. Each of their eyes bulged in desire at him, one man even held out a diamond necklace.

Finchers managed during all this commotion to find his way to the duke. The Duke was young with soft curly hair. He face was easily pleasing to many people. His looks came easily for him, yet the Duke knew this and was picky on who he gave his affection to. When he gave his affection to one, he expected them to be returned. He was an impatient man.

"When will I meet this boy?" he asked, his eyes never leaving the performer.

"After his number. I have arranged a special meeting just you and Andrew." Fincher explained. "Totally alone."

For me Toulouse was saying a similar thing to me. Alone. I couldn't quite believe it. The thought of being totally alone with him made me nervous. I've never been in such close proximity to one of that beauty. I started to begin to sweat and my collar became too tight. Most people find me strange with my passion of love, beauty and truth. Most people thought these things were merely fairytales. Adults telling me to grow up, people my age giving me a wide birth. Back home I was judge was a freak.

Soon enough David Fincher was back on the stage with his star. As the number went on the shorter I could wait. I rose from seat and my friends grabbed a hold of me telling me not to go.

"Is the Duke here?" Andrew asked.

"Liebchen, would Daddy let you down?" Fincher replied lightly.

"Where is he?" he asked while continuing with the routine.

"The one Toulouse is shaking a hanky at."

At this moment when he looked Toulouse was just borrowing a hanky from me. His eyes excited eyes caught mine, and my heart stopped. His large brown expressionate eyes caught mine. His eyes squinted as if doubtful at my presence.

"Are you sure?" he asked Fincher.

"Let me peek," he replied.

Fincher's eyes reconnected to the sight of the Duke flailing his hands at Toulouse. "That's the one chickpea." he said reassuringly. "I hope that demonic little loon doesn't frighten him off."

At this point I was almost certain Toulouse was getting himself into trouble, yet that didn't matter. All that mattered was that Andrew saw me. On the stage a large cloth, which resembled a curtain, was pulled up around Andrew and Fincher.

"Will he invest?" Andrew asked.

"Pigeon! After spending the night with you, how could he refuse?" Fincher said reassuringly.

"What's his type? Wilting flower? Bright and bubbly? Or smouldering temptress?" he enquired while changing into his next costume.

"I'd say smouldering temptress. We're all relying on you, gosling."

Outside the blanket the performance went on, each Diamond Dog trying to keep the men's attention for as long as they could.

"Remember, a real show in a real theatre, with a real audience," Fincher reminded Andrew of his dream to keep him in this deal. "And you'll be…"

"A real actor." Andrew finished his voice coming out no more than a whisper, as if his mind was already at the stage to where he would be performing in the future.

In rush the blanket was pulled away and arose Andrew singing out the next words ready, with Fincher faking surprise. His outfit much more impressive than the last, it was more fitting showing of his lean body. The shoulders of who he was sitting span him around, leading him ever closer to me. Then in a cloud of smoke he was there, singing softly the word friend. My eyes widened at the sight of his large eyes, soft looking hair swept up into a quiff, while his sequin studded outfit catching every light in the room making him sparkle true beauty.

"I believe you were expecting me." he assumed.

"Yes." I said hoarsely, barely able to form the words.

"I'm afraid it's boy's choice," he spoke loudly now addressing the crowd, before turning around and pointing a glove covered hand in my direction. My mouth widened in disbelieve that he would choose me. The people I was with cheered, clapped my shoulder and encouraged me to step forward.

Due to my little response Andrew pouted those impossibly plump lips, causing the crowd in to awe in sympathy. To this he turned back and pouted again, the pouting is too much for me really to bear. Next he started to yap, swinging his hips suggestively while backing up towards me.

"I've see you've met our American friend." Toulouse added.

"I'll take care out it." Andrew whispered softly. He turned his attention back to me and held out a hand. "Let's dance."

He pulled my out onto the dance floor, an easy going smile pulling up the edge of his lips. Out on the dance floor, he went for it. He showed how easily his hips could move, getting completely absorbed the beat. Where as I just stood embarrassedly on the floor, not moving. I've never been that good of a dancer. Seeming to sense my discomfort he came back, practically pushing me when it came to the twirls. Then he danced suggestively near my body I couldn't suppress the small whimpers that slipped out.

"It's so wonderful of you to take an interest in our little show," Andrew said politely.

"It sounds very exciting; I'd be delighted to be involved." I replied while trying to keep up with the movement.

"Really?" he said genuinely surprised.

"Assuming you like what I do."

"I'm sure I will."

As the dancing continued the more I let my anxieties go. "Toulouse thought we might be able to…" I began pausing to dip him "in private."

"Did he?" he asked.

"Yes, you know, a private…" I dipped him again, "poetry reading."

"Oh," he said now everything was becoming clear. "Oh a poetry reading. I love a little 'poetry' after supper."

The dancing continued long into the night and finished in a flurry of top hats dancing in the air. Then the swing he was once on reappeared and he began to climb higher and higher. His voice singing just as sweetly as before. Then suddenly he gasped, his fluttering close, and his face showing just hints of the pain he is in. My breathing stopped and I looked on worryingly. His breathing came out in short little puffs, Fincher yelled as Andrew fell from this great height. Every muscle in my body stiffened.

One of the dancers managed to catch him and ushered through the crowd to backstage. This did nothing to my nerves as I waited anxiously to see Andrew again.