Killjoy story

After SING.

Synthestetic Flame and Killjoy Red Dead walked up to the dark, empty, destroyed building of Better Living Inductries.

Synthestetic looked at the bodies of dracs and heros. "Better living my arse," she muttered

Red sighed, "looks like there's alot to do, let's get going."

Silently, they picked up bodies of Dracs and lined them up outside. 37. 37 people had been caught by BLI and turned into one of the reminated. Draculoids. They used to be normal people, like you and me. Until BLI came along and brainwashed everyone.

There were only a small handful that knew BLI just wanted to take over the world.. That small handful were going to take down Korse and his hypnotised minions. That small handful were going to save the world!

The girls had finished clean up. They'd found the four the Dr Death Defying had sent them for. Four brave men. Party Poison, Kobra Kid, Fun Ghoul and Jet Star.

Red brought gourneys from the small van they'd drove there in. Syn was taking the masks off of the Dracs revealing strangers faces. "I wish you wouldn't do that," Red moaned.

"I just have to know.." Syn trailed off.

It was only two years ago that her and her parents had been kidnapped by a cluster of Dracs. It was the worst pain that could be imagined. And Syn had only felt half of it. Red had saved her. However it was too late for Syn's parents..

Red patted Syn on the back. "You saved me," Syn whispered.

"First one's free Syn," she smiled.

Syn got to the next drac. He was on his back. Syn turned him over and found that the face belonged to Agent Cherri Cola. He was trying to infiltrate BLI/nd headquarters. Both girls gasped. He'd been captured?

"We have to save him too," Red said. Syn nodded. Both girls lifted him into the van. Syn opened his mouth and took a test tube from her boot filled with a deep purple liquid. They'd managed to take it from Korse when Syn had been kidnapped with her parents. It turned people back and cured all injuries. It was the perfect medicine. Kept Korse young, he had already lived for a poured a few drops into his mouth, got out of the van and shut the back of the van doors

The girls put Party poison onto a gourney and put a few drops of the medicine in his mouth, and did the same to the others.

"So you know the plan then," Red asked

"Yes. We've only gone over it a million times, I stay with the guys until they wake up, we get the stolen motorbikes and ride them back to the safe house. I know it," said Syn

"Okay, we're going to need a password, just incase.."

"Jellybeans," Syn giggled

"okay, jellybeans it is. You be careful Syn," Red said giving Syn a hug. Over two years the had suprisingly become close friends, almost sisters.

"You too, Red. Remember - JellyBeans," said Syn squeezing her tightly.

The girls departed company. Syn waved off Red as she and Agent Cherri Cola drove away.

She turned around to face the gourneys. Party Poison was sat up right. Syn opened her mouth to speak but it was covered by a black leather glove. 'Don't panic! don't painic' thought Syn. She jabbed her elbow into the stomach of the person behind. Syn spun round and reached for her ray gun. Airi was bent over double. Syn's eyes widened. 'what was she doing here?' Syn thought. Airi stood up right and ran off. 'No time to follow her,' Syn thought

"Got to get out of here," she muttered to herself.

"Who..are you?" stammered a voice she'd forgotten about.

Syn turned round. "Party Poison, nice to meet you. I'm Synthestetic Flame." she said offering her hand to shake. Party Poison shook it. The others started to wake up. "Let's get you guys out of here then," Syn continued.

They walked round the back of the building to a garage. Syn had already busted the door so that they could get through. "Where are we going?" Kobra asked. Syn faced him, "zone 4-6. But first we go to the end of BL/nd tunnel where a few Killjoys will be waiting. Killjoy Red Dead, Bulletproof Dove, Deputy Dinosuar and Blood-stained Bullet. Then we drive off to zones 1-3 to Grace, Dr D, Death-Bullet and my brother Lithium Extract are. Dj Hot Chimp will meet us on the way there. From then we make a plan to hopefully take down Korse and BL/ind for once and for all." Syn finished.

"anyone confident on a motor bike?" Syn asked. Fun ghoul and Jet star raised there hands. "Okay Fun, over there and Jet that one there," Syn said pointing to different motorbikes. "Kobra, you'll have to get on with Jet because Fun's bike isn't big enough to hold two and Party, looks like your riding with me," Syn smiled. "Let's get going."

The Killjoys saddled up and drove the motorbrikes down the tunnel. Party poison clung onto Synthestetic Flame for his life. Kobra and JetStar were slow but they kept up with Syn and Party. Fun Ghoul was weaving on and off the white line painted on the floor.

Suddenly a beam of yellow light flew past just barely missing Syns' arm. "Dammit," she muttered turning her head round to see a gang of dracs on their tails. 'There is only one thing to do,' thought Syn. She sped up and saw the guys' car with a few dents in the side. "Party, when I say go, I want you to run to the car and drive off as fast as you can. When you meet the Killjoys at the end tell the Jellybeans and that I said to take a detour, okay?" Party nodded his head. "give Killjoy Red Dead this," Syn ripped the locket from her neck and put it into Partys' shaking hand, "Guys, when I say go, get off the bikes and head for the car," Syn yelled to the others. They all nodded. "GO!" She yelled, the motorbike came to a stop. Fun, jetstar and kibra disowned their bikes and ran to the car. Party climbed off, still shaking, and started to run to the car. "Party," yelled Syn. she threw the keys of the car at him which he caughted. Syn saluted them off as they started up the car. "This flame won't be going down without a fight," she said to herself. She pulled a ninja star from her belt and caught her reflection in it. Syn smiled to herself, and threw the star at the mob of dracs heading towards her. Syn revved the motor bike and headed towards the mob. She pulled out her ray gun and fired aimlessly hoping to hit a drac.

Party was driving as fast as he could down the tunnel. He grasped the steering wheel tightly. He moved the wing mirror to see how close Syn was to them. He saw Syn riding off back toawrds where they'd come from and into a mob a dracs. Panic raced through his eyes.

A tear rolled down Syn's cheek. She closed her eyes, the lights were too bright. She carried of firing her raygun. Suddenly, when the dracs and Syn collided there was an explosion. "NO!" Party roared, slamming on the breaks. He stuck his head out the window desperately scanning for a sign of movement. Party grabbed hold of the gears trying to get the car in reverse. Fun ghoul snatched the keys from ignition. "If we go back, we'll end up dead again. Come on, we need to find Grace," he said. Party knew that Fun ghoul was right, their main priority was Grace. party started up the car and continued to follow the tunnel. There was an eery silence in the car. No radio was playing, no one was talking. What did you expect? A girl had died for them to escape. What a true hero she was.

Party saw the ending of the tunnel, where a few vehicles were scattered. The car came to a complete stop and the Killjoys got out of the car. A small group of brightly clothed teens came out of hiding. "Password," one said bluntly. Fun ghoul looked confused and opened his mouth to speak, "Jellybeans," Party said cutting him off. A girl came running from behind the van, "where's syn?" she asked "who are you?" asked Jet, "I'm Killjoy Red Dead," she replied, "where's Syn?" she demanded. Partypoison looked her straight in the eyes as the others shifted their gaze to the floor. "I'm sorry," he whispered putting a small object in her hands. Red was confused, sorry for what? She opened her closed hand and saw the locket that Syn wore. Reds' knees buckled and she fell to the floor. "She's.. she's dead?" Red asked tears rolling down her cheeks. Party nodded once, no emotion on his face. Red burst into tears, how could she live without Syn?