A/N: I came up with this story and had already started writing it before the my spontaneous story. I warn you that this contains an angry Mrs. Hudson. *shudders* Enjoy. :D

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Evening Soothers

Mrs. Hudson sighed as she leaned back into arm chair that sat in front of her telly. Today had been a long day. There had been a loud crash, followed closely by glass breaking and someone swearing at approximately three a.m., which had awoken Mrs. Hudson and, most likely, the entire block.

She had run upstairs and flung open the door that lead into the kitchen, and drew up short. The thing that Mrs. Hudson saw was that one end of her kitchen table was resting on the floor in the middle of a puddle of green liquid that had a terrible smell and that the two legs on that side were missing. Finally, after staring at the mess for a few, seemingly long, stunned minutes, Mrs. Hudson turned a high- voltage glare on the young man who had caused this mess.

"This," she pointed to the ruined table and the puddle of the now- steaming, maloderous, green liquid with glass shards sticking out of it, "is going to cost you, Mr. Sherlock- Bloody- Holmes. Not only is this on your rent, but," Mrs. Hudson stormed past Sherlock and John, who was leaning against the kitchen doorjamb, whom she didn't notice until right then, and marched to the mantel where Yorick was resting quietly. She reached out and snatched the skull.

"Mrs. Hudson!" Sherlock was right next to her in a moments notice.

Mrs. Hudson drew herself up to her full height and waved a finger in his face. "I'm taking your skull for a month."

With that, the small hurricane known as Mrs. Hudson, stormed out, leaving a stunned Sherlock Holmes and an amused John Watson in her wake.

Now it was evening and all Mrs. Hudson wanted to do was rest. She had taken a dose of her evening soothers for her hip a few minutes earlier. Soon, she felt drowsy. Far too soon. Right before she blacked out, Mrs. Hudson heard her doorknob jiggle.

End (Or is it?)

A/N: Wow, Even I didn't know how bad Mrs. H's temper could be. :D I hope you enjoyed. :D