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Story note: The year is 2018. It's canon until the Epilogue. Harry never married. Ron and Hermione had Rose and Hugo earlier than indicated in the books so that they are older in this story. Rose was born in 2002 and Hugo in 2005. Other minor modifications made without notice probably!

The Sherlock in this story is from BBC's Sherlock which is set in contemporary times. This IS NOT Robert Downey Jr.'s Sherlock nor any traditional versions as portrayed by Jeremy Brett or any other actor. This is Sherlock as portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch. You do not need to have seen the BBC series to follow this story.


Crime is of the Essence


Harry was sitting on the couch anxiously listening to Kingsley's report.

"Harry, I'm pleased to inform you that not only have all the vials of your hair been traced down and destroyed, we've been able to erase all the recordings of everyone else involved as well. We can find no evidence of any remaining video footage anywhere."

"That's certainly an area where Muggles are behind Wizarding technology," Sherlock acknowledged. "We'd never be able to track down everyone who downloaded or shared illegal material in such a thorough way. It's far too time consuming."

Kingsley nodded. "We use a spell that travels the internet connections and magically seeks out illegal files and automatically destroys them. Unless someone actually burned them to a device not hooked into the wwww, it's gone. And if anyone tries to upload it again, the spell will reactivate.

Harry breathed a sigh of relief. At least he didn't have to worry about so-called 'authentic photos and videos' of Severus or him appearing on the web. Severus rubbed circles on his back in comfort from his perch on the arm of the sofa.

"And what of the 'Johnsons'?" Severus asked.

Sherlock laughed. "I think you mean 'Johns', Severus, although in this case perhaps 'Johnson' is more appropriate." No one else laughed. They just stared at him. "I apologize, Muggle reference. Do go on."

Kingsley turned back to Harry and Severus. "All the people who purchased your hair have been rounded up. Your friend, Magistrate Millsbury permitted the use of Veritaserum to expedite the case and to locate Tidus. In the end, they were sentenced to ten years in Azkaban and their memories of you and the other victims were permanently Obliviated. They won't remember any of the events in question. We are implementing stronger safety protocols around Polyjuice and will now track Obliviate like we do the killing curse. No one will be able to use it in the UK without the Ministry's knowledge and approval. I hope that puts your mind at rest."

"Thank you, Kingsley. By the way, how did they manage to get your hair?" Harry had learned that Lockhart had, as 'Kingsley', authorized the Portkey just after his failed attempt at kidnapping Harry. In the midst of the excitement, no one thought to review 'Kingsley's' requests during that brief span of time between the failed attempt and when Harry finally notified the real Kingsley. Just Harry's luck that the one time Lockhart thought on his feet was the time they had all failed as investigators. He should have thought of it.

Kingsley looked chagrined. "I may be bald on top, but now that I am older, my ears are not. I forgot I had them trimmed a few weeks ago."

Harry made a face. He didn't feel so bad now. Kingsley looked at them threateningly. "And if any of you tell anyone, I'm docking your pay."

"I don't work for you," both Sherlock and Severus said at the same time.

"I'll find a way," he threatened. "I must be off. I need to talk to the Weasleys as well. I do hope you enjoy your time off," Kingsley said before he left.

Harry and Severus were holding hands and smiling. Sherlock stood. "I must be going as well. John has decided he would like to go to the Rugby game tonight and says I owe him after leaving him out of most of this investigation. He's upset that he can't blog about it." Sherlock stood awkwardly for a moment before Harry stood as well.

Harry went over and put his arms around his former lover and held him tightly for a moment. Sherlock patted him gently on the back. "You never were good with PDAs," Harry laughed. "Thank you. For everything."

There was silence for a few moments and then Sherlock said, "Maybe if you and Severus would like to join us for dinner sometime…" He sounded hesitant.

"We'd love to. Wouldn't we, Severus?" Harry glared at Severus who was obviously not excited about the prospect.

Harry raised his eyebrows at him and Severus gave in. "Of course. Wouldn't miss it," Severus said with just a hint of sourness.

After Sherlock left, Harry came back and wrapped his arms around Severus. "Finally alone."

"PDAs?" Severus asked.

"Public Displays of Affection," Harry answered. He kissed Severus lightly and used a gentle pressure to get Severus to kiss back. The last few days since he had gotten his memory back, Severus had been hesitant to continue their relationship. Harry was using kissing to persuade him otherwise and he knew it was working because Severus always gave in and then deepened their kisses.

Tongues swirled gently around each other. Harry slipped his hands under Severus' jumper to feel the warm flesh underneath. He pushed closer in between Severus' legs until he was flush against him and smoothed his hands along Severus' back. Severus' long fingers wound their way into Harry's hair and his other arm wrapped tightly round his waist. For several delicious minutes they tasted each other.

Severus pulled back and gazed at Harry. "I prefer more personal ones," he said.

"And I think we should go to bed," Harry whispered. He'd been given two weeks leave to recover. He intended to have he and Severus recuperate together – in bed.

"It's only 9:00 am. We just got up," Severus replied, huskily.

"What can I say? I'm a lazy boy." Harry pulled back and took Severus' hand to lead him upstairs.

"You're a wicked boy, that's what you are," Severus corrected.

"Are you going to punish me? Give me detention? Spank me like all those stories?" Harry joked.

"Not today, but I'll keep that in mind if you get too unruly," Severus warned and patted Harry's ass on the way up the steps.

"Well, I best behave then or we'll give all those fangirls something to really write about."

- the end -


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