Disclaimer: First, some apoligies to those who did not get in and a brief description of what happened to their character:

arcticimist: I am very sorry, I didn't want you to feel left out and would have sent you a PM explaining the situation as soon as possible.

I know that it is not as good as being in the Games, but I have placed Eutrepe as a relative of the current President and Ebony as a previous winner and Mentor of the female tribute from district 4. Hope this makes up for some of the disappointment as I really loved these characters' name and not including her was actually a very difficult decision.

Silver dagger: Zard Frezal is now the trainer of career Essence Craymaker. Still a huge flirt, he spends most of his time in the HGTV viewing docks, trying to pick up Claudius Templesmith's more female co-workers.

dudleyson: Zitheneals (Zea) Denair is now Head Game Maker (It seemed to fit his personality)

the pen my sword: Connor Flipseye, whilst still keeping his age of twelve, has become the youngest, and one of the most evil, Games Makers ever!

And now a message from our sponsors

The Ninety-Fourth Hunger Games!

"Hello, Hello, and welcome. I'm Claudius Templesmith here to tell you about this years exciting new Hunger Games. In just a few days the Tributes from all twelve districts will be arriving to meet their makers... I mean stylists.

We have just received word about many of the personalities who will be arriving so keep your eyes glued to your screen so you don't miss...


IRRE MASSENHUNT (17)- This dude is creepy. Not just 'cos he's a a career, but because he's two careers. The first a jovial, friendly and strong and intelligent. An all around nice guy, while still a career, he is the perfect boy to have as your ally. The second self is cold, calculating and ruthless. A sadist in every sense of the word and not a nice guy to have on your side. Creepy and unpredictable, can he cut up the others before they can cut him up.

ESSCENCE CRAYMAKER (15)- This dart wielding girl is a rare thing in the Hunger Games, a Career who has cold feet about entering. In an interview, directly after being volunteered by close friend, Glamor, Essence admitted that she didn't think she could win. But, now that she's got no choice, will this newbie pull something out of the bag?


DEMIS GREATTOOTH (18)- If Freakin' Awesome were a name (or not already the name of the Mayor in District One) Demis should have been called it. A beast in combat, Demis fights with a pair of metal claws so sharp that they can cut through bone with the ease of scissors through paper. Demis acts as the head of the Careers, a natural born leader and protector and is probably the only thing holding them together. He seems to have a soft spot for girls, especially the other careers, and that may trip him up.

VERAIN LONGCAST (16)- This girl may not seem like much, but Verain Longcast is in fact the younger sister of winner of the 87th Hunger Games, Enoch Longcast, and the 92nd Hunger Games, Ventura Longcast. With such a great family to live up to, Verain is determined not to disappoint.


JAKOB HART (14)- A clumsy poisoner with a great knowledge of flora, fauna and mechanics, most of which was learnt from battered old books and movies. He claims to have a photographic memory that should serve him well in the games. Hart has taken a tape recorder into the games. Why? I hear you ask. Simple, if he loses then he has something to send home. If not, he can always make an audio-biography!

KATE RYAL (15)- Hold onto your partners, young women of Panem, because this next contestant is a little different to what we usually get from District 3. In fact, it's rare to get such a beautiful face in the Hunger Games. If her skill is anything as good as she is looking then it'll be hard for the rest to survive. Let's hope that face doesn't get, ahem, slightly less beautiful as the game goes on.


BLAKE KAITZ (14)- This charismatic, flirtatious little career is most probably the brains of most of their operations. Able to keep his wits in even the most dire of situations and deadly in his control of the less intelligent. Blake's greatest weapon is his wit and strategy and his second most fatal weapon is his face and voice. He is a champion flirt and often goes after the older, stronger, girls who can protect him. Zard Frezal would be proud.

JULES RADCLIFFE (13)- A young prodigy of the world of Career fighters, Miss Radcliffe has volunteered herself for the games despite her young age and frail appearance. Jules is a ruthless hunter, able to catch any enemy in minutes by darting through the undergrowth ahead of larger careers and spear the victim on the end of her vicious trident.


QUENTIN RAPIDO (18)- The finest, and richest, competitor that District 5 has to offer. While District 5 isn't too shabby in the games, it's not every day that someone steps forwards without provocation. Quentin is, you guessed it, a Career. And not to bad a one at that. He's determined to win, and woe betide anyone who gets in the way.

TEAGAN COOPER (12)- Teagan is a small, stuttering little girl who is, or rather was, dearly loved by her parents. Teagan was incredibly popular in her District and known for her agility and skill with a bow. However, now that she's in the games, surrounded by opponents much older than herself, will speed work.


PHILLIP SUTTON (15)- Quiet and strategic, Phillip is the son of one of District Six's doctors. A mild-mannered non-combatant who tries to keep his head in tough situations and acts as the voice of reason for his partner, Emery. He is good at trap setting but not so affective up close. The perfect foil for his little girlfriend...

EMERY LOX (15)- A skilled martial artist and master of the sneak attack and concealing weaponry. When combined with high speed, Emery is basically the very archetype of a ninja. Emery has been Phillip's friend practically all her life and is determined to keep him safe in the arena. Like most ninja, she can't really handle being outnumbered and will flee if the need arises. Now if only she were dressed in black...


ASH "PYRO" VERNON (17)- This pale faced competitor garnered his nickname from more than just his flaming shock of hair. This massive man mountain is a skilled Pyromaniac and seems to have an unhealthy obsession with fire. Most seem glad to lose him, but will having a fire starter in a jungle be such a good idea.

KAYTON ROYS (13)- This fiery redhead hasn't had much luck in life, so I'm told. A young orphan, whose father was the victim of the famous On-screen Peacekeeper Scare Ten years back, and a mother who never showed up. Kayton has nothing to lose, Kayton also has a fiery temper that may serve her well in the games. Kayton is an expert at surviving, but will this be just one step too far.


ALEW FEROVE (12)- Hard to believe this kid's twelve, huh? This charming, little prankster is not to be underestimated just because he's small though. Far from it. Alew is a good thinker and is good at coming up with things quickly. If ignored, he could be trouble.

GEORIA HANEL (14)- This albino looks kind of creepy. While she does look conspicuous, she is in fact great when it comes to camouflage. A master of disguise. Georia is, however, afraid of water, which may count against her, and some believe she can suck out others luck. Let's hope that's true, 'cos she's going to need all the luck she can get.


ZUS RYAOV (17)- A loud mouthed teen with a temper as short as his hair. This boy has a hatred for careers. His skill with a bow and his all around athleticism have caught the eye of several tributes, most notably the careers. A good favorite to win and a thorn in the side of many competitors.

ALLYLA STONE (18)- District Nine's pugnacious princess, Allyla is always ready for a fight and has a slight complex about her weight. She's not to be trifled with at close range and likes to solve disputes with her most powerful weapon. Her fists. Gee, that'll be hard to find in the arena.


TRENT FLEE (16)- Quiet and contemplative, Trent has never really been much of a worker. Always the thinker, Trent doesn't talk much and is not a very open character. A quick learner and devilish with practically any weapon. His lazy persona may work against him but, if he sticks with others, he might just be able to win this, he'll really need to work harder than he's used to though.

APRIL CONNOLLY (15)- Always a loner back in her home District, April joined the the Hunger Games in the belief that her parents, who she believes may have participated years before. After suffering a violent bout of amnesia (When will they find a cure?) April awoke, only remembering vague shapes, a feather, and the Glorious Hunger Games. Hope she enjoys them!


SCRATCH STANDARDS (17)- This carefree drifter is practically the epitome of bad upbringing. Even for someone bought up in a District, Scratch hasn't had many breaks. Scratch is an expert with a spear and wants to win to pay back his caring family, who have always given him what they can. What a guy!

LENOX CARTER (14)- Lenox is probably one of the most selfless contestants we've seen in the Games for a long time. Having taken the fall for her younger sister, Lenox has garnered some popularity as the girl who stuck her neck out (or the girl with more heart than brains). She's a nice girl, certainly, but will that work against her?


HYPE TARICK (16)- Hype was once a great career, fighting with soul and sword against his old sparring partner Murp. After going slightly too far, severing Murp's head from his body in an early morning session, Hype swore off all violence for ever. That was a bad move, because now it has been three years, and Hype isn't the skilled warrior he once was. And now he needs those skills. Lets hope it's like riding a bike. You never forget how to fight.

ARIXO VARSITY (17)- Arixo despises those who think that, just because they are rich, they are in charge, and would rather die than let anyone like that *cough* Quentin *cough* from ever winning the tournament. Also a despiser of careers, dresses and make-up, this dual sword wielding competitor is not one to be taken lightly. 'Cos chances you'll end up on the

end of her knife.


District 2

District 9

District 1

A/N: The ages are mostly from memory, so please contact me if you think I've got something wrong and it bothers you.

Also, if your tribute has not got in they could have a role in any number of exciting professions.


Game Maker

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Panem Official



HG presenter

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