Story – Luck Has Nothing To Do With It

Summary - They were both perfect. Both untouchable. That is until their two worlds collided to cause catastrophic results. Hearts will be broken, lives intertwined and deadly deals made. The only question is, can they handle it?

Pairing – Edward/Rosalie

Chapter – Modern War

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Chapter One – Modern War

"In modern war... you will die like a dog for no good reason."
Ernest Hemingway

Men never understood. Period. If I was holding your hand it was simply because there was probably another, cuter guy passing by and with that little contact and a pouty smirk, he would be drooling at my feet. If I was kissing I always had my eyes open, looking straight at the idiot, an idiot with good taste, but an idiot none the less.

I couldn't help it; I'd always been like that. I remember people telling me that I didn't like to be touched, that I'd hold my breath when I was being hugged and honestly, I still do. Everyone is kept at an arms length because that was always easier, and the possibility of getting hart decreased.

I guess I learnt from the best, there was never any hugging in my house. No 'I love you's or kisses goodnight. No I'd wake up, go to school, come home, do my homework, and listen to my father talk about how his day at work was while my mother planned another event. I was raised that way. But honestly? I didn't mind, I enjoyed the materialistic things that came with the constant pressure to be perfect. And that's what I turned into, the perfect daughter.

Nothing less was expected of me. In return for all the privileges I had to become the porcelain doll of the family, always being seen but never heard. My grades were never below an A and my body never knew what 'fat' was. My understanding of business and politics beat that of politicians themselves. And my fashion sense was better than high paid models, I had better hair too.

I was never neglected; no I always had the attention from both my parents. My mother would be constantly checking my wardrobe, my diet and my exercise. While my father was constantly checking my grades, political knowledge and business sense. And just like any other high class child I was always being judged, no hair was out of place, no pimple graced my skin. I was created simply because my parents needed the perfect family. They had the eldest son and a young daughter, both prime examples of just how perfect their world was.

And Jasper and I did just that. We were better than others in every way possible. Who were we to complain about a small condescending comment here and there, when we were given anything our hearts desired?

I guess my rebellious side began when I was fourteen; I had arrived home to find my parents sat down in my Father's office looking down at both me and Jasper with their signature business faces. And immediately we knew we were not going to like what they were about to say. It wasn't too bad, so they were going to be travelling too much to leave two fourteen year old children at home with two maids and a butler. So they were going to send us to boarding school. Terrible for any normal children, for us? It was freedom.

Forks Boarding School was one of the most prestigious in the country, and by far the most expensive. Jasper and I knew that to keep our parents off our backs all we'd have to do was have good grades. And that's just what we did. We both took the business route, learning everything there was to know about both business and politics. We were both going to grow up into that world why not start early?

It took us a record breaking 2 hours to become popular, quite impressive if I do say so myself. And from there it only got better. Without our parents breathing down our necks we were able to breathe a little. And as we grew up in the school so did our activities. We went from sitting in our rooms at nine on a Friday night and completing our homework to completing it in our free periods and then drinking our heads off. It was perfect; we balanced both our grades with our extra curricular activities.

And it was from there that we met three others, Bella, Emmett and Alice. We didn't exactly become best friends in a span of a couple of hours. Alice Brandon was a scary freak of a girl, at lunch she'd stop at out table, put down her tray and sit down, not words no interaction at all. And then just as me and Jasper were returning to our chosen books, she'd start to talk. And boy did she talk. Jasper took an unnatural liking to Alice and so from there her sister Bella began to sit with us also, who then in turn brought along her bear of a boyfriend, Emmett.

And it was from then that Jasper and I stopped reading during lunch, absentmindedly picking at our chosen lunches and began to talk to the three complete opposites. It was a wonder as to how exactly Bella and Emmett began to sate as the girl was quieter then me whenever I was being criticized by mother. Emmett was much more like Alice, talkative, loud. Bit then again as they say opposites attract right?

After a while and a lot of convincing from Emmett, Jasper finally grew the balls to ask Alice out, and as corny as it is, it was love at first sight. And so I became the fifth wheel, not that I minded of course, I'd have many boyfriends of my own, but none would ever shuffle their way into our tight nit group, I guess you could say they were what I did when I was bored.

And now we were entering our final year, still best friends, or as much of best friends as I'd let anyone close to me. And with Jasper and Alice and Emmett and Bella together I was beginning to get an itch. So Royce King came into the picture and so our last year would be just as amazing as our others.

"No, I refuse to live in this!"

"Alice get over it"

"But Rosie!"

"Rosalie, Alice" I drowned out, really was it that hard to remember my full name? Seven letters, that's all it was.

"Rosie, you know I stopped calling you by your full name in the first week we became friends"

"Remind me again why I'm friends with you" I didn't look up from my book.

"Because you love me" she said simply. "Anyway, can you believe what they did to me Rosie?"

"What did they do Alice?"

"They gave me room 103!"

"And why is that bad Alice?"

"Because the widow overlooks the West Gardens!"

"And of course the West Gardens are filled with vile corpses that are slowly rotting?"

"Your sarcasm does not impress me"

"Alice, get over it"


"Alright, just sit there and sulk"

Alice really never did do well with not getting what she wanted. And I guess I did feel slightly guilty, my room did over the East Gardens and were technically a little better than the others. But I didn't see Bella complaining about her room overlooking the football field.

"Rosie?" Alice asked from where she was sat on my chair flipping through the latest months Vogue.


"Where's Jazzy?"

"You mean Jasper Alice?"

"Yeah, Yeah"

"Probably in his room or at the football field with Emmett"

"Early practice?"


"Wanna go watch?"

"A load of sweaty guys doing push ups shirtless? Do you even have to ask?"

9:15 on a Friday night and I find myself sat on my large black and white leather sofa flipping through the many channels on my TV. Can life get anymore boring?

Grunting slightly I reached across the sofa to the side table to pick up my phone. I looked through my contacts to get to Bella. We would start school on Monday but as always all students had been sent yesterday to get unpacked, pick up our class schedules and get comfortable in our rooms.

Pressing call I pressed my phone against my face waiting for the answer.

"Rose?" Ah I love the girl, not my full name, but at least a little better.

"You wanna go out?"

"Where? You know there are no parties on the first weekend back."

"I don't know you're the genius, figure it out"

"Rose you know I'd love to, but I'm kind of busy"

"With what school hasn't started yet"

There was a grunt in the background followed closely by the sound of things falling, and a small giggle could be heard from Bella. I raised an eyebrow at no one; really couldn't they hold it in their pants for a couple of hours?

Another giggle, "Um I'm sorry, what Rose?"

I sighed and attempted to hold in a small laugh of my own, Emmett was clumsier than Bella, and that was bad.

"Nothing Bells, you have fun now"

"We will!"

"Emmett shut it, um sorry Rose"

And with that the dial tone was all I heard. This was unacceptable. I was not the type of girl to sit alone on a Friday night while everyone else is out doing who knows what. Looking through my phone I clicked automatically on another contact.

"Rosalie?" Best big brother award goes to?

"Jasper" I replied.

"Is there a reason you called me dear sister?"

"What you up to?"

"Hanging out with Alice and Edward"

That was new, who the hell was this Edward and why hadn't I heard of him before? Better yet what was he doing hanging out with Alice and Jasper?

"He's a new student; we are nice, as compared to some people and asked him if he wanted to hang out"

Twin telepathy much?

"And why wasn't I invited?"

"You told us you'd be busy with Royce"

Oh. I had forgotten about that, Royce had cancelled earlier to tell me that his father was coming to have dinner with him and talk, not something I wanted to be part of.

"Is that Rosie?" Came a voice from behind Jasper.

"Alice would like to tell you that you are to get your behind over here right now as she feels overpowered"

"On my way"

"Oh and Rose?"


"Call Bella and Emmett, see if they want to come over"

Ew, not a call I was looking forward to,


"Be careful, alright?"

"Yeah Jasper, bye"

Closing the phone I called Bella again. After a while waiting for one of them to pick up, I rolled my eyes, they were probably in the kitchen or in the bathroom. Or maybe even in the balcony. Freaks.

"Hello?" Came a breathless reply followed closely by what seemed to be a grunt, did I mention, gross?

"Emmett, get off of Bella and get to Jasper's dorm, now"

"But Rosie-"

"Nope don't wanna hear it; I wanna se who this Edward guy is"

"Eddie?" Another grunt, dear god I think I'm going to puke, "Oh hold on we'll finish then be right over"

"Ew, Emmett, way too much information"

"See ya!"

I shuddered as I closed the phone, never doing that again. Standing up I grabbed the closest pair of heels I could find and after grabbing my phone, keys and jacket walked out of my comfy room. It was colder than normal outside and I could see a small white puff of smoke coming out of my mouth with every breath I took. The guys and girls dorm buildings were always separate, not that it stopped us.

My dorm building was on the other side of the many gardens that belonged to Forks Boarding School. And although it was small, it was till dark and I couldn't help but get a small shiver running up my spine as I walked past the many trees.

After a while of walking I reached the Whitlock Dorms, also known as the senior boy's dorms and after being buzzed in I opened the door and hopped into the elevator. There were ten levels, each level containing form dorm rooms which had two bedrooms, a living room and a bathroom each. The tenth floor however consisted of three dorm rooms which were called the High Rooms. Each had a bedroom, living room and bathroom, slightly larger than the others.

Reaching the tenth floor I knocked on the door and came face to face with Jasper. Bright blue eyes, gentler than mine looked back at my own icy version and his shaggy blonde hair, slightly darker than mine fell in the same fashion it always did. His smile ever present on his face and I couldn't help but smile back.

"Took you long enough" he teased.

I couldn't help but roll my eyes, "It's not my fault my brother didn't feel like walking me through a dark deserted garden like park in case anything happened to me."

"Did anything happen?" he asked, a teasing gleam still present on his light face.

I glared at him and in a very un-ladylike manner, something my mother would chaste me for is she ever saw, pushed him out of the way.

"Where is this amazing Eddie?"

"It's Edward, Rosalie."

I smiled and rolled my eyes once again, "Alright, alright, where s this amazing and yet infamous Edward?"

"In the living room with Alice" he answered smoothly.

"You left your girlfriend alone in a room with another guy?"

"Very funny Rosalie"

I shrugged and walked along with him to the room,

"I try, have Em and Bella gotten here yet?"

"Yep, got here a couple of minutes ago."

How they finished off and got here before me, I'll never know. Walking into Jasper's living room I took into account that there were three large couches all forming a slight semi-circle around a large flat screen, various side tables were placed around the sofas, filled with snacks and drinks.

"Nice to know you people like to have a party without me" I teased the group in a bored voice.

Four heads looked up to the sound of my voice, Bella and Emmett still has slightly crumpled clothing on and Bella's hair was still a little messy, even though it was obvious she had attempted to fix it. Alice was bouncing up and down on one of the sofas like normal; the thing that caught my attention was a head of copper hair, messy in a stylish way and emerald green eyes brighter than any I had seen before.

"Sorry Rosie, we thought you were with Royce" Alice spoke up as Jasper passed me to sit next to her on one of the sofas. Oh my God, I was going to kill this girl some day.

"He had a meeting with his dad" I spoke off handily.

"Rosie gotta thank you for interuting me and Bella, great way to end our night" Emmett teased, his voice leaving a hint of regret. Was it really my fault that they acted like horny teenagers all the time? Some of us had dignity.

"Anything for you Emmy" I teased back.

"What took you so long Rose?"

"Walking through the gardens at night in heels isn't easy Bells"

"Wouldn't it be simpler to not put on heels?" a velvety voice came from the sofa I had not looked at yet. Edward.

"I'm a girl", I replied.

"I'm a guy, your point?" he asked, his lips crawling up into a smirk that could possibly be sexier then mine. Possibly. Maybe.

"I'm sorry who are you and what exactly are you to say whether I should, or should not put on heels?" I asked, this guy was beginning to become more irritating than Emmett after he'd won the championship last year.

"Edward Cullen, you must be the infamous Rosalie Hale, heard a lot about you" He replied smoothly.

"Great" I drawled out sarcastically.

"Not really, I heard most of it from the guys in the locker room"

I glared, yep; he definitely pissed me off more than normally.

"Enjoy spending time with guys in towels, Eddie?"

"Not as much as I hear you enjoy it Rosie"

There was a cough from the other side of the room where Jasper stood with two beers, one in each hand. His smirk just as apparent as Edward's present on his face.


I nodded and grabbed one of him, as Jasper sat down I realised one thing, I'd have to sit next to the idiot. The stupidly handsome, but completely annoying creature sat on the sofa, still smirking. Huffing I plopped down on the sofa, as far a way a possible, without looking too ridiculous of course, and looked at everyone but him.

"So, what were you guys doing?"

Emmett shrugged, "Before you interrupted us? Hanging out, we were about to put in a movie"

"Movie? What are we ten?"

"You are most definitely not ten and neither are the things you've done" Edward chuckled.

"What the hell is your problem?" I asked, this dude didn't even know me!


I rolled my eyes and ignored Edward.

"What movie?"

"Toy Story 3"

"Oh we are definitely ten"

Okay, let's get something straight, Edward Cullen is a brainless dimwit. Doesn't matter that the guy has an amazing jaw line, hair that looks like it could be almost as soft as mine and the brightest jade eyes I have ever seen. I loathe him. I detest him. I despise him. Pick your favourite.

The impromptu movie night was filled with poking and witty remarks from the man himself. I didn't see the guy for more than a couple of hours and I hate him. The way he discreetly looked at me every time someone in the movie said something about another that he thought would be 'suitable' for me. Or every time there had been an innuendo he would momentarily glance at me, knowing I would see and smirked. I didn't know him and he didn't know me, what right did he have to judge me so quickly?

It doesn't matter that most of his comments were partially true. Could you blame a girl for falling for the guys in the football team? So what if none of them entertained me enough to pass two weeks of dating me? I was picky. But Edward was beginning to seriously annoy me and after years of perfecting the armour I use everyday, I wasn't about let a certain bronze haired god get to me the way he was. If it was a war he wanted, it was a war he would get.


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