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Ron and Hermione are passing a note in class and Ron decides to tell her...

Hey 'Mione.

Hi, Ron, why are you sending me a note? If Snape catches us you know we'll be dead.

Ah well, why not have a bit of fun, eh?

Ron, what do you really want to talk to me about? You only send notes when your upset, annoyed or want to talk about something important, and you dont look upset or annoyed to me.

Well I need to tell you something but I can't tell you in person, I'm too embarrassed.

Well go on then, I promise not to laugh.

Here goes...

'Mione, you know that your my best friend right?

Of course I know, Ron.

Will you still be my best friend even if I tell you this..?

It depends on what it is then, doesn't it?

No wait, I cant tell you. Once I tell you it will be really awkward between us and that'll make it worse.

Ronald, your scaring me now. What is it?

Just tell me you'll be my best friend no matter what I tell you.

Okay, fine. I'll be your best friend no matter what you tell me. (Unless you killed my parents or something.)

I didnt kill your parents.


Do you promise that you'll be my best friend?

I promise. NOW TELL ME!

Remember in our first year when we met on the train? Well I thought you were beautiful (I still do.)...even with your frizzy hair.

What do you mean?

And in our third year when we saw Buckbeak for the first time, and Harry went up to him in Hagrid's first lesson, you got scared and held my hand. Well a big shock of electricity shot right up my arm as soon as you held my hand.

Where are you going with this?

Also in our forth year when you went to the ball with Victor, I got really jealous that it wasn't me up there dancing with you. That's why I got mad at you.


Hermione, I'm trying to tell you that...I...I'm in love with you.

Are you sure?

I told you it would be awkward between us. I knew I shouldn't of told you.

No, Ron. You should of told me.

Your just saying that to be less awkward.


When we met on the train, I thought you were cute (and disgusting with your mouth full of food.), I loved your red hair.

I held your hand because I wanted someone I loved to be there with me if something did happen.

In our forth year I went to the ball because I was sick of waiting for you to ask me, and in that year you only just realised that I was a girl. I also wanted you to be there dancing with me instead of Victor. I only went with him because he was the first one to ask me and I thought that no one else would ask me if I had said no to him.

...I'm in love with you too, Ron.

Now I know your not in love with me, you may love me as a friend but nothing more.

Ron! I am in love with you. You can probably still see me blushing as you read these words.

Yes, you're still blushing. I cant believe that I just told you that i'm in love with you, 'Mione.

I cant believe that I just told you the same thing. So will things be awkward with us?

I sure hope not. But one more thing...


'Mione, will you be my girlfriend?

I have been waiting for you to ask me that for a long time, Ronald. Of course I will!

Your blushing again...your cheeks look the colour of my hair.

Oh shut up, Ron.

Haha! Oh there is something else...

And what might that be?

I love you, Hermione Granger.

I love you too, Ronald Weasley.

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