My Life to your Life

By Liera Antionette

Author's Notes: /steps out into the VK spotlight/ Hello all and thank you for taking the time to read my fic. I'm very nervous about writing this since it is my first fic in a long time on here…Please be gentle. I was inspired by Miss Blackened Wings to attempt my own so…here goes nothing… Actually….I think my title came from a line in her story…I'll have to double check again! I'm not the best with Kaname-san so if he seems a little iffy, please don't be too upset with me. I'm used to playing characters like Kiryuu-san. Also please excuse any ooc…I'm just starting to write with them…

This is completely AU since I just fail at sticking with the storyline. There will be mentions of the real one here and there, but just bear for now. So this will be my take on how Kaname gives his blood to Zero and the events after it. Mwah I'm so nervous! So please enjoy.

Disclaimers: I, Liera Antionette, of sound body and mind do not own anything of Vampire Knight not unless you want to count the music I bought along with the anime! Lol But yes. I don't own VK.

Story Start

It started off as just another part of his plan to protect his most precious person…It was just another stone for him to step over in order to do what needed to be done. Pieces of his game had been broken before and he had simply replaced them. Pieces had lashed out once before and Kaname had easily dealt with them. But this piece…this white knight he chose to protect his princess was every bit of defiant than he had expected him to be.

Kiryuu Zero…

The white knight that has never failed to protect his princess hated him with a fiery passion. Oh the feeling was mutual and he would have liked to crush the lilac eyed hunter for always being so disrespectful, but alas, Yuuki favored this knight. He could keep a watch over her when he could not, so this was a necessary evil to deal with. With a heavy sigh, Kaname closed the book he was attempting to reading so he could turn his attentions to the world outside. The moon was peeking out from clouds above the trees and below his princess was walking with her ever faithful knight.

She was smiling pleasantly as Zero looked like he was just glaring, but in his eyes were clear affection and amusement while listening to her. The sight of them together sickened him greatly. He knew it was for her own good, but she was his and belonged to no other. A shift of a chair brought his attentions back to the class to see a few of them looked uneasy.

"Forgive me…I seemed to have been lost in thought. Please continue while I excuse myself."

With just that, the class continued as Kaname made his way out mentally cursing himself for letting just a peek of his emotions slip. This would have to end soon. He would be sure that this threat to harm his princess would be dealt with accordingly.


As usual, Yuuki was lecturing Zero on the importance of not skipping class while the silver haired hunter just grumbled and dealt with it. It had been a few weeks since he last fed and he was studiously ignoring the thirst slowly welling up inside of. He just couldn't bear to bite Yuuki anymore. It killed a little piece of him every time he bit into her soft, supple neck. He tried repeatedly to choke down those blood tablets, but their taste made him gag and his throat would always close up on him. He knew it would be a matter of time before he would start to get desperate, but before that he ever made it that far, he would take Bloody Rose and shoot himself.


He looked up not noticing that Yuuki had stopped walking and talking. She was gazing at him with worry in her big brown eyes as she stood in front of him.

"Hey you look a little paler than usual? Are you alright?"

"Yea…I'm fine Yuuki. Keep your head on the job."

He nodded towards some bushes where there were two Day Class students heading over to the building with cameras at the ready. The Day Class girls were always enchanted by the Night Class and this is why they had to do the patrols. They thought they were in the clear with their destination so close when Yuuki blew the whistle on them.

"Hey! You two! You know that sneaking out after hours is prohibited!"

As usual, Yuuki confiscated their belongings while being scolded by them for spending too much time with the Night Class and taking them all for herself before Zero sent them running with a very dark glare.

"I'll never understand why these stupid girls continue to fawn over these damn blood suckers. They're a bunch of idiots if you ask me…"

Yuuki just sighed deeply as they continued their patrol. She was expecting a comment like that and was not disappointed. They were making their way back to the classrooms when she felt Zero stiffen beside her. She glanced up at him questioningly, but he just ruffled her hair affectionately.

"Stop looking at me like I'm going to fall out or something. I said I was fine and I meant it."

"But Zero…It's been weeks since you last fed! I told you I don't mind sharing me blood with you."


Zero just made a frustrated sound while running a hand through his hair. He knew she was going to act like this, but she couldn't possibly understand how it twisted his heart to keep doing that that to her. Shaking off the bad thoughts from the first time he lost control, he just gives her a glare that had no real heat behind it.

"I'm fine Yuuki. I don't need to keep drinking from you. I fought it this long and I will keep fighting it. Besides…you need to worry about your self since you look like you're gaining a couple of pounds."

"Zero! You're such a stubborn jerk!"

"And you're a naïve little girl so we're even."


He smirked a bit as he walked off with his hands in his pockets leaving Yuuki a bit behind before she runs up and to punch him in the shoulder. He held her by the forehead as she kept swinging at him and its clear in his eyes that it touched him deeply that she cares so much. If only he wasn't a vampire…


Kaname leaned on a pillar and had listened to the exchanged. Something was off with Kiryuu if he couldn't sense him and after hearing what Yuuki said suddenly made sense. He was thirsty and had been refusing to feed from his sweet little Yuuki. It was a relief on his end that he stopped biting her, but it still made him angry that he could even think to prey on someone as innocent as she. He could see the signs of how desperately he needed blood, but that hunter had a stubborn streak of a bull.

"/Perhaps I could use this to my advantage…/"

Patiently he waited for Zero and Yuuki to part ways for the night before he finally approached him. Like he expected, Zero had Bloody Rose out and pointing straight at him while he leaned casually on the pillar that led to the male half of the Sun dorms. Kaname could see the thin red tint outlining his red eyes meaning he was about to fall into a painful bloodlust. Perfect.

"You know as well as I do if you shoot you'll have the whole Night Class come after you."

"Good then I could pick them off one at a time after I deal with you."

Kaname tsked lightly as he looked up at him with the ghost of a smirk. He could clearly see the internal struggle as if he were fighting himself right out in the open and a dark part of him enjoyed watching the proud hunter fight with his vampire instincts.

"You're just hurting her by holding off for so long and waiting for that critical moment to go to my little Yuuki… "


"Don't play dumb with me Kiryuu. I know you have been feeding from her."

Zero's eyes widen and the gun in his hand slacks just a bit. He knew vampires had a keen sense of smell for blood, but he never realized he would know that he was feeding from Yuuki. It made him sick to his stomach to know that someone was aware of his sin. He narrowed his eyes and continues to hold the gun straight at Kaname and the pureblood sighed heavily already seeing how this would end.

"Don't Kiryuu…I prefer not to get others involved. I have come to help you."

"Help me?"

Zero scoffed at him and kept Bloody Rose trained on him. He couldn't trust Kaname no matter what he offered him. He just knew he had some trick up his sleeve.

"Why the hell should I believe you've come to help me?"

"Hmm…Point taken. Indeed I could care less about what happens to you since you have been hurting Yuuki, but unfortunately she needs you to stay by her side."

"What? Why?"

"That is none of your concern. You just need to listen to me and stay with her. In order to do this…you'll need to drink from me to keep yourself from falling into madness."

"Like hell! I would sooner bite off my own tongue than drink that poison you call blood!"

Kaname's jaw tightened as he barely refrained from just killing the hunter on the spot. Why did he have to be so damn stubborn? His normal instincts told him to just crush the stupid boy and get someone else to watch over Yuuki, but another part of him told him to spare him. That he needed him for Yuuki's sake and that's what kept him from killing him.

"So you would much rather drain Yuuki for all she is worth? Oh that sounds much better…killing the girl you are supposed to protect."

Zero made a sound as he looked away from Kaname a bit. He knew that! It's why he was refusing to drink from her. But it was so hard. He was damn thirsty and her blood was always so good and warm. His eyes flared red as the thirst gripped him. He stumbled back a few paces clutching his throat as the tattoo on his neck burned. All it took was one thought of her tilting her head and offering her life to him that made his control shake.

"I-…I won't hurt Yuuki…I'm not going to hurt her!"

"But you already have. Repeatedly."

Zero shook his head and bit his lip, feeling the aroused fangs piercing his bottom lip a little as he held himself with one arm while the other still had Bloody Rose on Kaname. If anything, Kaname had to admit he was slightly impressed that even though Zero was in obvious pain he still managed to keep his gun on him.

"I will overlook that you have hurt her if you promise to always protect her no matter what."

Zero looked up at him with blazing red eyes as Kaname walked over to him. He had backed against a wall and slid down against it as Kaname kneeled in front of him, cutting his neck slightly to let a bit of his blood flow. He could smell how much sweeter Kaname's so called poisonous blood was than Yuuki's and it sang to his inner beast. It made his heart clench to know that he wanted the offered blood and he just couldn't take it.

"I'd rather die than become a monster like you, Kuran."

"I hate to break it to you, but you are already like us, Kiryuu."

The hunter growled and in the next instant had brought Bloody Rose up between them making the pureblood stiffen. He would be able to dodge most of the shot if fired at this distance, but it would still cause him a bit of damage.

"Kiryuu don't."

"To hell with being like you…"

Much to Kaname's surprise he pointed the gun under his chin and pulled the trigger. The shot rang out loudly through the quiet campus and Kaname was certain that the Night Class had heard it and would be coming to investigate since he wasn't in class. Sometimes he didn't know if it were a blessing or a curse that they would follow him. His hand not only burned from Bloody Rose being an anti vampire weapon, it also burned from holding the barrel of a recently fired gun. He managed to snatch it away from Zero before the shot was fired, but it still went up the left side of his face leaving a trail of slowly flowing blood in his wake.

"Kiryuu you idiot…"

Zero held his eye closed since the bullet that grazed him stung like hell. Why did he just…?

"Wh-…what the hell are you doing Kuran?"

"I already told you I need you to protect Yuuki when I cannot. Drink and be quick about it."


Zero tried to push Kaname off him, but the stubborn vampire grabbed him by the head and glared at him. It bothered him a bit to see he was willingly to kill himself so easily instead of drinking the precious offering he was giving him. It was a bit insulting since it was unusual for a pureblood to offer someone his blood, especially to an ungrateful level D.

"Stop being stupid Kiryuu. Yuuki needs us both."


He could see his eyes glowing in the dark and could feel the others heading towards them. Why the hell was he being so damn hard headed? If he didn't drink now, he'd just end up hurting Yuuki more and he would definitely kill him for that.

"Yes. Yuuki. Drink from me and you'll never have to worry about hurting her again."

Stubbornly, Zero tried to raise Bloody Rose again, but his whole left side was numb from being hit with the weapon. Kaname easily pinned his hand back to the ground and leaned against him, purposely putting his neck within easy range of Zero's fangs. He could feel the hunter struggling against him and try to turn his head, but he held him firmly in place.

"No! Don't do this to me Kuran! I-…I can't…please."

That caught him off guard completely and he had to look at Zero for a moment. Why the hell was he being so reluctant? He could hear foot falls behind him getting closer before a voice called out to him.


Aidou was the first on the scene and was ready to kill who ever it was who spilled Kaname's blood. He found Kaname holding a shuddering Zero against the wall with the Bloody Rose in his hand. Almost instantly the blonde put together his own story and saw red. How dare that filthy level D shoot at Kaname! The pureblood glared at the impulsive blonde as he pulled Zero up with him. The boy tried to struggle, but he was held in place by his strong grip.

"Are you alright Kaname-sama? I can handle him if you wish."

His blue eyes glared at Zero as Kaname waved him off. He could handle Kiryuu just fine…but he needed to know why it was he would freely drink Yuuki's blood and not his own. He knew Adiou would be itching for any excuse to encase the hunter in a block of ice, but he needed this boy to live.

"I'm fine Aidou. Inform the others as well. It was just a scratch and as you can see I have him subdued. Let no one come here no matter what."

Aidou reluctantly nodded his head wanting nothing more than to freeze the damn hunter himself before turning and going to head off the others. When he was sure he was gone, Kaname then turned his attentions back to the teen struggling in his grip.

"Now…what do you mean you can't? You've bitten Yuuki many times so what's the difference now?"

Zero stubbornly kept his mouth and eyes closed tightly as Kaname grabbed his chin in an almost crushing grip. He glared at the boy though it went unseen as he resists the strange urge to lick the blood trailing down his face. Where did that come from?

"Stop being stubborn and drink Kiryuu. You need it to heal and to stop the thirst."

"C-can't…don't make me…"

Kaname rolled his eyes and tilted his head while bringing Zero's mouth to his neck. He really needed this boy to feed and heal up before the others came up. It was really starting to grate on his nerves that he was refusing. He could feel him fighting again and he just growled at him in an effort to make him stop.

"Drink damn you!"

Zero's hazy red eyes looked over Kaname and he just sighed. This was his fate now. There was no avoiding it anymore. He moved against Kaname, reaching for his neck now before slipping his fangs into his skin. Kaname froze at the pinch and shut his eyes as he could feel Zero match his sucking to the pulse of his heartbeat to draw mouthfuls of his blood. The hunter groaned and closed his eyes before wrapping an arm around Kaname and bring him closer while a hand went to his hair to tilt his head some more.

He tasted wonderful…much better than Yuuki had. He heard his surprised groan when he bit into him and it almost made his beast purr. Kaname had grit his teeth and just held onto Zero's shoulders. It was painful having someone else's fangs in his neck and worst of all it was a hunter. But there was something strange about Zero's feeding. He was being gentle and trying his hardest not to actually hurt him which confused the pureblood utterly since he was always so willing to shoot him.

He didn't move his fangs in and out of the wound like he expected him to nor did he draw out more than what he needed. Despite knowing how ravenous he was, he wasn't acting like some sort of mindless beast like most level D's would when they tasted such pure blood. Instead he was holding him tightly as if he was some long lost lover and his mouth wasn't devouring him in the sense of eating him. It was sensual and almost worshiping. He could tell how much Zero appreciated the blood given to him while through the shudders in his body he could tell it also disgusted him.

After the fourth mouthful, he pulled his fangs out and licked the little wounds til they healed making Kaname shudder. He was not expecting him to feed quite like that. Without warning, Zero shoved Kaname away from him while standing up holding himself. He glared at him as he licked his lips while Kaname held his neck.

"…you should have just let me kill myself, Kuran…"

Zero grabbed the Bloody Rose and left as Kaname picked himself up off the ground still holding the left side of his neck where he was just bitten moments before. Something had changed in the span of a few moments and Kaname wasn't sure he that he liked it.


It started off as just another part of his plan to protect his most precious person…It was just another stone for him to step over in order to do what needed to be done. Pieces of his game had been broken before and he had simply replaced them. Pieces had lashed out once before and Kaname had easily dealt with them. But this piece…this white knight he chose to protect his princess had changed the rules of his game with just a simple bite.



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