but then how this world slipped through my fingers

Memories of my few days that I was unseen, unheard, flash through my mind.

I remember how angry I was. How much I wanted revenge.

and even the sun seemed tired

The day passed too quick while I was a spirit. So did the night.

The both of us were so tired, throughout the entire time I was gone. I was weak, so was she. But she, both physically and mentally.

It didn't take too long. I finally saw her. Saw how the both of us truly were alike.

She may have made mistakes.

But her soul was more beautiful than anybody could understand; even me.

I still cared

I remember the night we slept side by side.

Her masks gone, her defenses down.

That was the night I could see into her soul for the first time; just hours before, while I watched her dance with pure abandon.

as they lowered you down, my heart just jaded

Now I was here.

Your funeral instead of mine.

The pain felt as if someone repeatedly stabbed me in the heart.

No one could understand why I had compassion for you. Why, for a very short time, I had loved you, and still do. No one ever would.

in that moment, the earth made no sound

It was painfully quiet, and I could barely watch as your casket finally reached the bottom of the deep hole.

My eyes closed.

but you were there.

And suddenly, the weight I had been carrying, heavy on my heart, since your demise...

was gone.

you helped me lift my pain into the air.

I felt you here. Everywhere. I could even feel the weight lift.

A tear slipped down my cheek, and I smiled.


I love you.

A brush on my shoulder where the wind blew; in my own journey as a spirit, I knew.

It was your hand.