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Title: Outside the Box

Rated M: for sexual and violent content/inuendos, language and nudity

Pairing: DantexOc

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Chapter One: Frosted Flakes

When she walked, she walked with a quiet determination to so nothing but get home as soon as possible. Her footsteps were light, and as she crept down the street, she tried to keep her breath under control to a point where she was almost not breathing at all. Her bright eyes darted from side to side, watching every crack in the cobblestone beneath her feet, every light that danced from the street lamp, and every store door she passed. She wanted to take everything into account, memorize every inch of the street, just in case.

Emily didn't live in what someone would call the best of neighborhoods. In fact, it was one of the worst in the city. Desperate people lived on these streets, and mostly crawled out of their small shacks looking for some poor innocent bystander to raid for food or money. Police had stopped patrolling the street months ago, thanks to a murder to one of their own brothers. Because they had not found the killer, they decided the street was no longer worthy of order, and gave chaos the rule of the place.

Honestly, Emily hated living down the dark dingy street that she called home, but it was the only street which held the only apartment she could afford…

She paused for a brief moment, holding the Frosted Flakes in her arms tightly, hearing it crunch beneath her strength, and she stopped in fear, listening for anyone who could be nearby, stalking her. Her sensitive ears didn't pick up anything but the light buzzing of the overhead street light, flickering on and off every few seconds.

Sure no one was following her, Emily moved forward again, lightly walking along the store fronts, her elbow skidding lightly across the brick wall, hitting a door once in a while. Her mind was racing as she walked, and her mouth dry, fear sitting just on the edge, ready to get her adrenaline pumping in case something were to happen.

Emily sighed lightly, taking a look down at her bag of Frosted Flakes clutched deeply in her arms crossed over her chest. Why did she have such a craving for these damned awkward shaped cereal bites? Where they really good enough to be mugged for? Or to die for? No, probably not, but she couldn't stop her legs from walking away from her safe apartment, to the store which had gated it's windows as soon as she walked out the door. No one offered to walk her home, and she didn't blame them either.

The personnel who worked there all were familiar with Emily. She didn't go to any other store for the reason it was closer to her apartment than any other store. They all knew where she lived, and they all knew they didn't want to be anywhere near that neighborhood.

In front of her, around a nearby corner, loud, stomping footsteps reached her ears and Emily stopped, panic starting to overflow her body. The person, whoever it was, sounded as though they were running, and fast. Emily looked around the deserted cobble stone street, not seeing a any small crack she might be able to fit in to hide. Panic overriding her body, she pressed herself as flat as she could go against one of the stores she was walking by. Her body flattened against the door, but the doorknob pressed hard into her spine, but she ignored it. Taking one of her hands, she placed it over her mouth as her breathing sped up along with the footsteps.

Hidden within the shadows of the awning, a man appeared from around the corner, his eyes scanning behind him, and his face twisted with fear behind a shaggy grey beard. His hair was so long, it covered his eyes so she wasn't able to see anything above his nose. From a first glance, Emily thought he was a homeless man, running some someone he probably mugged. He wore a long brown, dirt cloak that had a huge chunk missing from the back, and patches pinned on instead of sewed. Under his long cloak he wore a dingy looking black shirt with what looked to be the remains of some kind of rock band that had been rubbed off with time. His jeans were torn and stray pieces of fabric were barely hanging on by a thread. He wore old work boots, but one of the shoes had the front missing completely, and his dirty toes hung out, clinging to the sole as he ran.

Emily held her breath as he passed by her, not even glancing in her direction as he ran. She watched him go, her eyes the only body part that was moving. The homeless man ran down the street and turned sharply, entering in a large alley way Emily had passed not even five minutes ago. The noise stopped, and she could no longer hear him running. In fact, she didn't even hear someone chasing him.

Removing her hand from her mouth, she walked out of the shadows, releasing her tight grip on her Frosted Flakes, hearing them breath and crinkle. From her tight grip, she probably was now having Frosted Rice for breakfast instead…

Emily looked both ways once again before turning around back on her normal path when she froze, staring at a large man in front of her.

He had come from the same street the homeless man had come from, but he was a totally different story. Instead of poorly dressed and the lack of haircut, this man seemed to be a walking, living sex god…

Emily stared up at him as he walked closer to her, his face stone serious, his eyes cold and staring past her instead of at her. He was tall, a good foot or so on her, with a long red trench coat with two straps coming across his chest that wore no shirt beneath it. His pants were brown cargo, with pockets galore, and intimidating black combat boots. His large hands wore black fingerless gloves, clutched into large fists.

What really attracted Emily to this man, who she had never seen before, was his facial attributes. His cold eyes were an ice blue, sinking into her skin with a strong aura, she couldn't move. His jaw line was strong, his face pointed and chiseled. His hair was a bright silver, glistening in the flickering street lamp above.

He moved with nothing but the small click of his boots as he moved by her as though she wasn't even there. He brushed her shoulder with his arm for a brief moment before walking behind her and not looking back.

Emily stood completely still, her breath stuck in her throat and her eyes wide with shock. Feeling the constricting air in her lungs begging to be let out, she breathed, turning around quickly to see the man gone from sight. Blinking, she looked around for him, seeing she was the only one left on the street.

Relaxing her grip, Emily turned to make her way down her normal path when she let out a piercing scream, hearing a sharp gunshot come from behind her, down the alley where that homeless man had gone. She dropped the Frosted Flakes and pivoted on her back heel, turning with sweat on her forehead. There was no one there.

Another gunshot, and Emily booked it from the crack she had been standing on and down the street, forgetting all about her Frosted Flakes, and the man she had just encountered. Adrenaline pumped through her veins as she ran, fueling her need to run away from the scene, to get back to her safe apartment and hide under the covers, not coming out until she absolutely had to return to work.

Emily's feet slammed against the ground as she ran, turning the corner where the homeless man had ran from. She took the turn too hard and skidded a bit, her body going to the side and her hands skidding on the cobblestone, ripping tiny scratched into it, but she ignored the sting and pushed herself up, stumbling a bit, and looking up, relief washing over her at the sight of her apartments.

'I'm almost there!' She thought happily, pumping her legs faster.

A silhouette up ahead walked from a small alley, walking to the middle of the walkway, blocking her path. Emily's smile vanished and she came to a sudden halt. The figure was in a long black cloak, covering his entire figure. Emily wasn't even sure if the figure was a he or not…the black cloak blended so well with the night, she wouldn't have been able to see him if he had stayed completely still.

The cloaked figure stood still for a moment as Emily measured the figure up. The cloaked figure wasn't as tall as the last man she had run into, but he wasn't exactly skinny or short. He was average height, with what looked to be a bulky figure. Emily guessed mentally, the figure was probably a 'he'. She didn't honestly want to be thinking about it anyway.

The cloaked figure cocked it's head to the side, almost sizing her up as well before taking a cautious step forward. Emily gulped down saliva that had been building in her mouth, taking a step back just as he took another forward. The cloaked figure suddenly became daring, and with two extra steps, he was almost to Emily. Emily took several steps back, seeing from behind the cloaked figure, another one pop out from the same alley way. The one behind him was smaller, almost childlike. The smaller figure walked out and crossed their arms over their chest, watching.

Emily's breath became ragged as she looked at the cloaked figure making his way towards her. There was a slim possibility she could run past him, but there was that smaller figure behind him. She didn't want to chance outrunning the smaller one…

Her mind raced, and remembered a short cut through a small deserted field over by her apartments she took once. She would have to turn around and go back to the store, but it was probably better than here where this guy was going to most likely mug her.

Taking a deep breath, Emily quickly turned on her foot and darted away from the hooded figure, but he never chased her. Instead he stopped and watched as Emily ran right into another cloaked figure, bumping into him. The figure grabbed her shoulders and before Emily could open her mouth to scream, he slammed her up against the brick wall, her head cracking at impact and her legs suddenly giving on her, and her world dimmed and went black.

"You brought me a human girl?" A voice hissed in Emily's dark mind as she tried to re awaken.

There was a slight pause before a rough voice floated into her eardrum. "We're sorry sir…but we couldn't bring you the half breed like he wanted…"

"A human is insulting to our master! He will not be pleased we will be resurrecting him with something so fragile and disgusting…"

"We're deeply apologetic sir…but the half breed was too strong…"

"Who was the one who went after the half breed?"

No one spoke for a good ten seconds before speaking. "Carden…sir…"

The low voice scuffed and she heard footsteps. "Where is he now?"

"Healing sir…" The rough voice intervened.

"You should have left him to die…" The hissing voice said coldly.

"Karayan…prepare the ritual…this human girl will have to do…"

"Yes sir…" A female voice purred.

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