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Title: Outside the Box

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Chapter Twenty-One: Connected with the Devil

Dante's face hardened in shock and anger. Emily grabbed Dante's arm and looked at Lady with fear striking over her blue eyes. Vergil just broke in? Why was he here? Hadn't she finished with him back at the theatre? Emily glanced up at Dante, seeing him look back down at her. They stared at one another for a brief moment before looking at Lady together, knowing exactly what they had to do. Dante was going to confront Vergil, and though he didn't like it, Emily was going with him. The fear was eating her alive, but she had to make sure everything went smoothly, and Dante wasn't going to get his ass kicked in his own home.

Carden looked over at Dante. "Master Vergil? I didn't know he was still…"

Dante nodded, walking over to the door and Lady. "Yeah, he was MIA, but now he's just IA."

"IA?" Emily asked.

"In action!" Dante smirked back at her and Emily slapped her forehead with her palm.

"Trish is downstairs keeping him occupied…" Lady said standing up, pushing some of her black hair from her two different colored eyes. "I came up here to get you…"

Dante nodded and grabbed his red coat, flinging it over his shoulders and grabbing Rebellion from the wall. "Right…it was a nice break, but I suppose I have to go back to work one of these days…"

Emily glanced over at Polia who was in Carden's arms, cowering from Vergil's name being thrown about. Emily smiled walking over. "You don't have to go downstairs if you don't want to…you can stay up here."

Polia gave Emily a small smile and Carden nodded, his clean shaved face strikingly handsome. "Yeah, I don't want that jackass anywhere near Polia after what he did to her."

Turning around, Emily noticed Dante was no longer with them, but she could see his red coat fluttering down the stairs. Lady was waiting for her, her short skirt and her beautiful face making Emily self conscious again.

"Thanks for waiting." Emily said and Lady nodded.

"It's not a problem. I like you Emily."

Emily couldn't help but let out a large, bright smile as Lady led down the stairs. With every step she took, Emily felt the dreading fear build up inside of her. Vergil was not a nice person, and if Emily remembered correctly (which she did…perfectly), Vergil tried to kill her more than twice since they last saw each other. Vergil was cold, ruthless and calculative, waiting at the exact right moment before striking, even using people and their weaknesses to his advantage. He wasn't someone Emily wanted to continuously run into. In fact, she would prefer it if he left her and Dante alone for the rest of their lives.

The stairs ended and Emily placed her bare feet on the cold wood of the first floor. Lady was a tad taller than her, so Emily had to side step her, to see what was going on. Dante was sitting against his desk, his palms on the top of Rebellion, and his eyes strikingly focused. He looked amazing sitting there staring, his body only moving when he took in a breath of air.

His brother on the other hand, did not look as well as he normally did. Vergil was standing by the door, Yamoto out and pointing directly at Dante. His perfect silver hair was messed up, making him look more like Dante than himself. His blue coat was ripped in several places, his skin and clothes was stained with blood, and he had a wild look in his eyes. From what Emily could tell, he looked as though he went through hell and back….again….

Beside him, against the wall, was a pretty woman with long blonde hair and a skimpy black outfit slumped against the wall, her eyes closed and what looked to be blood pouring from an obvious head wound. Emily's first instinct was to help the fallen woman, but Lady held out her arm, stopping her. Confused, Emily looked to Lady for an explanation, but she didn't receive one. Lady was just as focused as the twins were in front of them.



The twins both spoke their opposite name at the same time, which made Dante smirk wider, and Vergil snarl. The intensity between the two made Emily's knees shake and her heart rate increase. She could feel the power rising, one twin trying to out due the other in a battle of power.

"You came here remember?" Dante tsked, cocking his head to the side. "Don't get all high and mighty with your energy."

"Spare me your pathetic insight." Vergil glared, placing Yamoto down. "I didn't come here because I wanted too…"

"Then why did you come here Vergil?" Dante mocked, standing up and putting Rebellion on his shoulder. "The possession of power is complete, Emily permantly has the power you want. You can't get it back."

Vergil glared for a few moments before he turned his eyes glance over on Emily. Emily felt a breeze of freezing cold wind as he stared at her, the hairs on the back of her neck prickled up and she could almost see her breath with his cold gaze. After a few seconds on her, he turned back to Dante, and Emily could feel the rush of warmth spread throughout her veins, and she sighed, holding onto Lady's arm for support.

"I have no interest in that anymore…I have information you want." Vergil said, his breath speeding up, and Emily noticed beads of sweat falling from his brow.

"Nervous brother?" Dante smirked, putting Rebellion down. "What kind of information would you have that I would want?"

Vergil glared again, his icy stare almost making Dante into a devil slayer popsicle. He brought up Yamoto, the sleek blade catching the light above them and shining brightly. Lady went into devil slayer mode and grabbed two small pistols from holsters on either side of her well shaped legs, pointing them at Vergil. The eldest twin stopped, staring at Lady and her two guns. Dante thought for a moment before waving Lady down. Lady snarled and put her guns back, taking a step back, forcing Emily back as well. Vergil, satisfied with how things went, leveled Yamoto with his hand and sliced it open, blood pouring from the wound and dripping to the floor.

Emily half expected the blood to turn acidic and go through the floor, but instead it just pooled. Emily felt a small sting on her hand and she shook it away, looking at Dante who raised an eyebrow. Vergil brought up his hand to show Dante.

"Great, so you can harm yourself. You want a fucking metal?" Dante asked.

The stinging in her hand worsened and Emily whispered a curse and brought her hand up and stopped, her eyes widening. Blood was falling from a wound in her palm, the same wound Vergil had inflicted upon himself was also on Emily's hand…

"Stop being enthusiastic and look at your whore." Vergil spat, pointing to Emily.

Lady and Dante turned to Emily, noticing blood falling from her wounded palm and down her arm, making it's own puddle on the floor by her bare feet.

"Em.." Dante whispered and went to her, grabbing her hand and pulling it down so he could see it.

"I…I don't know…" Emily stuttered, her eyes wide and uncertain at her hand.

"How did you do that?" Lady asked as Dante removed some of the blood so he could see the wound. It was deep, but the skin was beginning to heal over itself at an accelerated rate.

"I…" Emily muttered, but Vergil from behind Lady interrupted.

"Every wound that I receive, she receives as well…" He said coldly. "Every wound she receives, as do I."

Dante turned around so fast, it shocked Emily. "What the hell did you do Vergil?"

Vergil stared calmly at him, his eyes still wild and untamed, nothing like what Emily was use to staring into. "I didn't do anything." He said simply.

"There is no way you two can suddenly be this connected!" He snapped, sparks almost flying from the hostility coming from him. "I was there, every time I cut you, she was perfectly fine!"

Vergil didn't speak another word. Instead, he stared at Dante with harsh eyes. To Emily, it looked as though he was having a hard time standing and keeping up. Dante walked up to Vergil with three large steps and grabbed his collar, picking him up off the ground. "Start talking!" He spat.

It was Vergil's time to smirk, as he looked down at his younger twin. Vergil grabbed Dante's hands and forced him off, landing on both feet and stumbling a tad. "Get your hands off me."

"When you start talking-" Dante never finished. Vergil interrupted him with a loud voice, cutting him off.

"I didn't do anything." He repeated, standing up with Yamoto. "That bastard Isha was the one who did this to us."

Everyone stopped and stared at Vergil, the room becoming silent as Vergil put Yamoto in it's hilt and removed his top, showing three long jagged lines through his chest. The same wounds Emily had received after her and Dante's sexy night of steamy hot sex.

"Those are…"

"I met up with Isha two night ago, and he explained your toy and I were connected." He spat. "Last night I received these wounds when a devil snuck up on me. In my weakened state, I received these marks…I'm guessing they happened to you too…" He said putting his shirt back on and eyeing Emily.

"That's not possible." Dante snapped. "I put a bullet through his skull. He's dead. I checked him myself."

"Obviously you don't know anything about Isha." Vergil said sarcastically, more sweat falling from his forehead. "He's not like any demon I have met. Why do you think I chose him to do the resurrection circle?"

Before he could say anything else, Vergil fell to his knees and passed out in front of the door, Yamoto clattering to the floor. Everyone stared in horror at Vergil's broken, worn out body. Emily felt slight pity for Vergil, but the sting on her palm made her change her mind. Dante stared at Vergil for a few more seconds before Lady spoke.


Dante didn't turn around.

"Go get Polia…we need answers, and it looks like he's our only source."

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