"I wish you would buy me more things, Michiko!"

"Ehh? Don't be such a dunce, Hatchin. I bought you a dress a few weeks ago? Isn't that enough!"



"Fine, tomorrow we'll go shopping. Or something like that. Sound good?"


C h a p t e r 3 || The pen and the journal

Miranda was humming a soft and detached tune as she was hanging up all the clothes that were bought for Hatchin. Hatchin, on the other hand, was sitting on her bed, hands neatly folded on her laps. "A-are you sure you don't want me to help you with that?" Hatchin spoke up, a little hesitantly. Miranda turned around with a cheeky grin across her face. "Absolutely not! Why should I ever make you do work here on your first day?" Miranda explained continuing to set up all the clothes in her new daughters wardrobe.

Hatchin frowned. "Which means she'll still want me to do work anyway." She sighed in thought, then lay on her bed. Although, the more she thought, she realized that this family didn't seem all that bad. Miranda was a nice person, and Jules seemed decent as well...maybe too good. Did Hatchin even deserve parents like this? She felt so out of place here, in this big house, this extravagant bed...was she a bad person to say that she missed Michiko?

"Oh, I almost forgot!" Miranda ecstatically shouted, running downstairs, loosing her track of thought. Hatchin jumped up, her torso now facing in an angle from the fluffy blue bed sheets. "Um.." Hatchin could only utter, realizing that her adopted mother was nowhere to listen. She could still hear her footsteps running against their fancy ceramic tiles in the floor below. It wasn't so long before Miranda came back up the steps, holding a glossy bag with a logo she couldn't really read so well because of the typeface and glare. "I sent Jules to get you this while we were shopping!" Miranda sat on the bed next to Hatchin, carefully handing her the shopping bag. It felt warm, like if had been sitting in a car, and the bag gave off that "new-item" aroma. Hatchin pulled the two sides of the paper bag, peering into its' contents. "Books?" Hatchin asked with a slight poker face. There were quite a few books in the bag, ones with different thicknesses and colors. Then, she caught a glance of the book that was in the bag.

It was that book...the one she got at the library such a long time ago. The one where she met that boy Lenine...how long ago was that? She had completely forgotten the books name, and even the fact that Lenine existed, yet she felt like she had remembered him all this time. Hatchin picked the book up, feeling full of nostalgia chilling her spine. Miranda smiled. "Have you read it before? It won many awards." Hatchin nodded her head, not taking her eyes off the book. "That's wonderful! There are also a lot of books in here, but you see this one? Try reading this one before any of them. It's required for your school. You still have a lot of time before you attend there, though." Miranda patted her back, leaving her alone on the bed with the bag of books. Hatchin dug through the bag and saw another book that caught her eye, but it didn't have a title, it was just a notebook. She held it up, looking at Miranda. "A notebook?" Hatchin asked, and then saw Miranda smile in reply. "I figured you should have a nice notebook to write a journal in. Although, you don't have to write a journal...whatever you want to put in it is fine." She suggested, then turned her back and made her way down the stairs. "I hope your hungry! I'm going to make some Mushroom Alfredo. I'll call you when it's ready." Her voice soon disappeared as Hatchin focused on the notebook. She never wrote a in journal before, maybe only for school purposes, but never for her own entertainment. Hatchin then glanced at the book she had once shared interest with Lenine, and the book she had begged Michiko to obtain. Michiko...how long has it been since she had saw her? Some days Hatchin doubted that their adventures together were even real...almost like it had been a story. Yes...a story.

Hatchins eyes quickly flickered as she realized something amazing. She knew what she was going to write in the journal – a story. And she knew exactly how she was going to start it.


She inscribed with a black bold pen on the inside of the journals' cover, and on the first page, she began to write a date. The date where it all began...

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