Author's Note: This is yet another result of my insomnia. Enjoy!

If anyone asked Beck Oliver why he loved Jade West so much, he wouldn't be sure where to start.

Maybe he'd say it had something to do with the way she looks. The wavy, dark with a different colour streak each day. Her piercing blue eyes that captivated him so. Her eyebrow piercing that was so bad ass it drove him crazy.

Maybe he'd say it had something to do with her strange mannerisms. How she sings Big Time Rush songs in the shower. How when it's cold and they're sleeping that she always intertwines her legs with his. Or that she can drink eight cups of coffee and not be any more energetic. Or that she gets paper and scissors and cuts things when she's upset (he always keeps old scrap paper in his recycling bin just in case she ever gets upset at the RV). Or that she secretly loves the Cosby Show and anticipates every new episode of Degrassi.

Maybe it has something to do with her rare sweet moments. How when the two of them somehow got strapped into babysitting his little cousin Aliya and she was scared of the thunderstorm outside, Jade sang "Here Comes the Sun" until little Aliya fell asleep. Or how when his aunts come to visit and she gets invited over for dinner she always helps with the cooking.

Or how she doesn't keep her walls up around him. How she lets him comfort her when she's upset and has even cried on his shoulder, literally.

And maybe, just maybe, it's the fact that they're so mismatched that makes everything just right.