Xover Voldemort x Bella

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The fall and Rise of Bella Swan-Black

Chapter 1: Bella's POV

Sometimes I wonder what I am doing here, why am I putting up with all this abuse and torment, one… one day I just know he will just get it over with and take me as his own. The man I call my father, Charlie swan, the police head chief of Forks, a small unassuming town on the edge of nowhere where no one can hear my cries of help , he is my tormenter, for as long as I have been able to comprehend I have been hit, kicked and punched and all for his pleasure… why?

Not only there was beatings but I was also the subject to his molesting… all he would tell me I was a bad girl and needed to be punished by taking his trousers off, throwing me to the ground and forcing me to take that thing into my mouth, the more I screamed and cried the further he would push my head down, my sputtering and gagging only seemed to encourage him further. The thing is that if I kept quiet he got uninterested and gave up after a while, but that didn't stop the tears silently falling down my cheeks.

I always knew that I didn't belong with Charlie; he certainly made it clear that he didn't want to be my father, so I started to question whether if he was. Unfortunately I knew that if I didn't get away soon enough he would take the one thing that should be mine to give.

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