The Fall and Rise of Bella Swan-Black

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I ran towards the study as fast my legs would allow, praying that Tom wouldn't be too far gone within his mindscape for me to pull him back. When he was like this it takes hours to regain his composure and all the death eaters would have to evacuated for their own safety, I'm the only one who could be present.

Slamming the door open I was momentarily winded by the sharp force in which the onslaught of Tom's uncontrolled magic hit me. I had never felt his magic so potent and wild before.

The scene before me rendered me speechless, tom was standing over what appeared to be the body of one of the house elf's from the kitchens; his wand was drawn pointed at the creature as a deep red flow coursed from toms hand into the twitching body.

"Tom," I screamed "Tom stop it! Please stop." I begged.

He whipped around; his wand trailing from the house elf to me, eyes gleaming.
all my senses told me to back off before I came on the receiving end of his curses but another side of me knew that if I didn't stop him then it could be dangerous for my girls; so began to walk towards him gorging his reaction to each step. Finally I got close enough to reach out and cup his cheek, the effect was instantaneous; the rigid edges of this form relaxed and his eyes went from being hard and menacing to cooled and relieved?

I didn't understand what happened next but all of a sudden Tom had pulled me into my arms alternating between peppering kisses on my face while whispering that he would never let them take me. I let him continue without interruption for a few more minutes as he clearly needed to reassure himself that I was still with him; but finally I had to ask,
"What did you find out Tom, Who is trying to take me?"


"I told you to watch her! We have been here for months and only now you tell me that your incompetent order was unable to keep track of one girl!" My anger was bubbling over, these fools let what belongs to me escape and only now have the audacity to confess to it.

Moody eyed us with distain, drawing his wand as my sister tried to calm me. I just snarled at him in response, the man was more of an idiot then I first thought if he believed he could stand a chance without my 'family' on the Order's team, we are the only hope that these idiots have, they are indebted to be of my service anyway as I was the one who found out where the dark coop was and I am the person who has kept them in pocket as long as they have been keeping my Isabella under guardianship. Just thinking about my property being in the hand of someone who could corrupt the plans I had laid out make my hands clench and the teeth grind.

Moody still had his wand clenched in his fist prepared to strike at any time, but I was faster; within a second of his wand raising, I had the table upturned and the one eyed codger pinned against the wall my teeth just centimetres away from his jugular.

"Now now there is no need for such rash actions, we will find the girl and bring her back to you just as submissive as promised." The bearded old man tried to placate.

"You have one month, one month until I take matters into my own hands." I snapped, my teeth just brushing the vein in Moody's neck.

"Don't worry brother, I'm sure they know the consequences if they do not succeed." My dear sister cooed in my ear as an attempt of placation. Slowly I began to loosen my grip on the man before suddenly dropping him to the floor, watching with satisfaction as he tried to regain breath. With that I stormed towards the door not turning back to acknowledge Dumbledore as he called to my retreating back,
"You have my word young Alec."


"Ah good we are all here." I nodded to my inner circle as I swept into the meeting room where all were situated around a long rectangular table, a chair empty and waiting at the top end for myself.

I sat with Bella on my Left as her mother was on my other side, Severus and Remus next to her while Draco sat down at the end holding on to Hermione's hand with his father and Serenity by his side.

"Good evening everyone, now I have called this meeting for several reasons. The first being that we must finalise young Draco's plans before he leaves for Hogwarts again, Dumbledore will only believe the excuse of family illness for so long before he demands proof, you have been of school for several months now but you need to return to complete your mission."

I gave Hermione a pointed look before continuing, "You will not be joining him back at Hogwarts miss Granger but you shall get your chance to help Draco as he will need a partner stationed at Borgin and Burkes." It was the best form of compensation I could give the girl as her loyalties were still questionable in my eyes and since she openly showed her allegiance by leaving the order headquarters during the summer and not returning to school we cannot have her going back as if nothing even occurred.

Seeming placated if not a little miffed by having to stay behind Hermione nodded and thus I moved on.

"Now moving on, Draco I tasked you with finding a way to get our death eaters in to Hogwarts by the end of this next school year. How are the plans progressing? I know that you believe the vanishing cabinets to be a link between knockturn alley and Hogwarts but how do you plan to get the broken one fixed?" I asked, curious as to what the Malfoy heir could have up his sleeve.

"I plan to use aunt Bella, with her permission of course," he nodded in his aunt's direction, "To 'persuade' Mr Borgin to instruct as to how to fix the one at Hogwarts and demand that he retain to one at his shop for our use."
I stared at the young Malfoy, his plan was genius and it was evident that everyone around the table was thrilled with the idea; accordingly only Miss Granger appeared to not be surprised.

"This is a brilliant idea, I'm sure that my Borgin will have all of the books and information needed to complete the task. I see no main flaw to this scheme, but if there are any issues I will give Greyback to your service." I told him, making a mental note to contact Fenrir.

"Now onto the next order of business, Miss Granger?" I motioned for her.

Rising from her chair, she swept around the edge of the table positioning herself at my right hand side before dropping to her knees, with head bent and left arm raised. All those who were already death eaters stood and formed a semi circle behind us, this was not as formal as the usual marking of a new death eater but it was still important to keep an element of ceremony.

I was still hesitant to mark the girl, but Draco and Bella assured me of her loyalty and the vengeful feelings she held for those who had her first love killed; despite being over him she still felt that all those involved needed their comeuppance. And as such I decided to give the girl a mission while accepting her desire to have the mark, yet if she failed me then the consequences would be dire.

Standing I pointed my wand to her forearm, summoning the inner dark magic pulsing it through my wand and onto her skin.

"Produce il serpente per rendere il vostro seguace leale per allineare, mostrarlo tutta è del mio infuence e sempre esso sarà sta denominando indietro in tempo di bisogno." While I chanted the necessary words, a black skull began to glow upon her skin. Her eyes closed and you could hear the laboured pants of restraint that she was biting back a scream.

Once it was over she slumped forward for a second before regaining herself and raising her head she leant forward to kiss my pre-offered hand in gratitude. Once she was stood she took her place by Draco's side, he gave her a proud smile before schooling his emotions as turned to the others.

"That is all for now, if you have any new information regarding the plans for the next year Draco, you will write to me straight away, understood." I didn't wait for his reply before turning to Bella offering her my hand, she stood and I strode out of the room with her on my arm without looking back at the bowing figures.


"Come along Draco, we need to get going." I heard mother yelling from the hallway.

Walking across the landing I knocked on Mione's door before stepping inside, "Hermione love, are you ready?"

"Yes give me a moment, how do I look?" she walked out of the bathroom and my jaw dropped; gone was my girls with cute caramel ringlets and doe brown eyes, and in her place was a bleach blond bombshell.

Damn she looked hot with her tousled pale blond hair, the pouty lips, ivory complexion and the deep pools of blue which made her eyes.
Walking forward, I wrapped my hands around her waist before placing a kiss on her forehead. Pulling back I gave her another subtle look over before responding.

"You look gorgeous darling; you would be the perfect Malfoy child we shall call you Hera. But I will always love you no matter how you look, now shall we go before mother comes and breaks down the door?"

Nodding we walked down the stairs before apparating into diagon alley.

"Ok so we will need to get your school books and potions stuff first and then we can head down to see Borgin." Mother told us, leaving me no option.

Sighing I turned and began to walk towards Madame Malkins, the women walking behind conversing about the in fashion for robes this season.

After about 10 minutes of ignoring my mother and Hermione's ramblings with Madame Malkin and the constant pinning and tucking I heard Seamstress telling me that she would have to lift up the left sleeve a little, thinking fast so that she wouldn't see my mark I jumped back hissing in anger.

"Ouch! Watch where you're putting your pins, woman. Mother- I don't think I want these anymore." I yelled before ripping the robes of over my head and throwing them to the floor.

"Your right Draco, now that I know the incompetence of the staff here... we'll do better at Twilfitt and Tatting's. Come Draco, Hera." Mother said as she swept out of the shop.

Once on the street we headed down towards Knockturn alley, mother waited until father appeared in the shadows we were hiding in, with Serenity and Fenrir Greyback following in his wake.

"Ok I will see you when you get back to the manor; you better keep them safe Lucius." Mother warned whilst taking all our shopping bags of myself and Hermione before apparating away.

Walking down the street, we put up our hoods to keep our identities hidden from any nosy passersby as we entered the store.

Borgin was sat behind the counter, feet popped up on the desk with eyes closed and mouth open; evidently asleep. Walking forward father lifted his cane up, tipping Borgin of his precarious perch and waking him up.

"Get up Borgin you fool, we have business for you." Father said in evident agitation before motioning for me to come forward.

"You have a vanishing cabinet, correct? You will keep it and instruct us on how to fix another of the same." I told him pointing towards the cabinet in the store.

"I will need to see this cabinet before I can make a decisive decision." Borgin said.

"listen Borgin, you will tell us how to begin to fix the cabinet without seeing it, you will continue to inform Draco how to complete it and you won't tell anyone otherwise you will pay." Hermione told him before lifting her left sleeve to show the dark mark, a silent threat evident in the action.

"So will you help us, or am I going to have to make sure Greyback here makes regular visits." I asked, Borgin just nodded yes before going back behind the desk and picking up a book hidden there.

"This should be a good starting point and I will send you letter with any other information you may need." He told us, shaking with fear.

Taking the book, I gave Borgin one last withering glare before stalking out, thanking Greyback and Serenity for coming and apparating away.

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