Games of Kings

Disclaimer: This is a work of fanfiction. I don't own anything and am making no money. Some things that the goblins and Jareth say are partial quotes from the movie. They are based on my recollections, so are probably not exact.


"You have made my life miserable! Ever since I solved that stupid puzzle it has been one near-fatal incident after the other and all these battles! I hate fighting!"

"Yugi..." The spirit tried to placate his host, even going so far as to become corporeal in his attempts to calm the teen down.

"No!" Yugi stamped his foot. "I've had enough. I wish..."

"Yugi, please!"


"Do you think he'll say it?"

"Say the right words?"

"Oooh, say them!"

Red eyes started to glow in the darkness in excited anticipation.


"I wish that... that..." Yugi paused in frustration, before the most ridiculous thought popped into his head. "I wish that goblins would come to take you away!"


"Aw... so close." The red glow dimmed and the impression of ears sagging in depression made soft sounds in the darkness.


"Yugi, it's just a tournament. We'll win easily. It's no big deal. Then we will have all that we need in order to..."

"In order to fulfill your goals. Well, guess what? It's not ancient Egypt anymore and I get to do what I want to do." Yugi crossed his arms over his chest, automatically adjusting for the Millenium Puzzle hanging from his neck. "And what I want right now is for an army of goblins to come take you away. Oh, how I wish that freaking goblins would come take your bony ass away, right now!"


"He said it!"Red eyes glowed in the darkness before their owners rushed forward.


Yugi turned around in a huff and stalked out of the room. He kicked the counter of his grandfather's store then yelped. He hopped about on his other foot then shrieked again as a board game fell and almost hit him on the head. "What? Grandfather is always so careful with how he stacks these things." Yugi jumped a bit again when he heard skittering coming from the back of the shop. "Yami? I think there is something in here..." Now that Yugi was no longer so mad, he could feel the traces of some sort of magic pooling in the corners of the room. It wasn't shadow magic, though it was similar. It had a sort of wild, chaotic feel to it. And, paradoxically, it glittered.

"Yami?" Yugi called again, backing into the room where he had left his darker half. "I don't like this..." He instinctively reached out to the other half of his soul... and found nothing. "Yami!" Yugi cried in worry.


"Hey King! We brought you a present!"

"Another baby?" Jareth asked tiredly. The economy must really be down. This would be the third child tonight.

"No. Most assuredly not."

Jareth's eyes shot open and he sat upright so quickly he almost tumbled off his thrown when his draped leg tangled with the ornate armrest. The Goblin King and the King of Games regarded each other for a solid minute before either of them said anything.

"I do not appreciate this attempt to trap me again. I will not suffer it for a second time. The first was a sacrifice, this is kidnapping." Yami said, his voice deep with disapproval. He crossed his arms across his chest and glared at his counterpart.

"Trap you?" Jareth asked uneasily. He spared a glare at his goblins, whose pride had wilted a bit at their King's unusual reaction. Jareth looked back up at the other, noting the ridiculously spiked, tri-color hair, the black leather, the buckles. "You were wished away. That means you belong to me." A little voice in Jareth's head added a fervent 'yesss!' and did a little gig. The Goblin King rose smoothly to his feet. "And I certainly do mean to keep you, precious." He purred.

"I belong to no one!" The Pharaoh snapped.

"Well, we shall see. If the one who wished you away wants you back, then he can attempt my Labyrinth to have you returned." Jareth shrugged. Whoever that idiot was, the Goblin King was going to stick him so far at the edge of the Labyrinth that it would take teleportation to get to the castle in 13 hours. This being was a prize- power dripping off of him, dressed in a style Jareth wanted to steal right now and oh so imperious and angry... Jareth had a real problem with the attraction-to-those-that-defy-me thing.

To the Goblin King's surprise, the other stared at him in disbelief before throwing his head back and laughing.

Jareth frowned. Not a common reaction. But then again, he did deal mainly with babies... and the occasional pet.

Yami wiped his eyes as he got himself calmed to a chuckle. "So you are telling me that my aibo has to solve a puzzle and then he can win me back?"

"Ye...s?" Jareth said slowly, not quite sure where this was leading.

"Oh, marvelous. Is there a way I can watch?" Red eyes glinted dangerously.

Jareth almost swooned. But no, he had a job to do. "That is if he decides that he wants to rescue you at all."

The other looked worried for a split second. Jareth smirked- this was a more common reaction.

"Well." The Pharaoh mused. "Though he may be mad enough to make me get myself out of this mess... he has such a soft spot for puzzles. And a puzzle that is a honest-to-Ra magical Labyrinth? Well." Yami mused. "Are there traps? Riddles? Penalties?"

"Dangers untold and hardships unnumbered." Jareth muttered. He was still a bit annoyed by that damn book... hopefully this guy hadn't read it. He looked Japanese. Jareth was pretty sure that it hadn't been translated to that language. Or did he look sort of Middle Eastern? Either way...

"Oh most excellent. Be sure to tell him that part, would you?" The red eyes were now glowing with excitement.

Jareth sighed. As much as he did like his prize, this cocky assumption of power was annoying. It would be nice when the wisher lost and he could wipe that cocky smile off the dark man's face. "I will tell him whatever I feel appropriate." The Goblin King huffed, the feathers of his collar ruffling in annoyance.


"Yami, I'm sorry! You know I didn't mean it. I love playing games, you know that. I just like puzzles more and..." Yugi stopped as the door to the shop started to rattle, bits of glitter seeping under the door. It opened in a flash of lightning and an owl flew through the door as it slammed open. Yugi's hand dropped to his belt and felt for a card, pulling out Kuribo and holding it in front of him.

"We can play a game, but it won't be with cards." The Goblin King smirked down at the short boy, his hair flying dramatically about the glittering dark armor covering his chest.

"I like playing with cards." Yugi replied threateningly.

The Goblin King ignored that confusing statement. "If you want your friend back, you will have to prove yourself."

"What." Yugi said flatly. He was really tired of people saying that to him.

"But first, what do you dream for?" The Goblin King leaned over. "What is your greatest desire? I can give it to you. All you have to do is forget the baby."

"What baby?" Yugi asked in confusion.

The Goblin King froze, his eyebrow twitching. Damnable teen mothers and damnable economic downturn making him work 26 hours straight (so far!) "The babe." Jareth tried to cover, lamely.

"Uh..." Yugi was confused. Had just Yami been kidnapped or was he rescuing someone else here?

"You know, the one in tight black leather, with all those buckles..." Jareth trailed off when he realized what the teen in front of him was wearing. His eyes traveled up and down the other's form before he leaned forward slightly. In fact, he even had the same haircut. "Your twin." Jareth hazarded. He felt a bit out of his depth and wished he had bent a little bit of time for a cat nap before he dealt with this disaster. There would be some Boggings tonight... on the other hand... if he could have twins... Jareth's mind short circuited slightly. He may have stood there drooling for a good long while if Yugi hadn't spoken again.

"So... prove myself... how?" Yugi asked suspiciously.

Jareth stood up straight and flicked a crystal into existence to cover his momentary confusion as he pulled out of the pleasant daydream. "Why go through all that. Just forget him. You can have whatever you desire." He threw the globe at the teen, mildly annoyed when it was caught and tossed back to him.

"No. I want him back. What do I have to do?" Yugi sighed. Every freaking time...

"Why, you have to run my Labyrinth."

There was an awkward silence. "That's it?" Yugi asked dubiously.

"Yes." Jareth replied shortly, rather insulted. "It is very dangerous, with many traps and impossible riddles." He remembered too late that the other had requested he tell the boy about that part. The sudden gleam of interest was as troubling as the fact that he had fulfilled someone's request.

"Did you say riddles?" Yugi asked. "Are they... are they from a sphinx?"

"Well. Yes." Jareth couldn't stay that annoyed. The teen's obvious enthusiasm was practically flu-like in its contagiousness.

"Really!" Yugi practically squeed. "Can I wish Yami away more than once?"

"No." Jareth resigned himself to a very odd end to the evening.

"Can I wish away other people?"

Jareth sighed. "Maybe you should just run the Labyrinth before you wish anyone else away?"

"Yes, absolutely!" Yugi jumped up and down excitedly. "When do we start?"

"Right now." Jareth smirked, making a sweeping gesture with his arm. Yugi turned around and the Goblin King smirked at the obvious awe the boy had at the sight of the Goblin City off in the distance. It was nice that at least something was going to go as expected this evening.


Jareth quirked an eyebrow and waited for the inevitable exclamation of despair.

"This is... the best puzzle I have ever seen!" Yugi gushed. He turned around and attempted to glomp Jareth, who hurriedly sidestepped the overenthusiastic teen.

While the Goblin King couldn't help but be pleased at the blatant admiration of his kingdom, and the completely unusual reaction, he couldn't help the spark of anger at the lack of proper respect. "Few have braved the Labyrinth an survived." Jareth huffed.

"Mmhm." Yugi was craning his neck, trying to see over the walls.

"You must make it to the center of the Labyrinth, the Goblin Castle, within 13 hours." Jareth gestured and the 13 faced clock appeared behind him. It looked at bit raggedy itself, having rewound the evening more than once already.

"Ok." Yugi nodded, accepting the turns. "This will be a piece of cake!" He said cockily, cracking his fingers.

Jareth felt a muscle in his eye start to twitch involuntarily.


A/N: An idea I suddenly had for a fun crossover. May continue it at some point, but where I would go with it is pretty obvious, I feel. I would only write farther for pure humor, rather than twisty plot. Well... it would probably evolve/breed a plot as I went, knowing my luck. But not on purpose.