Just an Old Fashioned Love Song

Author: Tari_Roo

Rating: PG13 (Gen)

Disclaimer: I own nothing, I profit from nothing. Although if I had my way Steve would be bare-chested even more than he is, we would actually 'see' Danny trying to surf and Kono would be a secret Cylon. That is all.

Summary: Danny took a CPR class when Gracie was born, just in case. Danny never once imagined that he'd have to do bastardised rescue breathing to keep 'I'm a Navy Seal, I can hold my breath for five hours' Steve McGarrett alive. Sick!Steve Worried!Danny

Spoilers: for season 1 of Hawaii 5-0



Danny took a CPR class when Gracie was born, just in case. There was a new little life in the world and a hundred dangers. He recertified when they moved to Hawaii, because it's an island after all. During all of those classes, Danny never once imagined that he'd have to do bastardised rescue breathing to keep 'I'm a Navy Seal, I can hold my breath for five hours' Steve McGarrett alive.

Taking a deep breath, Danny ducked down into the chest high water, heading for McGarrett on the deck of the boat. Holding the railing above Steve's head, Danny grabbed his shoulder as well and moved to cover Steve's mouth with his. Breathing out his lungful of air, Danny immediately stood up and took another deep breath.

Inhaling again, Danny ducked down and headed for Steve. The water was cold, but fortunately not rising, but McGarrett was no further along in freeing his foot. Danny leant forward, and gave Steve another shot of oxygen, mouth to mouth. Steve nodded, and returned to trying to pull himself free from the heavy cabinet and array of shelves.

Danny's head was swimming, lightheaded from the strain of breathing for two. Inhaling again, he thought briefly, "Get a move on, Kono!"

McGarrett was kicking at the shelves with his left leg, and nearly clipped Danny as he descended. Knocking the leg aside, Danny leant in for the weirdest 'we are never talking about this ever' kiss in his life.



Kono pounded down the jetty towards the half sunken cruiser, the prow of the boat sticking up in the air. The small incendiary device that had exploded at the stern had knocked the entire boat off kilter. A panicked phone call from Williams, Chin still at HQ and Kono was kicking off her shoes and diving into the water.

The cabin in the prow was half underwater, half not and Kono scrambled onboard and ducked down into the cabin. She caught a glimpse of Danny's head disappearing into the water and she clattered down the stairs, slipping under the water. Danny was pulling away from Steve, heading for the surface. Kono swam over to the cabinet and shelves and pulled up. McGarrett kicked in concert with her, shaking the shelves. But before they could do more than shift the shelves, Kono had to surface.

Danny was heading down as she did so, and as Kono broke the surface and sucked in oxygen, she waited. When Danny emerged, looking breathless and exhausted, she yelled, "I'll take over. You shift the cabinet."

Without giving him a chance to argue, Kono inhaled and submerged, dropping towards McGarrett. He was still kicking and squirming but readily accepted her lips on his. Out of the corner of her eye, Kono saw Danny drop in, and touch the cabinet. He started pulling up as she stood, desperate for air. In the dripping close confines of the cabin, William's shoulders were close to the surface as he struggled to lift. Ducking down, Kono headed for Steve. The shelves were moving and Steve was pulling on his leg. Instead of moving to offer a rescue breath, Kono kicked at the shelf and suddenly McGarrett was free.

For a long moment, they all stared and then all three pushed up for the surface. Combined explosions of water as they each sucked in needed air sent splashes all over the room. Danny gasped, "Thank goodness. Let's get out of here."

McGarrett was a little slow to follow and Williams grabbed his elbow, helping him along. As they reached the stairs, Steve shook him off. Kono squinted into the sun as she emerged, and waved at the paramedics pounding their own way down the jetty. The nearest ladder down into the harbour from the jetty was a good few feet away and Kono and Danny stuck close to Steve as they swam the short distance.

Danny insisted on Steve going up first and the paramedics were soon pulling him over, and checking his vitals. Danny collapsed onto the hot wooden boards of the jetty, exhausted. "Shit, who knew breathing for two would suck the life out of you?"

Kono stood, water streaming off her, pooling on the wood. She nodded she was ok at the second paramedic, who turned to check on Danny. "Anyone hurt in the explosion?" she asked.

Shaking his head, Williams waved from the boards and sighed, "McGarrett took the brunt of it. Go check on him." The paramedic ignored him and held his damp wrist, taking his pulse. The first medic had McGarrett on oxygen and was listening to his chest. His leg was bleeding sluggishly and would probably be bruised.

Frowning, shoving her soaked hair off her forehead, Kono sighed, "What the hell happened, Danny? You guys were just checking out a tip. On a drug runner."

Williams laughed, making the paramedic frown as he tried to listen to his chest. "Oh, just our usual luck. The douche had booby trapped his stash. Paranoid freak." McGarrett mumbled something under the oxygen mask and Danny pointed at him, growling, "You shut up and breathe, man. I have a killer headache so you're probably got one twice as bad."

The paramedic took the information to heart and shined a light in Danny's eyes, making him exclaim, "What the hell, dude?"

"No signs of concussion, sir. But you'd best come back to the hospital with us. Just to be safe." Danny looked over that Steve, who was still batting at the long suffering paramedic and nodded. "No problem. And I'll sit on him for you if you need."

Kono went in search of her hastily discarded phone so that she could call Chin and let him know all was ok. Sort of.


Danny had been given the all clear and was lounging in the patient waiting room, dressed in scrubs. The doctor was still checking McGarrett for signs of aspiration, and edema. Kono was outside dealing with the paperwork. Williams figured they'd be a while and was just leaning back in the chair for a possible nap, when Steve shoved open the doors from the examination rooms. He was shirtless, as usual, his phone pressed to his ear.

"Shit, I knew I should have taken that away." Danny stood to intercept McGarrett but he was talking loudly, and glared at Danny. A nurse in pretty pink scrubs ran out from the rooms, exclaiming, "Sir, sir. Your tests are not complete. Sir!"

"Yes, Governor. We'll be right there." McGarrett snapped his phone shut and said sharply, "We've got to go."

Undeterred, Danny stood in his way and exclaimed, "Did you tell her that you'd been blown up? Drowned? In the hospital? Any of it?"

The nurse was bouncing on her feet, nodding in concert with Danny, but McGarrett was already walking around his partner. "Hey!" Danny exclaimed.

McGarrett turned and closed the distance, jabbing his phone into Danny's chest. "We got a kid missing, from a school. You really want to dick around?" William's heart sank and he shook his head. "Thanks for communicating, and sharing. We can handle it while you get checked out."

But McGarrett was gone, heading off to sign himself out AMA. Rolling his eyes and running his hand through his hair, Danny shared a 'what can you do' look with the nurse. "Anything I should keep my eye out for?"

She frowned as she said, "Breathless, sweating, anxiety."

Williams barked out sarcastically, "Oh, so nothing unusual in a high stress job. Thanks." He ran off, fully aware that Steve would leave him behind, or try to. Good thing he had the keys to the car. "Wait up!"


Danny insisted on driving and Steve was tired enough to let him. Williams kept on looking over at him, probably watching for signs of imminent death. His partner was such an old lady, worrying over everything. Probably made him a good father but it sucked ass in a partner.

"Eyes on the road, Williams."

"Shut up, McGarrett."

So what if he was seeing double at times, so what if his chest felt tight, so what if he damn well knew the risks of not getting checked out 100%. Aspiration symptoms had been drilled into his skull in the Navy. But a little girl was missing. Danny might argue that they weren't the only cops on the island and that Steve wasn't actually a cop. But the Governor had called and Steve obeyed orders.

When it suited.

"We are going to crash and die, Danny if you don't watch the road!"

Danny scowled and turned back to the road, mouth angry and hard. "If you keel over and die, man, I am just going to watch and let you, kay?"





Small A/N: A dirty quick prologue because this idea wouldn't leave me alone. Now it's written and I can go back to my other WIP. More Sick!Steve and Worried!Danny to follow.. er ... soon?