Expecting More

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Sora should have known. Really, he should have. All the signs of cheating had been blatantly obvious for months now. Months. And Sora still hadn't left. Why hadn't he left?

Oh, right. He was in love with a bastard.

Being in love was a lot more difficult than most people gave it credit for. A hell of a lot more difficult than people gave it credit for! Sora could assure anyone of that fact. He could write books on love, books entitled "Things that Shouldn't Suck that Do Sometimes" and "You Should Consider Dumping Him If."

Sora thought it was worth it all, though, and always tried to cling to good memories when things were tough. Obviously Vanny was not cut from the same cloth.

Damn. Sora thought. I gotta quit calling him "Vanny."

Vanitas was outgoing. So was Sora. They both liked to party. Vanitas' friends were all kind of assholes, but when you loved someone you had to at least pretend to sort of like their friends.

But lately, maybe for a couple weeks or so, Sora had just been tired. Emotionally, physically, all-overly. He didn't think he'd ever gotten so much sleep in his life. It wasn't that he didn't want to go party, but he had work the next day, and the lights made him dizzy. And it smelled a bit funny in some clubs, too, and honestly he'd rather be sleeping. Vanitas still went off without him, though.

Vanitas was very attractive. Of course he was, he was Sora's current boything. But Sora just knew he was cheating. It's not a feeling you can explain to someone that hasn't experience it; it's just a conscious realization that the person you love is in someone else's arms.

The feeling had started nudging him about three months ago when one of Vanitas' "friends" called. Vanitas was kind of flirty with everybody, so Sora really didn't pay it much mind, but he was definitely an extra flirty-flirt on the phone. He didn't even leave the room, though! Would Vanny really be so blatant?

…Does eating too much fatty food make you fatty fat?

Yes! Yes, it does. Yes, Vanny would do that sort of thing. In fact, Vanny would probably see it as a challenge! A "Let's see how long I can cheat without being caught" challenge!

Well, he was caught. Sora had seen it. Had come home early one day to the noise of bumping and grinding coming from their bedroom! Would Vanny really be so blatant? Would he do something like that to Sora?

…Is New York City a city in New York?

Yes! Yes, it is. Yes, Vanny would pull that sort of stunt. A "Let's see if me and the person I'm cheating on Sora with can both come and get out before Sora gets home" challenge! Damn him! One time Sora woke up from a nap and just had this crystal clear picture of Vanitas screwing some long-legged, busty blonde. It had just felt so real. He should have called it right then and there. Should have said, "Hey, Vanny! You know what? Fuck you! Fuck you in your asshole that you'd never let me touch! Fuck you there hard, dry, and rough!"

But Sora was nice. And he was also too tired to fuck Vanny hard, dry, and rough. That didn't stop Vanny from fucking him, even when he'd been asleep before the whole sex thing had gotten started, but damn.

It was just getting old.

Was Sora happy in this relationship?

…Did men menstruate?

No! No, they didn't. No, Sora was not happy. And he was going to have to man up and do something about it or else Vanny was going to end up giving him all sorts of communicable diseases!

So Sora gathered his courage and decided to talk to Vanny. No, damn it. Vanitas. He was going to talk to Vanitas, his ex-boything. For sure.

Sora called Vanny immediately, so his courage didn't bolt like a startled gazelle.


"Vanny!" As soon as Sora heard that voice, he kind of forgot his self-imposed name-changing rule.

"Hey, Sora. What's up?"

"I need to talk to you." Sora cringed. Was that not the ultimate break up starting cue? That garbage had just spewed from his mouth? Oh, for Christ's Sake, Sora. Grow a pair. "Let's get coffee this afternoon."

"Uh, okay. Where at? Your shop?"

No. Hell to the no, not at his shop! Larxene would hear and cackle like the evil little eavesdropping witch that she was! "How about the one closer to your work? I'll be there at two."

"Two is good. Can't wait to see you, babe."

"Yeah, me too." Cause I'm dumping your selfish ass. Boo-yah!

Sora hung up and placed his hands on his hips as he surveyed their apartment. Time to take back what was his! Excellent!

The first thing Sora did was set his phone to go off at one forty-five so he wouldn't lose track of time and miss the meeting with Vanny. He didn't want the guy to come home to find Sora packing. That'd be too mean.

Okay. Maybe it wouldn't be. Sora didn't need the revenge, though. All he needed was to get Vanny out of his life.

And he was also taking the TV. Heck yes.

Sora's grey Toyota Corolla was stuffed to the max. His two blue suitcases were filled with his clothes and stuffed in the trunk. The TV was gently laid on top of them.

Sora's nice cuddly blankets and throw pillows and accessories he'd purchased for Vanny's apartment (no longer his!) were packed into the passenger seat. His books and dresser (that had been a challenge to get down the steps) were in the backseat.

All that was left was to somehow un-cosign the lease!

He went down to the lobby and spilled his story to the manager—an older woman whom Sora knew was enthralled with soap operas—and of course the woman let him go. Sora wrote her a check for half the remaining rent on the apartment for the year. And that was that!

Sora grinned and checked his watch. It was now two-thirty. Oh. Oops? He picked up his phone and speed dialed his ex-boything. I'll have to fix that, Sora thought about his phone. No more speed dialing cheaters.

"Vanny! Van, are you there?" Sora heard someone pick up, and the phone jostled between hands.

"Uh, who is this?"

"It's Sora."

"Oh. Right. Coffee."

"Vanny?" Sora paused for a moment. "You aren't at work, are you?"


"Who's there with you?"

"No one, Sora."

"I'm not stupid, Van." It came out harsher than Sora intended, but the effect was the same. "Who's there with you?"

"It's nothing, Sora."

"Damn it, Van!" Sora bit his lip, struggling with himself. Van was with someone. They both knew Van was cheating. As in, right now. Cheating. "I didn't want it to be this way." Sora said weakly.

"I know."

"No, you don't know! Shut up!" Sora's moods were swinging like Tarzan. He couldn't help it. This was a super emotional break up for him, and Van was just acting like he expected it! He probably did. He had to know the game was going to end sooner or later.

"Sora? Are you crying?"

…Do wars tend to be violent in nature? Yes! Of course he was crying. His fist was jammed into his mouth to hide his sobs. God damn Van. God damn relationship that meant so much more to Sora than that cheating cheat.

Sora took a deep breath and forced off the tears. He could break down later.

"It's over."

"I kind of figured."

"We're over. Done. I paid off all the rent I owe. Don't come looking for me for anything. Not even if you're dying of cancer. Good riddance. Sayonara. Au revoir."

Sora congratulated himself for hanging up immediately. He quickly surfed through the features on his phone and blocked a number he'd learned by heart.

It hurt, but it felt good. Fresh air is breathable.

Sora left his key on the kitchen counter and dragged the last of his belongings (all the kitchen stuff. Like Van bothered to cook, the slacker.) down to his corolla, which by now looked ready to burst at the seams.

Sora rearranged some stuff to fit in the last items, then plopped down in the driver's seat and proceeded to bawl like a baby. For the next half hour.

After that was done, and Sora felt so much better, he called his older brother.


"Sora?" Sora could tell that Cloud immediately sensed a disturbance in the force. Cloud was weird like that. "What's wrong?"

"Cloud, can I come stay with you?"

"Yes. You and Van?"

"Let's not even go there."

"What about your job?"

Sora paused to consider that. Cloud lived about four hours away from Keyblade Graveyard (what the hell had possessed Sora to move to such a creepy place, anyway? Oh, right. Vanny.) in Hollow Bastion. There was no way Sora could keep his job. He'd just have to find a new one and mooch off Cloud in the meantime.

"I'm quitting. Please?"

"Of course you can come, Sora. Are you heading this way now?"

"Yeah, I'll be there by like, six-thirty or seven."

"I'll be home."

Sora smiled softly. "Thanks, Cloud."

"What are big brothers for? Drive safe, kid."


"See you tonight."

"Okay. Love you. Bye."


Sora dropped his phone into the cup holder next to his seat. Then scooped in back up and dialed his boss. His boss was not too happy, mostly because of the extreme short notice, but Sora was such a nice employee and covered so many shifts that he was let go with minimal fuss. So Sora dropped his phone again and let his head sink into his hands.

It felt like his whole life had done a complete headstand, loop-the-loop dance. He started the corolla and jammed the radio off. Sora was not in the mood for inevitably cheery love songs.

He fished around in his car until he found the CD he was looking for. Van had bought it for him, yes, but it was not CD about love.

"I DON'T GIVE A DAMN 'BOUT MY REPUTATION!" Sora screamed along with Joan Jett as he pulled out of the apartment complex. "A GIRL CAN DO WANT SHE WANTS TO DO AND THAT'S WHAT I'M GONNA DO!"

A/N: My first time writing Sora. His bubbliness is fun. I hope you enjoyed the first chapter! (I was going to wait to post this, but I can't! I'm like an overly bubbly Sora bursting with excitement to post.)