B: Batman/Bruce Wayne R: Robin/Tim Drake K: Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler

T: Tony Stark/Ironman C: Clark Kent (S: Superman) L: Logan/Wolverine

A: Alfred Pennyworth Loi: Lois Lane Sc: Scott Summers (Cyclops) J: Jean Grey Pep: Pepper Potts (Iron Man's assistant) St: Ororo Monroe (Storm) Ki: Kitty Pryde (Shadowcat) MrK: Clark's Dad MrsK: Clark's Mom Pr: Professor Xavier Be: Hank McCoy/Beast Col: Colossus

Logan: Not... quite...

(Tony and Clark both let out rather un-manly screams and hug each other in terror)

B: Logan! You're alive!

L: Where... is he?

Pep: Who? Tony? Clark?

L: No... Scott.

(Scott's eyes flash open and he jumps up, grabs the mattress and, with amazing speed and agility, crams himself into the dent in the wall and blocks the entrance with the mattress. Logan's head swivels and he grins)

L: Partner... that you in there?

J: Logan, it's not his fault you got yourself hit by an elevator.

L: (turns to look at her incredulously) No? You didn't see the crafty little snake's face when the thing hurtled out of nowhere!

St: And you did?

L: (sighs) It was a slow motion moment for me, okay? Unlike the beating I'm gonna give Mr. Mattress here.

B:(rapidly growing a headache) Logan, beating the tar out of Scott won't help anything.

L: Says you.

B: Look, Logan, as much as I'd love to help you out here-

A: Sir, several cars have just pulled up in front of the house.

B: Gordon I hope?

A: No, sir. Among them are Professor Xavier's and a large red truck with what appears to be a pig in the back.

B: Pardon?

C: Oh no...

(The professor enters followed by Beast and Colossus)

Pr: Good day, Mr. Wayne. I believe someone called?

St: That would be me, Charles.

Be: Kitty, Kurt, to the van.

Col: Where's Scott?

J: Umm... there. (points)

S: (muffled) Don't let him in!

B: Sorry to bother you, sir, but it seems we could use a little help...

(Kitty and Kurt leave with Beast and Storm who gives Kitty a stern talking to about sneaking out and Kurt a stern look that was possibly more frightening than the thunder bolts. Jean left with a whimpering, terrified Scott and began her therapy sessions... again... Colossus and the Professor manage to get Logan out without hurting anyone and they put him in his... special seat... the adamantium trunk.

[This leaves us with, Tony, Pepper, Lois, Clark, and the inhabitants of Wayne Manor]

(During the chaos of Colossus holding Logan back while Jean got Scott safely out, an elderly couple dressed in simple farm clothes entered the mansion.)

B: Hello...

C: Daaad... I thought I asked you guys not to do this anymore!

Loi: Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Kent! Lovely to see you again. So sorry I can't stay, but I think I've had my share of excitement for the night!

(Lois leaves Clark to his demise and begins plans on an article about her experiences)

MrK: Clark, I know we said we wouldn't come after you any more but your ma was worried and-

MrsK: Clark! (runs forward and hugs him) Where have you been? You were supposed to be home at ten! Peter Parker's aunt said he got home hours ago!

C: Mom! Please!

Pep: Perhaps we should be going too. (smiling politely at the Kents, she takes Tony by the ear) We have much to discuss...

T: Ow! Pepper!

MrsK: Thank you for taking care of our little Clark, Mr. Wayne!

B: (tries to hide smile) Any time, Mrs. Kent.

MrK: Son, we picked up that new sow on our way. You'll want to see her, she's a real beauty!

C: (Panics and shoos his family out before more damage can be done.)

(Bruce heaves a great sigh of relief and turns around to face the not-so-innocent looking lad on the couch)

B: Tim... room... now.

R: But Bruce-

B: Ah, ah! Now!
R: (grumblegrr)

B: Alfred, remind me never to have a party at my place again.

A: Yes, sir.

(Bruce heads upstairs to bed to get as much sleep as he can, trying to forget the fact that it's technically already morning)

A: I suppose I should remind you about the kitchen tomorrow then?

B: ...

A: Sir?

B:... Yes, Alfred... tomorrow would be good...

The End