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Castle Meade, 5th century HE

As her eyes skimmed over the obscure shapes and signs, Alexandria realized the impossibility of her actions. As her eyes skimmed over the ancient scripts in the dim light, her body shook from fear. She knew the price of her actions would be so devastatingly terrible, she didn't even want to imagine it. She had trespassed, her a servant, a peasant, touching her Lord's most precious possessions. In her hands she held his family's legacy of mage scripts, the only reason Lord Marvin held any political power. While he had no Gift, or no useful amount of Gift, many in his family had. They had documented their discoveries, they received copies of the rarest scripts, and they owned many one-of-a-kind documents. Her Lord's family once was considered some of most of powerful mages centurys ago, they were prominent members of mage society; they were listed in the Book of Gold, but now her Lord's family is considered a joke. The legendary Gift had not shown up in her Lord's line for generations. Her mind was working so quickly, as the seconds ticked she felt her heart quicken. She stopped flipping pages and carefully replaced the script in its place. Her reasoning for coming into the highest tower, the forbidden tower, had been more than curiosity. She felt a strong tug, a pull, towards this room.

The tower was the only tower to the left side of the castle, the only place in the castle the Lord cleaned himself. No servants were allowed into the tower, the Lady was never seen here, nor the Lord's children. This tower was the Lord Marvins. No one trespassed here, except Alexandria on this fateful morning. As her lip quivered she checked the windows before she turned the knob of the ancient door. It creaked so loudly she felt her eyes become heavy with tears, every inch felt like a betrayal to her escape. Out of the windows she could see the sun's first rays had broken over the horizon long ago; if she did not hurry there would be no escape.

Her master was not kind, her master was cruel. Her master would hang her, would drown her, would hire mages to set her to fire. He did not speak to his servants, merely he walked around his castle like a ghost. If he was not haunting the castle, he was on duty as a knight. He was a large strong man, and he and his wife have produced 7 sons to be sent to training. A daughter had been born, and lived till she was 9, but a year ago she had died while visiting court. The sweating sickness took his daughter, and since then the mistress has stayed in her chamber. Her sons were pages, or squires, and a few were knights already with their father. She could no longer have children, she spent her days locked up in a few select rooms with her ladies in waiting. There was a rumor that this year she would leave to court for the winter.

Alexandria was thinking about ever aspect of her Lord's life, trying to think if he would catch her. He could be on his way up to the tower now, he could be visiting his wife, he could have left the castle without Alexandria even hearing about it. He was a very private man. He was a very frightening man. He spoke to no one, he was quite and though he was large he never ate much. He was unnerving, he was intimidating. He never said it was forbidden to enter the tower, but it was known. Maybe years ago, he had told the Head Servant. But no one had been caught in this tower, no one was stupid enough. Im an imbecile. Im a dead imbecile. Tears were streaming down her face as she made her descent.

The spiraling staircase was loud and dangerous; no renovations had been made since the original construction of the castle. The stairs were loud, they bent under her meager weight. The staircase smelled dark and damp and old. She crept and she cried and she prayed, Why must I put myself in these situations, why did I come here? But as her melodramatic journey ended, her heart skipped a beat. No ones waiting for me, no one knows yet...and maybe I wont be found out. As she realized there was hope, her normal demeanor surfaced. A seriousness to her mission snapped back, she carefully crept through the doorway to the tower, she sneaked into her lodging, she snuggled into her bed. All of her roommates were asleep, most were even snoring. She roughed her clothing up while laying down, and made herself to look like she herself just woke up. Her hair was returned to a mess. She lazed in bed for what seemed like forever, as she relaxed and accepted the lull of sleep..a loud ringing startled her.

The bells of the third tallest tower rung, slow and steady, the largest bell could even be heard from miles around, Time to wake up and get dressed..hate to miss this mornings meal. She sighed and felt the lack of sleep, her body felt weak. The adrenaline from her adventure was worn off, and her body had relaxed to its fullest. She hoped there was no physical signs for her lack of sleep, she hoped the bags under her eyes were the same as normal, she hoped her eyes were white and not bloodshot. Standing up she let the blood rush from her head. She sighed, and fixed her crumpled clothes. Most of her room mates slept nude, because they had only one set of clothing. But Alexandria didn't change from her clothes last night, and she was glad - it was cold in the tallest tower. Her Lord's castle governed the town of Meade; which itself was as old and decrepit as could be. Everything here is so..musty. She could feel the routine frown on her face, and she could feel the drain on her energy. This is going to be a long, long day.

The schedule of a servant at her Lord's castle was a dreary one. No one visited her Lord's castle. The schedule asked enough of the servants to keep the castle clean, but not enough to make their work hard. In fact, it was an easy life the servants had here. It was low pay, but the castle was huge and room and board was given to those who worked it. Many of the servants were daughters from the town of Meade, the economy in Meade was slow. To send their 9 year old daughters away had advantages, when their daughters had midsummer's off (because of the lack of festive in the castle), they were able to visit their families. Their extra income helped keep the families in Meade going, some could even afford for their sons to learn Script. When the young woman came back home they had marriages arranged for them, usually with their childhood friends. They became wives and already knew cleaning and other household chores. When their children were grown they came back to work. This castle was ran by the older woman, and they gave the assignments to the older child-girls, who helped the younger girls learn household chores. There was rarely anyone from 14-24 working in this castle.

In the mornings the older woman woke up later, they prepared the breakfast. While they cooked and maintained the kitchen the sleepy younger lady-children attended to cleaning up the lodgings. An hour after they woke up, the youngsters and the elders ate together. The Lady was fed whenever she chose to wake up, for she would morn into the night and wake up past noon. The chores changed from day to day for the youngers, but the olders always had laundry and mending. A few younger girls would help for a few days, as to get the feel for sewing. The olders would go to bed earlier, and the youngers would finish up the days work and then sleep. There were rules, no men were allowed to work in the castle, except the stables. Those men went back to the town to sleep and live, but they had a much higher pay. Life in the town of Meade was slow, relaxing, and very very boring.

Alexandria found this life impossible, she always tried to do things to make life interesting. She had taught herself a small amount of letters, she knew very basic mathematics. She could sing, Terribly, and she memorized some dance steps. While the castle was void of men, the weapons room was unguarded and easily accessible. Alexandria had toyed around with the manuals on how to sword fight, and on nights when everyone was occupied Alexandria found a stick and pretended to be a knight. Alexandria never grew out of playing, she she spent her nights out late running around and pretending to be an adventurer in the vacant practice yards. She was always tired, and today was no different

Her daily routine was the same as ever, no changes. As every minute ticked away she expected her Lord to walk by and pull her aside. She was excited that she got away with the deed. But she felt that she was still in danger. The room had been dusty, she had tried to pull the book out carefully, but she knew there must have been some disrupt in the dust. The room was so dusty though, she thought, that if he didn't go up for a day there will be no evidence. Her hopes didn't come true though. As she scrubbed the flagstones thinking, her master was walking up the creaking stairs.

After breakfast in the morning, the real work began. Today, Alexandria was chosen to bring the Ladies rugs to the laundry room. From her excessive play, Alexandria was very strong. Last night Alexandria chose to stay safe in her bed, she was too tired to even take a midnight stroll. With her energy and strength she easily carried them to the laundry room. She had a conversation with a brawny armed old woman, and then she was asked to help out. A sickness had spread through the room and a few of the older women were out with colds.

While Alexandria was washing shirts she realized she liked the work, for one she was kept busy physcially but not mentally. She could have conversations with the older women and day dream all she liked. Most of the work she was assigned to to involved moving around a lot, but the up-and-down motions were easily learned. Her mind was set to drift, she imagined being a royal mage-princess named Mary-Sue. She was loved by all and beautiful and the best at everything.

A sigh escaped her lips and all the older women smiled as if there was a joke. "Are you in love Missy?" asked the oldest and most toothless of the bunch. "No, im not in love. I was just imagining being in a higher position in life" She responded in a dreamy voice. The older women rolled their eyes and made faces at the younger girl, another asked in a slightly raspy voice "You do know that one of the Lord's sons married a girl of our rank. She lives in court, a very lucky girl. Her name was Silva, or something close to that. The most beautiful girl you've ever seen." That didn't catch Alexandria's fancy, she would hate to marry one of the Lords rambunctious boys. Alexandria resigned from her daydream and put on a serious face "Well, very lucky for that girl. But really, who would want to marry a son of the Lords?" The older women looked at each other "Well anyone who could -you've obviously never seen our Lord's children. His boys look like princes, and his late-daughter, bless her heart, was a beauty if you've ever seen one. Its a shame she died the night before her debut, she hadn't even been introduced to a soul." Alexandria nodded her head at the insipid chatter, "Hmm, well, do I have any work left?" The older women smiled, told her thank you for the help, and let her leave. She could her them gossip behind her, about nonimportant things concerning the mistress going to court for winter. She inwardly sighed at the fickleness of bored women.

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