The air had quite an awkward silence, with both the girls looking at the disheveled Prince. He took a minute and began to speak, only to stop from lack of words. He looked at Alan first, then Anna.

"Why did this have to happen..?" His face looked unnaturally grim.

"Because you're a royal ass" Alan scoffed.

Anna leaned towards the Prince, "know this is going to cost you. Alan and I both have our prices." Anna walked out of the lavatory, Alan following. They shut the door behind themselves leaving the Prince a lone.

Alan turned to Anna, "I really wish we could have left him a lone. What we were trying to do seems wrong." With a sigh, Alan started walking out of the room. She turned to Anna, "I'll be back in a bit, I want to check up on Faithful – See what he's up to." More like talk to my cat Alan thought as she walked down the halls.

The door silently closed, leaving Anna nothing to do. Just that moment Prince Johnathan chose to leave the sanctity of the bathroom and deal with the consequences. He sat on the edge of Anna's bed, almost trying to make light of the situation, "So, my dear friend, what's the price of having you both take care of me?"

"I do not know Alan's price, but I know my own. I want you to grant me unrivaled privileges to the castle's library. I know it might be difficult for you Johnathan, but it would be much more difficult dealing with the type of joking people would do behind your back. Alan has his own wishes for you to grant."

The Prince seemed to relax a bit, almost as if he was expecting so much worse from Anna, "I can probably talk to my father about it, but the most I will be able to do is tell the librarians to treat you well, sorry."

"Well Prince, you have much to be sorry about."

"Excuse me?" He turned himself towards Anna, "What do I have to be sorry about? All I did was act my part in the scenario you manipulated!"

That shut Anna up; in retrospect, she had really did set everything up to happen. The real goal was the make Johnathan jealous, but they hadn't expected John to act the way he did. "John, while what I did was wrong, we were not expecting that kind of behavior out of you. I was immature, and you were immature. I just want you've been doing to Alan."

"Who cares, this entire time both you and Alan have been messing with my head, to be honest you both are acting completely nuts. To think that you assumed I was stupid enough not to notice that you knew Alan was a guy. You kissing at the party shocked and appalled me."


"Shut it. Let me speak. I want you to know that my relations with other women do not concern you! You are my friend, not a romantic interest and it was wrong of you to manipulate Alan into furthering your own conquest."

Anna wanted to laugh, "But John-"

"Shut up Anna, you vile woman – listen to me!" He got off the bed and started pacing around his room, he stopped in front of Anna, his back to the door. "You need to get it through your thick skull, do not use Alan to try to manipulate situations. If anything like this happens again, I'll wash my hands clean of you!"

"Prince Joh-" softly said an entirely different voice

With this third interruption Johnathan raised his voice to a scream, turning to the source of his name. "What?!" As soon as he saw it was Alan, the anger left him. He stopped his hand, which had just a moment again been pointing a finger of shame at Anna. "Sorry Alan" he said under his breath.

Alan walked in, closing the partially open door behind him. "Johnathan, you need to understand something. Anna doesn't like you at all, she was helping me."

"What do you mean?"

"John, you're always making other people dance with me -"

"Alan! That's to help keep your cover, which you obviously aren't keeping very secret if you told Anna!" The exasperation was apparent in his voice.

"Johnathan. Please. Listen. Anna can be trusted, but, you need to listen to what I've wanted to tell you. I wanted people to leave me a lone, for people to stop teasing me about being desperately single – especially compared with you. Johnathan, it hurts me seeing you with Delilah. I wanted to hurt you back by tricking you into thinking I was a lesbian. I also wanted you to worry about me loosing my cover. Johnathan.."

The Prince looked confused, anger passed over his face, then he looked hurt, then sullen. "I'm sorry for this entire situation. But I will not stop seeing Delilah just because she doesn't like you Alan." With that he got up and left the room.

Alan started to silently cry, leaving Anna in yet another awkward situation.