Dedicated to Annie, Laura, and Maya - if she'd EVER come on, anyways.

This is a sequel to Annie's oneshot, "Lonely, Are We?"

Winry woke up to the smell of oil and cinnamon and sunshine. She woke up to her back aching slightly and her nostrils filled with the scent of machine oil, which wasn't something unknown to the blonde.

But what was unfamiliar was waking up, snuggled beneath her maroon covers and duvet to an Edward Elric with his head buried in her shoulder and neck.

Her first reaction was - surprisingly - not to scream and rant and throw a hissy fit, but to actually blush.

Well, you would blush too if you had the childhood-crush-turned-love-of-your-life not even a half-feet away from you in your bed now wouldn't you?

She was first, in her sleepy haze, distracted by his relaxed features. Edward was often angry, scowling, or plain grumpy, never smiling unless something did something to elicit happiness out of him. And that, in itself, was another challenge that Winry - however many times she succeeded - found very difficult.

But when he was sleeping, it was worse.

She knew he was plagued by those dreams of his, memories of things that she'd rather not know about, and thankfully he didn't elaborate. He didn't want to tell as much as she didn't want to listen. But seeing him, right here, golden blonde hair tickling her skin and his warm breath making her skin flush, she decided that perhaps she would get him to tell her one day. If it meant seeing more of those faces.

His eyebrows weren't furrowed, the lines around his eyes not pronounced. He always had rather long eyelashes, and they brushed against his cheek when they were closed. He was breathing steadily throughout his nose, and there was a small smile on his thin lips.

Winry actually found herself smiling, a little.

She noticed the wrench that was once beside her (safety against creepers that might come through the windows at night) on her table, understood it's means of getting there, and smiled widely.

Looking back at Edward, she giggled.

Making a snap decision based on her sleepy mind and infatuation, she moved his head from the crook of her neck, and twisted herself gently - he was holding on to her waist, that made it slightly harder but it was worth it anyways - and settled herself on his chest, breathing in deeply and noting that the smell of cinnamon was coming from him.

Perhaps she wouldn't size him out for this one in the morning, after all.

Whoa. I think that's the most fluff I've written in a long time. Shit load of squeal-worthy stuff there, people.

Annie, I DID IT. Now you can stop badgering me about it. But in all respect, you kinda had every right to, since I was procrastinating here XD


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