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The One Where Merlin Gets Drunk and Arthur Gets Angry

It is possible; Merlin thinks blearily to himself, that he is somewhat, slightly, just a little bit…drunk.
It is also possible that he may have just said that Gwen is a very good kisser.
It is also quite possible that he said this in front of Gwaine.

And Leon.

And Lancelot.

And Arthur.

Gwaine -who has had at least twice as much to drink as Merlin but still seems sober- seems to find the whole thing hilarious slaps him on the back and tops up his drink.

Lancelot goes very quiet, manages a weak smile and quickly downs the rest of his drink before staring broodily into his empty tankard.

Arthur...Merlin looks blearily over at the prince, only to find that he was staring? Nope, that's not right...Glaring! That's the right word thought Merlin, quite pleased that he was able to think of that-or think at all actually- when he was 'tipsy'. He grins at him cheerily, not registering how quiet the prince has gone, or that Lancelot has turned his attention away from the bottom of his tankard to study Arthur warily. Leon, who has known Arthur the longest and who-apart from Merlin- is probably the best able to read the prince's moods clears his throat and is about to change the subject when Arthur beats him to it.

'Merlin.', he says calmly-and really, if Merlin had been sober he would have realized that Arthur was not calm. Not at all. As it was, Merlin just grinned over at him and answered with a cheery 'That's me! Merlin! The one and only!'

'Well, "the one and only Merlin" when did you think it was all right for you to kiss Guinevere?'

'I never kissed Gwen!' Exclaimed Merlin, punctuating it with a hiccup. Arthur visibly relaxed and took another swig of his ale, 'She kissed me.' continued Merlin blithely.

Arthur almost choked on his drink and started coughing and spluttering. 'WHAT?' he yelled, jumping to his feet. 'When the hell did this happen?'

Merlin squints up at Arthur, 'Oh it was ages ago. When she thought you were a prat.'

Gwaine and Lancelot were just able to stop Arthur from lunging across the table at Merlin, who was finally starting to realize that Arthur was a little bit…peeved and quickly moved away from the table and behind Leon. 'Come on Arthur', he began laughing nervously peeking out from behind Leon 'you can't be angry that Gwen kissed me before you even realized she existed!'

Arthur made another lunge at Merlin before turning on Gwaine as he tried to placate him by saying 'He's got a point mate, Gwen's a beautiful girl there's no way no one else hadn't kissed her before you! If she's only kissing you now, what does it matter who she kissed before? I'm sure Merlin wasn't her first kiss anyway.'

'No, that was me.' Four heads turned to Leon.

'What?' This time Arthur's voice was less furious and more stunned. And squeaky. Leon shrugged, 'We grew up together. We must have been about 11 and 9 at the time. It was a dance down in the lower town.'

Arthur stood staring at Leon with his mouth opening and closing like a fish. How long this would have gone on, no one found out because Gwaine laughed again, patted Arthur on the back and handed him a full tankard of ale.

'Drink up lads! A toast to our future Queen!'