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Chapter one: Complicated

"What am I going to do?" thought Sylvester James Cooper while he was sitting on the Interpol Station rooftop in Paris looking up at the moon; it had been a month after the whole Kane Island incident. He was currently in thought about that orange haired vixen that would, on many occasions, try to arrest him and send him to prison, but now, thanks to his faking of amnesia, has become his new partner in crime- or rather justice. He couldn't believe the outcomes of this past month, all the time he spent with her had really increased his affections for her. That was, until he was called and asked by Bentley to have a silent rendezvous just outside of town.

Flashback starts

"Sly, you came." Bentley said as he appeared out of the shadows in the alley, "Ya pal," said Sly, "I'll do anything for you, listen Bentley, I can't stay for long, Carmelita will want to know-"

"That's exactly what I needed to talk to you about Sly, we need you back, Murray and I need you Sly, without you, it's just not the same without you…"

"Look Bentley, I can't just give this up, I'm making progress with Carmelita, I finally am getting somewhere, you can't expect me to just throw that all away, can you?"

"Look Sly, I can't tell you what to do, you have given up a lot to try your little scheme, but just know, your brothers do need you…"

Flashback Ends

"Ugh, what am I going to do…?" After both mentally and physically sighing, Sly got up from the rooftop and looked up to the moon before he was interrupted by- "Hey Sly," Said the vixen herself, Carmelita, handing him a cup of coffee, "Penny for your thoughts?" she said tossing him a penny. Sly merely smiled, "I'm just admiring the moon, Paris is truly beautiful…" she smiled and nodded, he was right, it was beautiful, she rested her head on his shoulder and in return he put his arm around her and stroked her hair, she loved it when he did that. She was about to lean in for a kiss but he moved his head, "Everything alright?" Sly looked back at her and said, "Of course, just… thinking." She was about to protest but she saw he really wasn't in the mood, "Ok, well, let's go Sly, as beautiful as it is, it's really chilly out here, and I think you need to get some rest, we have a big job tomorrow, come on, I'll drive." She smiled at him and he smiled back. They gracefully jumped off the rooftop, using some smaller roofs as platforms, and found their way to Carmelita's car and as they both rode off into town, Sly couldn't stop admiring how beautiful both Paris, and Carmelita, truly were.

He smiled at this fact, he thought life was at its best, little did he know that tomorrow, he was in for a wakeup call…

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