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Chapter Twenty Three: Right Through Me.

Cold. Broken. Defeated.

He sat there, on the cold stone. How could he have allowed this to happen? How could he have over looked this? How could he, the world's 'greatest mastermind thief,' have not anticipated this?

Oh yes, Sylvester James Cooper was definitely at war with himself.

He clawed at his ear annoyingly; feeling twitchy, vapid and broken. He wanted nothing more than to burst out of this cell, find Dean, and teach that ungrateful, disgusting, waste of anything decent-

He sighed. Who was he fooling? He wasn't livid, sure he was angry, but not livid; heartbroken was a more appropriate term. He had no clue where Carmelita was, what Bentley or Murray had planned, but mostly, he had no idea who Dean was anymore.

That small innocent boy he saved from the Lygume Market seemed like an echo; a faded memory that had now been replaced by a monster. Honestly, how could this have happened?

Every sincere moment they had, the naivety and youth that sparkled in his emerald eyes, the promise that Sly had bound himself to… It was merely all a ploy... A ploy that would lead to his ultimate defeat. Dean's last five words... Those last words that had made Sly's heart break and flood with bloodlust for the Leah's death... Were merely five scripted words.

Rage seemed to boil in his veins once again but he managed to calm himself. Now wasn't the time to act, he needed to figure what to do next.

Right, thought Sly, what I know: Carmelita was being held somewhere else in the castle as she wasn't anywhere in these cells. From what I've gathered, it's been one hour since the fiasco during the Ball, so Bentley and Murray would've sprung something by now. But where were they?

He sighed once again. Never had he ever felt so isolated, never had he felt so alone since his arrest and jailing under the Contessa.

He kicked the cell's gate bars in frustration. He needed a plan! He needed to just achieve something! He couldn't stand this vulnerability!

He was stripped of his cane when he entered the dungeons and he knew his cane would be kept close by; if he could just distract a guard long enough to pick pocket his key and get to it...

He crawled towards the cell door and surveyed the corridor; numerous other empty cells and a flash light guard half asleep on the other side of the room, in a guard room.

Once again, he sighed. Defeated. There was no salvation. There was nothing. Bentley and Murray weren't coming this time.

"I'm sorry Dad." Sly muttered, fighting the prickling sensation coming from his eyes.

The blazer that was once neat and pristine lay abandoned on the floor, scruffy and torn. The rest of his attire followed a very similar fashion.

I sunk back against the wall and blocked out my thoughts. This is it; tomorrow will be the day that the Infamous Raccoon Master Thief will finally meet his end.

I only just wish I could've seen Carm one more time...


"Oi!" Commanded a horse voice. "Wake up! You're not paid to sleep!"

"Yes sir, Commander! Never again!" Replied a terrified squeak.

"Take them to Cell E. Hurry, or we both know what will happen."

The shuffling of feet had soon drowned out the chuckling that Sly imagined belonged to the Commander. Sly could make out the footsteps being made belonging to two maybe three people? His heart leapt at the thought of Carmelita. It was true, they were both still stuck in this Hell hole but at least he would know where she was.

He waited in silent anticipation as the footsteps drew nearer until finally his heart leapt; although it leapt with fear as opposed to relief. He watched in horror as Bentley and Murray, being prodded along by the guard from earlier, shuffled past in chains. It seemed as if the cold and disparity from the stone walls around him had sept into his heart and contained itself there. He watched them disappear from his small frame of view just as a new person had materialized in front of him.

"How do you like the décor Cooper? I tried to make it similar to the cell you had me in." Smirked the Commander.

"Well, I take great pleasure in assuring you it met your goal. After all, it seems only fit to hold a dog, or rather, you. By the way, how are your shins doing?"

Abdul seemed to only broaden his smirk. The dim light seemed to contort his facial features even more so as he peered towards Sly menacingly.

"Peachy, thanks Cooper." He retorted. The insanity gleaming in his eyes. "You know I can no longer run? Yes, you've done irreparable damage to my lower legs actually."

"How sad." Sly said nonchalantly.

"Your sympathy is overwhelming Cooper," Abdul chuckled darkly. "Still, no matter, I'd rather have the inability to run as opposed to what happens to you tomorrow..."

It was strange seeing Abdul in this light. Sly had remembered interrogating a coward, the man standing in front of him seemed more cunning.

"Yes well, please will you leave? As much as I'm graced by your presence Commander Abdul I'd like to look my best tomorrow, I need my beauty sleep. Of course that's something you'd never understand but none the less I humbly ask that you leave."

"The ever cocky Sly Cooper…" laughed Abdul, before adding darkly. "That will certainly get beaten out of you."

A cold shudder had run up Sly's spine. On the outside, he seemed confident, cocky and quite bored; on the inside, he was dying.

He felt so small. He felt so incompetent. He felt so insignificant.

Sly sat there once again. He had given up.

Bentley and Murray were separated from him. They were probably only a few cells away from him but the silence was deafening. They had given up.

He had no clue were Carmelita was.

Interpol's Head was the very man who owned this place.

He was powerless and worst of all... No one was coming for him; no one would be able to save the day.

No one.


Sly woke for the second time this evening. He checked his watch, 11:32 and came to the conclusion that he could only sleep in half hour intervals.

He hugged his knees closer to his body and sighed, only to realize he wasn't alone.

His eyes glanced up through the hairs of his fringe to meet the eyes of the very person he wanted to kill.

"Dean." Sly muttered darkly.

"Sly." Dean retorted. He was dressed very elegantly. He had a black coat on, underneath what looked like a top buttoned shirt, with a red tie, and black slacks on. Exactly what he wore to the ball.

"I have nothing to say."

"Then don't say anything." Sly was about to reply when he was cut off.

"No, please, just listen Sly." Dean hastily whispered in an undertone. "We don't have long; Groelwell and Commander Abdul are under the impression that I'm doing my rounds. I am going to ask Commander Abdul to unlock your cell and when he does, I need you to grab him and allow me to subdue him. I need to get you out of here."

Sly finally met his gaze. Could he be serious? No. This was another scheme. This was falsehood. After all, isn't that what Dean was good at? Spinning lies?

"For God's sake Sly!" Dean whispered fiercely. "Just trust me!"

Sly had no time to respond as immediately Dean had commanded Abdul to do the very thing he just explained to Sly.

"But Master Dean-" Abdul hesitated with the lock.

"Do you understand how easy it would be for me to rip you apart right now?" I said unsheathing my whip. "Or better yet, have my father do it."

Abdul shuddered at the thought he tried to casually unlock the door but clearly fear had overcome him. He hassled with the lock but finally pushed the door inward. Sly stepped back and allowed the door to pass.

The next moment, everything happened very quickly.

Sly felt as something heavy collided on top of him. He looked up and met the eyes of the Commander although what was once his spark of insanity, that life, was disappearing.

Sly wriggled out from under the man but as he did he heard a scream of sheer pain.

"No! Master Dean! Please-" But the guard's voice was drowned out by a gurgling sound.

"Sorry about that Groelwell..." Dean whispered.

Sly got up and was dragged out of his cell by the copper haired wolf. But before Sly could understand what was happening he realized something; Abdul had been stabbed and the guard, Groelwell, had chocked on his blood, Dean had slit his throat from the distance. It wasn't the fact that Dean had killed them that shook Sly, it was the fact that the precision and accuracy Dean mustered could have been directed towards him...

"Okay," Dean said pulling off the keys from Groelwell's body. "We don't have long; his scream might've attracted some attention. I should've killed him faster... Sly, take these and go get Bentley and Murray. I'm going to see what I can do about the bodies. I also got your cane by the way…"

He threw the key towards me and handed Sly his cane back. Sly felt a stroke of confidence return, he was grateful to have his family cane; his one remnant of familiarity in a situation where he felt violated. Sly rushed off to Cell E. The dungeon was very large and clearly housed many cells but it wasn't long before Sly found what he was looking for.

Apparently the Master had not considered Bentley and Murray serious threats as he piled them both into a single cell block. Under normal circumstances, a fatal mistake on his part, but Sly took in the current way his gang was feeling and sighed. Clockwerk all over again...

"Guys?" Sly said quietly sneaking up to his pals.

"Sly!" Murray said ecstatically, helping Bentley up.

"Hey pal," Sly smiled gently, unlocking the door. "Listen Bentley, Murray, I need you both out of here. It's just too dangerous. I left you both to go off on my own story with Carm and I think that's why we're all here. The Master wants me out of his way. I don't want you both to get hurt because of my mistakes."

"Sly," Murray began. "When have your mistakes ever stopped us from helping you?"

Sly snorted lightly and was about to respond when Bentley beat him to it.

"Murray's only joking Sly, but in all honesty," Bentley added gently. "We're brothers. If we're going down, we're doing it together. All for one and one for all?"

"You're right." I said pulling the two into a hug. We didn't normally do this, but under the circumstances...

"Let's go get him Sly!" Murray said enthusiastically.

Yes, it was just like Clockwerk. We were a team and we'll go down as a team.

Sly led his team from the cell block and over towards Dean who was leaning against a wall, waiting. He felt Murray tense up but patted his back and reassured him.

"Listen guys, I'm sorry. You can all hit me later; I know you all want to." Dean glanced towards Murray but then rotated between the three. "I'd imagine you figured out the whole plot, or at least most of it. I'm so sorry for how I manipulated you all. But it wasn't all lies, there are things that I said I truly meant, things from my heart..." Sly couldn't help feeling that he spoke to him specifically. "I had no choice but we'll discuss this all later, we don't have time. It's late enough and we need to set up a game plan. Bentley, you're the brains, let's so what we can cook up."

"I don't trust you." Bentley said bluntly. Dean was to respond but Bentley hushed him. "However, we need to get out of here and trust or time is not a luxury now."

Dean nodded.

"Right, this is what I've planned in the three minutes I had standing here. Sly, you and I will go out there and find Carmelita. Meanwhile, Murray, I'd like you to please stay with Bentley and protect him as he hacks into the camera system from the guard room there. Bentley, I understand you'd be able to comprehend my idea as to why I need you to have eyes and ears in this place if we're gonna bring my father down?"

"Yes, I see where you're going with this." Bentley nodded and understood. He turned to Sly and Murray. "Do what he says. It's not well thought it, too vague for my liking but we have no options here. Murray, watch the door please, Sly, go with him." He turned to Dean. "I assume you'll rescue Carmelita and then confront your father?"

Dean nodded. His gaze was intense. Intense with apprehension or confidence? Sly couldn't decide.

"Then go, good luck to both of you. Take these," He handed over two walkie talkies to both Sly and Dean. "I'll see you soon pal."

Dean led the way as Sly followed him out of the dungeon. He led him down an elegant corridor, decorated with only the finest portraits. Torches lit and gorgeous crimson carpets sprawled down on the floor. Dean noted the lack of guards and felt his stomach roll in anxiety. They left the dungeon entrance and arrived in the vast entrance hall to the castle, deprived of the guests that were there earlier, as well as the guards.

"She's being kept up on the eastern tower, our training area. Just carry on up the staircase there until you reach an elevator, take it to the highest floor and she'll be there." Dean instructed.

"But what about the guards? What about you?"

"I know where the guards are Sly, and as for me, I'm going to my father. I need to resolve some family issues."

Sly nodded and began to hurry off when he soft voice.

"Sly, can I just say one more thing..." Sly turned around to find Dean looking up at him with eyes filled with his familiar compassion and innocence. "I'm so sorry for what I did. I wish I could take it back, but I refuse to take back what I said. I meant what I said. I know you love Carmelita and I know she's your everything, and that's how it should be. I just want you to know that in another world I wish I could've been in your gang..."

Sly didn't know how to respond. He loved the boy in front of him, but as a son. So, he did the only thing he knew what would help.

He hugged Dean. A fatherly embrace that Sly longed to have; a bond had formed between the wolf and raccoon. Over time Sly had come to appreciate the form of love that grew between them; the love between a son and a father.

"I will see you again Dean." Sly said breaking the hug and meeting his eyes. "I know I will. You'll be in the gang and everything will work out."

Dean wiped away the tears that were beginning to fall; he inhaled deeply and found clarity once again. He merely nodded and smiled.

Sly returned his smile and made his way to the entrance of the grand staircase.

When Sly had left, Dean sighed, it was show time. He proceeded towards the staircase and followed Sly's pace only to take his exit on the first floor. Two large oak doors stood in front of him. This was it, time to confront his father. This was what he had to do.

"I just hope Bentley comes through..." Was Dean Le'Roux's final thought as he opened the two heavy doors.

The two doors opened and revealed a large hallway. At the end of the hallway, in all his arrogance, sat his father. To his right was Raven, and in front of him, against all the walls, was the remaining numbers of his arsenal; every single guard he commanded.

"Ah Dean," Raphael purred darkly. "Why are you up so late?"

"Hello Father. I couldn't sleep." Dean strolled casually towards his throne. "Raven."

I nodded in acknowledgement and she wore an expression of complete remorse; her eyes could not disguise her disapproval. Obviously she knew exactly what was about to happen to her pupil.

"We were just having a discussion actually-"

"Is that so? Would you mind including me Father?" Dean asked gracefully.

The youngest Le'Roux had prepared himself physically but also mentally for this moment. On the outside he seemed calm and rather bored, although in his mind, he was calculating every hint of when to strike. He had already sensed the guards seal of the exit behind him and he could feel them ganging up on him.

"Of course Dean! We were discussing what would be the best way-" His father's gaze, in that second, flickered up slightly and Dean took that as his cue.

Dean unsheathed his claws and swung them both in opposite directions behind him. He felt the tug of skin against his jagged weapons, and knew that two guard's blood had been spilled.

"To have you killed." His father muttered emotionlessly.

"Well father," Dean said adjusting his fighting stance and the way he held his claws. "You've made this awfully dramatic and why not put actions to your words?"

"Kill him." His father growled.

In that instant three guards came towards Dean. Everything seemed to slow down as Dean's mind went into battle mode. He caught the first one across his face and slashed it apart. Blood seemed to pour out as he fell to the floor, screaming. The second guard lunged at Dean just as he ducked but in that instant, ran his claw along the guard's back, resulting in more agonizing screaming. The third guard, who kept his distance, came running on full speed. Dean prepared himself for the worst but just as the guard was about to strike, a thin blade protruded suddenly from his torso. He fell to the ground and in his place stood Raven, smiling.

"Together Deanie?" Raven smiled darkly, the blood on her sword gleaming.

"Let's do this." Dean said, standing back to back with his one true friend he had ever known.


Sly was sprinting around this massive castle in search for that elevator. What first had seemed like excitement had become a fear of not finding Carmelita. He had searched this place at least twice over. He couldn't tell whether it had been an eternity that had passed or only a few hours. You could imagine his relief when he finally had discovered the elevator.

He climbed in and hurriedly selected the top floor. Sly waited impatiently and upon arrival dashed up the spiral staircase and out the hatch. He looked across the large training area: dummies, swords, shields. He felt the fierce wind whip at his torn shirt, thankfully he had gotten used to this cold.

It was then when he smelt the blood.

That metallic, sharp scent. It mixed with his fear and anxiety, intoxicating him even more. There could only be one person who was bleeding, and that was Carmelita...

"So nice of you to join us Ringtail." Sweetly, seductively. Leah.

"Leah." Sly said disgustingly, his grip on his cane tightening.

"You came a bit too early though," she said disappointingly, innocently. "I didn't have time to properly start on my next work of art, she would have been so perfect... Ah well, when we're done playing I'll finish her off."

"Sly..." Carmelita whispered...

"Shut up you bitch!" Leah screeched and kicked her mid section.

Sly didn't have time to scan her body as to where the blood was escaping from but he prayed to God that it wasn't from a fatal wound.

"So Sly," Leah began, returning to Sly. She began circling him. "How are you doing darling? And where's my son? Isn't he supposed to be killing you?"

"He's the one that sprung me actually. He's gone to go kill that husband of yours." He was waiting for her to inch closer before he was to strike. He followed her with his eyes as she continued to encircle him.

"Ah, what a pity..." Her eyes sparkling with malice, everything that wasn't remotely close to pity. "Good thing Raphael planned for this, Dean should be cold and dead within the hour."

Sly felt a pang of heartache. Dean... No, this wasn't right. She still is the one who signed his death warrant. This was what he was meant to do. She still is responsible for his death. His promise hadn't changed to Dean.

So, he hit her. He allowed all his power to channel into his strike but it was a waste as Leah dodged it effortlessly. She managed to leave a gash in his cheek with a knife she had withdrawn somehow.

She was quick. Sly had to make a plan, he had to stall her.

"Leah, why did you have to do this? We could have been together, you and I."

"Oh Sly," She giggled and lapped up some of the blood on the knife. "That would be wonderful, wouldn't it?"

She came closer towards him and he realized he was running out of options. Sly backed up against a wall and began to channel all his rage towards his cane. He was about to strike when Leah slashed at his left shoulder.

The pain wasn't excruciating, but it was enough for him to fall to his feet. Leah leaned in closer and stroked her knife against his cheek.

"Perhaps once I'm done with this bitch you and I could start a new," She forced her lips onto his. Purring, "Wouldn't that be amazing Ringtail?"

She leaned into kiss him again; Sly closed his eyes and sealed off his mouth in an attempt to block out all he could. But, just as their lips were to make contact Leah fell to the ground.

Sly looked up and in her place stood Carmelita.

"He is not YOUR Ringtail." She spat on Leah and handcuffed her.

Her hair was undone and she cradled her ribs. Her dress was torn in odd places and her hells had been pulled off. She had blood soaked into her fur on her right leg and a massive bruise on her forehead; in other words, to Sly, she was beautiful.

She helped him up and kissed him.

"Are you all right?" He asked tenderly. The happiness and confidence Sly normally commanded had finally returned to him.

"I'm okay love," she responded. She was happy; she had her Sly back.

"Okay, we need to go and get you somewhere safe..." Sly said beginning to lead her away.

"Wait Sly... I need to stay here."

He looked up at her in confusion. She merely laughed and kissed his forehead.

"Ringtail, I'm hurt. I want to stay here and watch over her. When the police arrive I need to be able to explain the whole situation," She looked up at him lovingly. "Besides, I need to stay safe, for the baby..."

He looked up at her, flabbergasted. She giggled and kissed him.

"What?" He asked, speechless.

"I'm pregnant Ringtail." She held his hand and happiness exploded inside of him.

He grabbed her and laughed. He lifted her up and she laughed. They both laughed although they were surrounded by a world of pain and chaos. They had each other and that's all that mattered.

"Now go Sly!" Carmelita said tenderly. "Go save the day, go save Dean."

He kissed her one last time and left. She looked down at the one obstacle that was finally out of the way. Carmelita took a seat on one of the battlements and cradled her body.

"I love you Ringtail." She said out loud. "Kick his ass."


Dean Le'Roux stood in the epic centre of what had been an epic battle. His clothes had been spilt with the blood of uncountable victims. Sadly, at the end of the day that's what they were, victims. They were operating on his father's orders; they had a family to feed. So that's who Dean blamed, his father. Speaking of, his father sighed.

"It's such a disappointment Raven," Raphael Le'Roux whispered. "You could have been great, at my side, my general, my second in command..."

"I don't know if you haven't taken the hint," She retorted. "But I really don't like you."

"You know Father," I said sheathing away my weapons. "This doesn't have to end this way, we could leave."

"And let all I've done go to waste?" He bellowed in rage. "How dare you! You insolent child! I've raised an empire! A stronghold for organized crime! I control the Mexican Drug Trade! The African Slave Trade! Don't you understand how much work that takes? I'm the pinnacle of control! It takes DECADES of planning!"

"So, you think that you're some powerful leader or something? Clever how you're Head of Interpol... But just walk away Dad, we can leave it all behind, start a new life..."

"I am a leader! I control all of Interpol! I won't stop until I control everything! Now grovel and we can sort this out properly Dean, I can be merciful."

"Well, as fun as that sounds..." Dean pulled out the walkie talkie. "Did you get all what he said on cameras Bentley?"

"Rodger." Replied the electronic form of the green tortoise's voice.

"Brilliant. Please will you send a copy to the Interpol Headquarters on my say so?"

"Just say when." The walkie talkie replied.

"I will. Thanks Bentley." Dean smirked. "Guess what Dad? You're going to prison."

Raphael's face paled. How could he have been so stupid? He just admitted to all of this! They'd have a testimony and all on camera... Rage consumed him. It clouded his judgment and forced his actions. He ripped his clock apart and stood there shirtless with heavy pants on. His muscles rippled in anger and he charged; exactly what Dean had hoped for.

Dean and Raven leap out of the way and blocked all of his blows. His Father fought with the ferocity of a demon.

As the battle raged on, Dean felt fatigue start to affect his body. He was good, but his dad had decades of practice. Thank God for Raven or he feared the fight would've ended long ago and he wouldn't have been the victor.

In the middle of it all, Sly Cooper had managed to sneak in, he felt relief wash over his body as he realized Dean was still okay. But possibly not for very long, Dean and a blonde woman were fending for their lives; they blocked and defended themselves against the Master. He was attacking relentlessly. Raphael had flung the woman against a wall and knocked her out cold, which allowed a small window of opportunity for Dean to slice up his father's leg.

"Let's stop this Dad!"

His Father growled and hatred seemed to ooze from every one of his pores. He began to swipe at every piece of Dean's flesh. Dean defended himself gracefully but Sly wasn't sure how long he would be able to.

The twitchy helplessness returned and Sly longed to assist, he could just jump into the battle, even his and Dean's combined efforts wouldn't be able to bring down a guy like this. Sly squirmed in anguish until the answer came to him as he looked up.

Just above the father and son was a crystal chandelier. Sly climbed up the columns against the walls as fast as he could. He sprinted up each one until finally latching on to the chain that suspended the chandelier.

The chandelier jerked slightly but stopped shaking quickly. Dean had noticed Sly with his peripheral vision and had caught up quickly to his intentions. He continued to fight knowing Sly had come to the rescue.

"NOW!" Cried Sly, and with one swipe of his cane the chandelier came loose.

Dean smashed his claw into his Father's face and jumped back. The instant he broke his guard to jump back, Raphael had taken the opportunity to sink his claws deep into Dean's chest. However, as Dean jumped away, his scream of agony was drowned by the crashing of the massive chandelier.

Then came the ringing, followed by Dean's sobs, and Sly's cry.

"Dean!" Sly screamed as descended and sprinted towards the white wolf. "Talk to me... Dean?"

Sly rested his head on his chest and supported Dean's chest by holding him in an embrace. Dean looked up at his savior and felt his tears hit his face.

"Don't cry Sly," Dean said smiling. "You saved me, I was going to die. It seems all you ever do is save me."

He laughed despite himself but erupted into a fit of coughing.

"We can organize something..." He pulled out his walkie talkie. "Bentley, I need paramedics-"

But Dean had grabbed the walkie talkie out of Sly's hand. Dean wheezed, not used to his body requiring so much energy to lift a hand.

"Bentley, send it into Interpol and ask for immediate back up." Dean said weakly.

"Okay, but Dean, Sly, what must we-"

"Talk to them soon Sly..." He turned off the walkie talkie. "It's up for me. All I'm asking for is to be with you."

"Always." Sly responded.

Dean sighed and inhaled what would be his last breath.

"Thank you Sly Cooper," He said, "For saving me, caring for me, and allowing me to love you."

And with that, Sly hugged Dean and erupted into tears. The sun shone through the broken windows in the hall, but no birds sang.


"You okay love?" Carmelita asked as she and Sly watched the sunset.

"Yeah." He replied curtly.

She wrapped her arms around her lover and allowed him a moment of peace. Unfortunately, it would have to be brief because the police were on their way after all.

"Sly..." She said rubbing his hand affectionately.

"I know, it's time to go." He pulled her into a short embrace and kissed her.

"I'll see you back at the safe house this afternoon, okay Ringtail?" He nodded and disappeared through the hatch.

Carmelita sat on the ledge and scanned the grounds of the castle. Near the entrance stood the Cooper van, engine running and ready to speed away. She waited until finally the car drove off. She looked up into the horizon and pondered how long it would take for her reinforcements to arrive.

She hopped off the ledge and decided to make her way down to the entrance hall. Leah was no longer up here; she was moved down stairs to the throne room much earlier by Murray. She was still out cold. Carmelita smiled.

She made her way down and finally into the entrance hall. There was both Leah and "the Master" out cold, next to each other. Murray had pushed the chandelier aside and handcuffed Mr. Le'Roux, with three handcuffs, (Just to be safe.)

Nearest to her laid Dean. Sly had laid a blanket on top of him; it looked as if he was asleep. Bentley had forged documents to specify where he was to be taken and buried; officially, in a small cemetery near London, but really he would be buried somewhere Sly saw fit.

The Le'Roux couple would both be put behind bars and Carmelita wouldn't be surprised if they ended up with the death penalty.

The blonde haired lady, Raven, had left. She wore no expression but Carmelita had sensed her heartache.

She sighed and began walking outside to wait. It would be amazing when all of this could be left behind. She loved her job, but maybe it was time to settle down and start a family... She had the love of her life after all.

Perhaps somewhere in the countryside? But Paris was always so beautiful... A little bit of detective work for her, pristine museums for him. She smiled at herself.

A breeze ruffled up her hair more so and warmth tickled her skin as she exited the castle.

She had her story worked out perfectly: She had attended the party with her date; they had a grand time until she was kidnapped by Raphael Le'Roux, Chief of Interpol. She hypothesized that on his side, she was considered a threat to his operation and that she, being the hard working cop she was, was going to search his castle to bust him.

Thankfully, his son had rebelled against his father's plan, in an attempt to end the plan but upon succeeding, the boy died in the process. She would uncover the video tapes and use it to emphasize her evidence and even persuade the judges into believing Dean's death as an act of heroism.

She heard the all too familiar sirens in the distance.

It was time to get this all behind her.



Sylvester James Cooper's Point of View:

"Daddy! Wake up! It's Christmas!" Squealed a young raccoon.

I groggily rolled around onto my back and sank under the covers. Five more minutes? I attempted to plead but tiredness overcame me.

"No! Daddy! Wake up!" To reinforce his command the little raccoon started jumping on his father. "Mommy! Please tell daddy to wake up... Please?"

Her laughter filled the air; that sweet, loving laugh. Her voice that could melt my heart, end my troubles, make me feel home.

"Ringtail?" She said tugging the blanket, revealing my muzzle. "Connor's already downstairs opening up the gifts, breakfast's ready and Bentley and Penelope will be arriving soon."

Her face was flawless, six years later and everything was as beautiful as ever. I kissed her good morning, ("Ew! Daddy!") and sat up right. I was met with the beautiful emerald eyes of my son, he was an exact replica of me. So was Connor, but Connor had a more fox-like frame. Anyway, it was just his eyes that were different. He had my same hair, jaw line, slim frame; it was just those green eyes. It was a strange thing indeed. My wife had beautiful caramel eyes and I had light chocolate colored eyes, but I wasn't complaining, the eyes reminded me of-

"Come here Dean!" I said pulling him into a hug. He squalled with delight as I carried him away, followed quickly by Carmelita beaming.

We made our way to the lounge where I found Connor ripping up all his presents.

"No! Excuse you Connor!" Dean jumped out of my arms with the classic Cooper agility. "Those are my presents!"

"Not anymore..." His twin replied slyly.

The two boys laughed as they unwrapped the rest of their presents. I seated my wife on our couch as I quickly made a fire in the fireplace. I joined her and we watched, in a loving embrace, as our two sons laughed and played.

I couldn't have been happier, dad wouldn't have been more proud. I looked up at the framed Cooper Cane above the mantel piece and smiled; I couldn't wait for the day when these two would carry that cane. But that wouldn't be until years.

I returned to reality and found Carm looking up at me.

"Yes love?" I asked adoringly.

"Nothing, it's just this is perfect, you're so perfect and I love you." She leaned in forward and I kissed her.

"Ew! No! Daddy, mommy! Stop!" Begged Connor.

"Connor! Close your eyes!" Dean covered his brother's face up, much to Connor's protest. "Do we have to put you both in different corners?"

It was beautiful, I looked at my two boys laughing with each other, I looked at my wife joining in with them and finally I joined in too.

I was happy, everything was perfect. Carmelita and I looked out the window at the snow falling peacefully. It reminded me of everything that had happened those years ago. I thought of my team, our heists, the ball, the Le'Roux family, Dean... I suspected Carm was thinking the same thing.

I squeezed her hand and looked into those beautiful caramel eyes, those beautiful eyes that would always be able to see right through me.


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