Author's Note:

Ahoy there! I know it's been a while but college is keeping me busy (I'm uploading this right before i head for class). More chapters are on the way! Anyways this is the intro of a story i've been wanted to write for months. Other than being the first One piece fan fic i've written in a while, its a crossover of OP and Naruto. But they aren't going to get along like they do in other fics. So sit back and relax for when i get the real chapters going (which will be longer than this intro), your gonna love it.

Also due to the fact that we don't know how much stronger the Straw hats have become (and their new attacks), this will be before the time skip. (Let's be honest, it would be over kill anyways).

So how about a little Q&A since this is just an intro?

Q: If One Piece is you fav anime/manga, why don't you write more stories for it?

A: The answer is simple. I really can't think of a plot for an OP fanfic. It needs to be realistic so i'd have to spend hours thinking about it. Most fanfics r junk so i want to do the best i can and i want it to look like it could be a real arc in the series.

Q: You say OP is the best but u have mostly Naruto fics. And u keep saying Naruto sucks. WTF?

A: As i said before: not easy to make a good plot. Yes i hate Naruto but the reason fanfics r so easy to write is because the characters don't have good personalities (or enough screen time to express and develop them).

Q: When ur you gonna update ur other fics?

A: Soon i promise!

Pirates vs Ninjas:

Intro: A Not So Peaceful Day

The sun was shining brightly over the sparkling sea. A steady wind filled the sails of the Thousand Sunny, pushing her to her destination. Her captain however was not so motivated. Monkey D. Luffy was lying on his back spread eagle as he stared into the sky with boredom.

"Sanji…" groaned Luffy, "Make me something to eat."

"No way!" said the blond cook lighting a cigarette, "You just ate half an hour ago. You're not getting anything till dinner."

"Hmph, stingy" muttered the Captain sticking out his tongue.

"Oi Luffy, want to go fishing?" asked the longed nosed sharpshooter. At once, Luffy jumped to his feet.

"Yahoo! Let's go fishing!"

"I want to go fishing too!" said Chopper excitedly.

"Ok I'll grab the gear" said Usopp running to the cabin.

"Yare, they're always so energetic" said Sanji. He lifted a small cup from a serving try and placed it in front of Robin. "Robin-chan, your coffee."

"Arigatou Cook-san" she replied with a smile, looking up from her book. "It's such a nice day isn't it?"

"Ahh" said Brook sitting across from her enjoying the aroma of his tea, "It is one of the most beautiful days I have ever seen with these two eyes. But then again, I have no eyes! SKULL JOKE!" he shouted jumping to his feet.

"It really is a beautiful day" said Nami to herself with a sigh, gazing to the horizon. She was happily pruning her tangerine grove, taking the opportunity to enjoy some peace before the Marines, a new enemy or anything odd jumped out at them. Unfortunately it would not last long.

"Oi Nee-chan!" called Franky from the helm, "Do you see that thunder ball in front of us?"

"Thunder ball?" asked Nami. She looked across the bow of Thousand Sunny. Sure enough, a velvet ball of lighting about the size of a large cannon ball was floating in the middle of the ocean. What on earth was it? Nami frowned as she brought a spyglass to her eye to get a better look. It seemed to be turning like a whirlpool. Frowning even more and she adjusted the focus but stopped when she felt something.

The ship was picking up speed.

Nami took a deep breath.

"Mina! There's something out there that's drawing us into it. Drop canvas and bring out the oars! Franky, turn use around, 180 degrease!" shouted Nami. Franky, Luffy, Sanji, Usopp and Brook immediately jumped to it but were halted when the velvet ball flashed a blinding light over the ship.

"What's going on?" shouted Usopp covering his eyes.

"Even with my supa sunglasses I can't see!" shouted back Franky also shielding his eyes.

"We have to turn the ship around!" cried Nami. But before they could do anything, the mysterious lighting ball engulfed the Thousand Sunny and both her and her crew vanished from the Grandline.

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