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How did this happen? I honestly don't know. It's so devastating.
One moment I was in my car, perfectly content. The next I was in a hard, plastic chair, praying that the most important thing to me would live.

I have no Idea how it happened. I drove down to the school after changing out of the hideous Gerhardt outfit into my normal clothes. The sun had set, and most of the girls were inside, dancing to the school song. I got out of the car, searching for Kelly, knowing full well that, after the first few songs, Kelly would slip out and wait for me. I craned my neck, looking up at the roof of the building.
A horror awaited me.
Kelly was plummeting towards the ground from the top of the roof. I wanted to rush over and grab her, to help her, but I was frozen to the spot. Her hands flew out and caught a window ledge about three stories up and she tried to haul herself up onto it, but her fingers were slipping. I was about to get help, when she lost her grasp on the stone.
"Kelly!" I yelled.
Her head turned. "Flash!" she screamed before she hit the ground.

The bright lights of the ambulance filled the school entrance. Several people rushed out towards Kelly's body and pulled the weak girl onto a stretcher. She was so still…
She can't be dead. I told myself.
But I wasn't that sure.
The ambulance doors were shutting now. I rushed up to the man.
"Please. Let me in. I have to be with her." I begged the man.
"Sorry, but it's not the best Idea right now." He said, slamming the door shut.
Angrily, I pounded on the back but they ignored me and drove away. In the light of the siren, I thought I saw an old Rolls Royce disappear into the trees.

I followed the ambulance as quickly as possible in my car. When I got there, they had already taken Kelly away somewhere.
"Miss!" I yelled across the waiting room to a nurse with a clip-board.
"Please keep your voice down!" she snapped at me, walking over. "What do you want?"
"I need to see Kelly Jones. Right now."
"Kelly Jones…" the nurse looked down at her clipboard. "Teenage girl? Short, black hair? Snake tattoo?"
The description of my angel made me want to cry at the thought of never seeing her again.
I nodded, mouth dry.
"She's in the emergency ward, through there."
I started off in that direction when the Nurse grabbed my shoulder.
"Are you a blood relative?" she asked me.
"No, but…"
"Only blood relatives can see the patient right now." The Nurse told me. "You'll be able to see her in about two days, but right now her condition is bad and only blood relatives can see her."
"WHAT?" I yelled at the woman. Two days? I'd die of worry before then.
"Please keep your voice down or you will be escorted from the hospital." The woman hissed before strutting back to her desk. "I suggest you go back home, Mister." She told me, looking me up and down before muttering, thinking that I couldn't hear, "If you have one."
My hands clenched into fists. "I'm not going anywhere until I can see her!" I growled, sitting down in one of the chairs promptly. I could have sworn the nurse rolled her eyes behind her glasses.

Her condition is bad… Those words echoed in my head for the next eight hours, the most painful of my life. I couldn't stop replaying Kelly's fall in my head, the sight of her body, limp and slightly mangled, on the ground. I loved this girl, she was my life, and what would I do if she died?
I sat there while people came and went in the waiting room. Pain stabbed my inside along with fear and worry. I didn't eat or drink or even doze off. I just sat there, wondering if my angel would cease to bring joy to everyone.
Finally, after eight torturous hours, I couldn't take it anymore. I left my seat and rushed down the passage towards Kelly's room. When I got there, a doctor stood outside.
"I need to see her, NOW!" I yelled at him.
"Are you a blood relative?' he asked me.
I couldn't help screaming.
"No! What is it with you hospital jerks and blood relatives?" I yelled.
"Miss Jones' condition is terrible right now, and…"
"So what?" I yelled. "Look, Mister. This girl is everything to me. She's my life. I'm totally, one hundred percent, head over heels in love with her. And if she were to die…
Look, I need to see her. She'll want to see me. When she fell off the roof- the last word she said before she hit the ground was my name. Please, you've got to let me in."
"Alright, but I must warn you that her condition is bad…"
My heart skipped a beat.
"Though it could have been much worse."
I breathed a sigh of relief.
"She's unconscious, though not in a coma. Fortunately there's no damage to her skull or brain at all, and she is very lucky not to be paralysed, but all her limbs are badly broken and will take long to heal, and she is very badly bruised." With that, he opened the door and ushered me in.
"Kel." I whispered quietly, shocked by what I saw.

She looked so… broken.
All her limbs were encased in plaster, strapped up slightly. Her face looked paler than usual, thinner, her cheekbones jutting out and her eyes rimmed with dark shadows, her hair hanging limply onto it and making it look even whiter. Luckily for her, her face was the only part of her body that wasn't covered in huge bruises so bad that they were almost black. These huge bruises covered every visible space on her body (Apart from her face, like I said), reaching under her casts and hospital gown. There were a few gashes covered with bandages on her lower neck and arms.
Yet she was still the most beautiful thing in the world to me, and it hurt to see her like this. If I had arrived a few minutes earlier, been with her, stopped her from falling…
It sounded cliché, but I believed that her condition was my fault.
I pulled the chair in the room towards her bed without taking my eyes off her, knowing full well that there would be no sleep for me for a while, in case she woke up and I wasn't there.
Sitting down, I sighed.
It was going to be a long night.