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Namid sighed softy as she looked out the window of the sleek back car she was being driven in to her grandfather's house. Usually, she'd be excited for a visit to her grandfather's house, for he was one of few people she truly trusted.

But this was no mere visit; this was a permanent visit because of her stupidity.

The social worker, whose name was already forgotten by Namid, pulled up the gravel driveway. She looked ahead to see a balding man; step out onto the front porch. Namid smiled lightly as she recognized him to be her grandfather.

"Okay Namid, I'll get your items out of the trunk and you go say hello to your Grandpa." The social worker said, looking at Namid though the rear view mirror.

Namid nodded and stepped out onto the driveway, the gravel crunching beneath her.

"Namid!" Her grandfather called, jogging down the steps to embrace his last family member. Namid giggled softly as she was spun around by her grandfather. He set her down once she was dizzy.

"Hi Grandpa, I missed you." Namid said, smiling up at him. Chayton smiled down at his granddaughter, it was sad to see how much he reminded her of mother and father. The social worker cleared her throat and caught their attention.

"Namid, why don't you go inside and find you room?" The social worker asked. Namid looked up at her grandfather asking if that was okay.

"Up the stairs, second door on the right." He said softly, "Oh Nami, look in the kitchen first. There might be someone you remember in there."

Namid turned into the house, curiosity getting the better of her. She turned right and walked into the kitchen, immediately recognizing her old babysitter, Kim.

"Kimmy!" Namid shrieked, launching herself towards her. Kim laughed as she picked up Namid and gave her a big hug.

"Hey Namikins!" Kim said, laughing.

"So what's new with you?" Namid asked. She wanted to know what was going on since she had moved away years ago.

"Kim here had a boyfriend, pretty serious too!" Chayton said, walking into the kitchen. Namid smiled brightly at this.

"Oh my gosh! Who is he? What's his name? How old is he?" Namid said all in one breath.

"Jared, his name is Jared and he has to be one of the most amazing guys I have ever had in my entire life!" Kim gushed over her boyfriend, Namid smiled brightly. She grabbed onto Kim's hand and asked if she could meet him. Kim, of course, could not refuse her.

"Tomorrow there is a bonfire; I shall pick you up around 6ish, okay? Kim asked; Namid nodded her head, slightly excited for the bonfires, she had never gone to one before.

"What is everyone like?" Namid asked, "Do you think they will like me?"

"Of course," Kim exclaimed, laughing "they all are great guys, except for Paul" She finished with a bitter ending.

"What wrong with Paul?"

"He's an arrogant, self – centered, temperamental, man whore!" Kim exclaimed while breathing heavily.

"Oh – okay. Uhm, what's a man whore?" Namid asked timidly. Kim had always been so friendly with people and never really disliked someone like this before. This Paul must have done something to make her like this.

"Nothing, nothing at all." Kim said quickly. Namid looked at her questionably for a second before walking up the stairs to her new bedroom.

The bedroom was very quaint. It had light purple wall with a twin bed, a few pictures, a desk, and a large window that leads to a big oak tree right outside.

Namid smiled at her surrounding, with everything that had happened before, she was just ready to have a normal childhood. She truly missed everything about this place, the smell of the ocean once you walked outside, the moistness in the air after the daily rain showers, and the serene feeling you have after being here.

It was something she desperately needed.