Paul's POV

I couldn't take this anger inside of me anymore. It's just all pent up inside of me waiting to burst out of my skin.

Being with Namid I could forget about all the anger and sadness that I feel. She was like an escape for me that I enjoy very much. She makes me forget about the pain I feel towards my mother leaving my father and I as well as the bullying I had to go through all of school until I phased for the first time and people realized I wouldn't take it any longer and that I can defend myself. Well not like Sam would let me beat up all my old bullies…

Seeing Leah leering down at Namid, my imprint and escape, it brought back all that anger back. I know she wouldn't have hurt her but I just couldn't fathom anything else.

"Leah, Paul outside NOW!" Sam commanded. The hairs on the back of my neck prickled at my alphas command.

I mindlessly walked outside with Leah following me as my body never stops shaking.

"Leah, what the hell?" I seethe. "You have no right doing that."

"Whatever Paul." She responds rolling her eyes and looking down at the ground in disgust.

"No," I started, "You know that it is one of the high-ranking rules that no one tells the secret to another imprint without the imprinters permission."

"Paul's right Leah. What were you thinking?" Sam said. His eyebrows were pushed together in the center of his forehead. He was just as confused as I was. Leah was bitter about imprinting, which was understandable, though I would never have to feel what she is. I had to admit I gave myself a high-five in my mind that my love life was set in stone. I shake my head to refocus myself.

"You know nothing." She says before turning and running into the woods where I would bet she phased. Girl had no control…

Sam and I share a look of anger and confusion. I start to head back inside but a hand, Sam's, grabs by arm to stop me. I turn around to face him.

"Do you have a plan about Namid and the secret?" He asked.

Giving a large sigh I responded, "I don't know. I haven't thought much about this. Namid isn't even 10 yet and I am not entirely sure she would fully understand this. I have plenty of time to figure this out before it becomes a problem."

"Hmm I guess that makes sense." Sam agrees. I give him a tight smile. "I apologize if it seems like I am prying but this the first time that a young imprinting has happened and the elders and I are trying to figure this out delicately."

"I get this is a new thing but this isn't a science experiment, there isn't anything to 'figure out'." I replied back. This whole thing is testing my control and patience.

"Paul I get that but this is a difficult…" Sam starts but trails off. We both hear the front door opening.

"Okay Namid we are going outside. Where Paul and Sam are talking about stuff and when the door opens we will probably hear what Sam and Paul are talking about." Seth says loudly, extremely loudly.

"Seth, what are you doing?" I hear Namid's voice say. I look over to Sam and roll my eyes.

"We will finish this later." Sam says before passing Namid and Seth and heading inside.

I see Namid and Seth start heading over to me. When they reach me I thank Seth for bringing Namid to me.

"Why are we leaving so early?" Namid asked as we walked towards the truck. I look down at her and smile.

"Well, I just am tired of that and ready to go home. Maybe go and watch a cartoon or something?" I ask trying to distract her from asking too many questions.

"Hmm. What was Leah talking about that? What was the thing you are supposed to tell me?" She asks, practically ignoring the cartoon question. We reach the car and I open the passenger side to help her in. After I close it I get inside and turn the car on.

"Leah was just being weird; you know girls are just like that sometimes." I joked back. I pull out of the driveway and start driving to Namid's.

"Hey!" Namid said and I laughed at her reaction.

"I'm just kidding kiddo." I smiled and reach over to ruffle her hair a bit. She pushes my hand away and tries to fix her hair.

"I'm not a kid Paul." She says, "I'm double digits now.

"Almost double digits." I corrected.

"Well I am probably only going to be double digits before I die." She says, I turn my head over to look at her with wide eyes. I couldn't believe what just came out of her mouth.

"What did you just say." I sputter out.

"Well I doubt that I will live until I have three numbers with my age." Namid lightly says.

"You are going to live a very long and happy life Namid." I said. "Anyways, what are you wanting to do for your birthday?" I look over and see her smile.

"Oh I have a few ideas." She says with a large smile.


Hey guys I know it's been forever and a day and I am really sorry about that. As my first year in college I was a bit of a study nerd and I wasn't going to let this get in the way of my classes. Even though I haven't been uploading doesn't mean that I haven't been thinking or planning with my stories. But now that I am finished with my first year expect uploads and I am so excited for this :D