The Overlord who Conquered all

I knew of the corruption of the oh so honored "heroes" and he had to say they weren't very courageous as the only way they even beat the current Overlord was a fool and was past his prime. Honestly it shouldn't take thought to realize that his minions just weren't cutting it anymore and as such should have used some of his whimsy flimsy magic to upgrade and possibly even create some new minions of higher caliber. As if by some stray thought carried out by Evil a Brown popped up in front of me and raised its club. I kicked it in the neck and it widened its eyes before he bowed to me.

My left eyebrow rose at small thing as he proceeded to drag me to the desecrated Dark Tower eagerly. I wrenched my hand from its arms and followed it in a walk hinting of my royalty. Once we did reach the tower an old Minion named Gnarl greeted me and ushered me inside while scouting outside before closing the massive door behind me. He said I was destined to be the next Overlord and I Couldn't have helped but say," Alright but there's going to be a few changes."

Gnarl's eyebrows rose before they quickly settled down back onto his nastily wrinkled forehead."First these minions there better be spells to change him… their idiocy will annoy me and I'd rather kill them all than work with them if there isn't," I stated.

"Luckily there is sire"

"Well then there lack of armor that'll have to change the past Overlord let far to many casualties happen"

"… Very well then but you do realize to create new minions you need a sample element like to make reds we had to imbue a brown with fire"

"That complicates things… but still there's going to be some upgrades it is not fair for the browns to not be able to use the ground as defense, also there's going to need to be some more creations of spells, minions and the like," I stated all of this very clearly. It was obvious in my glowing black eyes that the little creature in front of me was startled out of his tiny little mind. I gave out a smirk and pointed Gnarl and told him to teach me the magic to imbue browns as well as how to make new spells.

"Err… sire making spells are not easy to make. First you have to find a boulder imbued with latent magic and then imprint your will on it and it'll become a spell based on what you were thinking… also the Imbue spell has been lost for many generations," Gnarl stated.

"Gnarl where do we live?"

"In the Dark Tower sire"

"Yes, what keeps the tower running"

"Err the Tower Heart?"

"Yes and what is the tower heart"


"Yes magic-"

"Sire! You can't be thinking about using the tower-"

"Shush Gnarl! Let me finish… I have no doubt that the magic in the tower heart ha slowly been leaking into the rubble around the tower, I mean we are surrounded by nothing but boulder after all"

"Brilliant sire… you Gimmy go get your brethren and bring in some of the boulders surrounding our tower"

"Yes Sir! Let's go now peoples!"

"While you're at it bring some pebbles, grass, and brain coral," Gnarl, the supposedly smart minion, looked surprised yet again before ordering the minions to "Step on it" must be some old saying that only a being of Gnarl's age would know. I summoned the other browns before me and looked at them, obvious scrutiny in my eyes. I've always been good at seeing potential and grabbed the best three each more different than eachother.

The minions came back just as I finished picking the three out and separating them and telling them that all three are very special and that they needed to stay separate from the other browns. Gnarl started to praise the boulder that was brought in and claimed that it was enough to make a three different spells. I thought it should have it was bigger than me and I'm one fourth orc, ogre, troll, and elf. Luckily my elf won out I the face department or I'd never get any women, but as those other three it left me at 12' even so for the boulder to be bigger than me by far was a surprise.

I walked to the boulder and placed my bid palm against it the big rock and closed my eyes as is focused. To Gnarl's surprise the boulder didn't separate into three separate spell statues but instead into one giant spell obelisk. It depicted me over a fallen minion with a vial of some essence pouring out of an unknown object into the minion. Funnily enough it looked as if I could also sit on it so I ordered the minion to rip off the other throne and replace it with the obelisk.

Then I beckoned for the plant, pebble, and brain coral while also signing for my chosen minions to come over. I held all the items in my hands while pointing three fingers at the three minions and whispered,"Imbue!" and watched it all unfold before my eyes. At first it seemed like a failure as the minions just dropped dead, but then tiny wisps of pure essence flowed out of my fingers into the three dead minions and before the eyes of all present the three minions changed into something else.

The one imbued with the pebble turn gravel gray grew small spines that looked like the belonged to raptors. The one with the plant turned green and he grew horns that curved like elephant's tusks. The last turned into a young Gnarl and grew gray hair on his head. Honestly I was surprised by the small Gnarl and it seemed like he was completely different from Gnarl as he was smarter. Plus it did help that Gnarl was just an old brown that was oddly intelligent.

With this odd development the Overlord who Conquered all was born.