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My senses were coming together. I could smell, I could hear-and if I tried-I most definitely would be able to feel. My eyes were still closed, but they snapped opened and I was face-to-face with Adam. He was bent down beside me, worry on his face. I couldn't exactly remember what happened. I remember falling to the ground, then falling asleep...? No. That doesn't sound right. I stood up; my speed still intact. Adam stood in front of me as well and he pinned his eyebrows together as he stared at me.

"Dude, what happened to you?" Adam's voice sounded distant.

I looked around the room and felt strangely disoriented. I haven't felt this way sine I was transformed. What happened to me? I would fucking like to know.

"I don't know." I said, my eyes looking at the ground. "How long have you been here?"

"Not long, I just dropped off Fiona and decided to see how things were going with-hey, why was Fitz here,"he said, sniffing the air.

Everything came flooding back to me then. Fitz was here, he found out me. We fought, he rendered me unconscious, but not before telling me how he knows...Clare. Fuck! He's going to kill her, how long have I been fucking out?

It doesn't matter, I'm out the apartment before Adam can comprehend. I run after his scent. It was dark out but I didn't care. Adam was running behind me but he didn't say anything. I could feel the fear and rage crawl in my stomach. I have to find her. He can't have her. I'll fucking kill him before he does anything.

Her scent starts to mingle with his and I could feel it getting closer. I sharply turn a corner and I enter an abandoned warehouse. She's in here. I can smell her...and her blood. I stop and sniff around. I don't see anything but I will find them. Adam is silent beside me. He sniffs the air as well and he takes off to the right. I take a left and stop when my eyes unfold the scene before me.

Clare was on the floor, the blood pouring out of her neck, her wrists, she was lying motionless but her eyes were opened. Her heart was still beating but barely. She was hanging on a thread and it was all because of me.

I didn't see Fitz but the rage was coursing through me. My fists and jaw were clenched, my eyes were pitch black and my fangs pierced through my teeth. I sped through the warehouse, over and over until I found him.

He was standing against a wall, licking blood off his lips, his eyes blue. He knew I was there but he just looked down at his fingers. I lunged towards him, but he pushed his arm across my chest and I was sent flying to the other side of the room. That didn't stop me though, I punched him square against the jaw when I went back to him. He jerked backwards and his back cracked the cement wall.

Fitz chuckled as he tried to regain his balance but I held my foot against his stomach, sinking it in. "My, my, Elijah, it seems the unconscious effect has made you stronger. Or maybe you're just really pissed off."

I didn't respond, I grabbed the collar of his jacket with both hands and flung him around into the air. Fortunately, I knew Adam was there, so he ended up catching Fitz and flinging him against the wall. I saw Adam tear Fitz's complete arm off, throwing it across the room. The sight shocked and impressed me. I smirked at Adam's hidden strength and left him as I went back to Clare.

I could still hear tearing and clawing but I tuned all that out when I saw Clare still motionless on the ground. She averted her eyes to mine when I bent down next to her. I felt my insides burn and tear as her blue eyes were starting to dull, and her lips were turning white.

She parted her lips and tried to speak but I only shook my head. She was going to die because of me. I clenched my hands in a tight ball and tried to calm the self-hatred fuming through my system. I had to do something. I needed to fix this.

I ripped the sleeve from my arm and brought my wrist to my lips. A large gash was replaced by flesh as I tore through my wrist. Blood was squirting out and I held my wounded wrist to Clare's lips.


Her hardened lips smoothed over the liquid before she started to drink slowly. I didn't feel any pain as her lips viciously drank through the wound. I could feel the blood travel from my body and into hers. The venom was starting to course through her body and she jerked violently. Her head fell to the ground and she reached out her hand for mine. The venom was coursing through her system and I could feel it. Her body was being altered and everything was being destroyed. She squeezed my hand and started to shake. He lips were parted in silent gasps, the pain was becoming too much for her.

Her eyes closed and her whole body went limp. Her heart slowed and finally stopped. Her small hand let go of mine and fell to the ground. I felt the blood starting to pour down my face but I ignored it and went back to Adam.

Fitz held him down, the anger evident on his face. I pushed him off of Adam and enveloped my hand around his neck. I pushed two fingers inside his eyes and clawed. Fitz let out a blood curling scream as I pulled out his eyes. His sockets stared into mine, he couldn't see anything, but he wasn't dead. I grabbed his head and twisted it until it popped off his body. It fell to the ground with a low thud! and I watched as his body crumpled to the ground. He wasn't moving but I still pulled off his other arm. I then tore both of his legs off and threw them across the room.

I looked at his disembodied head, my eyes staring daggers at it. I dug my hands into my pockets and could hear Adam walking over to me.

"Take Clare back to my place."



I still stared at the head but I could hear Adam taking Clare and bringing her out of the place. I took one of the empty boxes and placed every single piece of flesh into the box. I carried the box outside and ran to the lake. I held the box over the water but realized that wouldn't work. I went to the nearest gas station. The placed was dark and empty. I broke the glass and picked out the nearest lighter. I ran back to the box and lit it up with the match. The box soon turned to flames and I kicked the ashes into the water.

Fitz was finally gone.

I turned around and started on my way to the apartment, Clare surfacing through my mind the whole time. I knew what this meant. I didn't know how she was going to take it. I have a strong feeling that she is going to hate me. As much as that will pain me, I rather have her hate me then go through more of Fitz's agony.

Its silent when I enter. I walk to the bedroom and see her lying peacefully on the bed. Adam is standing beside the bed, looking down at her. My hands dug holes into my pockets as I my eyes bored into her body.

"When will she wake up?" Adam asked.


I could feel the venom reaching her heart, eating away whats left. Suddenly, her body twitched while her hands clutched the comforter. Then she abruptly went still. Her eyes opened and replacing blue, was black.

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