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Malfoy Manor

Draco and Hermione were sitting in the dining room at the Manor, eating breakfast with their three-year-old daughter Annabelle. Anthony and Jessica had just gone back to school and the couple were getting ready to celebrate their seventeenth anniversary.

"So what are you doing today?" Draco asked his wife, who was currently cutting Annabelle's toast into soldiers.

"Well Anna is going over to spend the day and sleepover with Ginny and Lily. I have to go to the Ministry and pick up some files and then I'm going to go and get my dress robes for our anniversary dinner tonight" Hermione told her husband. "What are you doing dear?"

"Me. Oh just this and that. I am going to meet with the MD of Carrington Cauldron's, the deal with them is almost done and after that lunch with mother and tonight, dinner with a beautiful little witch"

"Awww, isn't daddy sweet Anna" Hermione said mockingly to her daughter, although unable to keep the smile from breaking through.

Annabelle was far too interested in her soldiers and eggs to listen to her parent's conversation and looked up at her mother in confusion. "Why daddy sweet? Daddy silly" she told her mother before eating some of her toast.

Hermione couldn't conceal her laughter at her youngest daughter's remarks or the indignant look on her husband's face.

Draco looked straight at his daughter "Anna, Malfoy's are many things; but one thing we are not is silly" he got up and kissed his daughter on top of the head and pecked Hermione's lips before exiting the dining room to get ready for the day.

Hermione was just pouring herself a second cup of tea when the floo turned green and Blaise stepped out brandishing the Daily Prophet and laughing. "Have you seen this? It's the best news I've had in years!" he flopped down into a chair after laying the newspaper in front of Hermione.

"Good Morning to you too Blaise; what on earth are you going on about?" Hermione asked rather shocked to see the man so happy for a change.

"Read it" he answered.

Hermione picked up the paper and looked at the front page "Oh Merlin!" she said before calling out to Draco.

He entered the room a moment later, doing up his tie. "What's all the shouting about? Oh hello mate, what are you doing here so early in the morning?"

Hermione handed him the paper.

The headline said

Marriage Law Repealed

Last night Grogan Lufkin, head of the Department of Marriages, announced that the Marriage Law, which saw its 17th anniversary earlier this week has come to an end. In a statement he said, "The reason's for the law no longer exist, the wizarding population in Britain is at an all time high and we feel that the law has run its course"

Well folks you heard it here first, no more forced marriages. If this wasn't enough, the Ministry has decided, for the first time ever in wizarding history, to allow couples to divorce. When questioned about this Mr. Lufkin stated, "We know that some couples were never truly happy with their matches and now we're giving them the chance to change it"

So folks, expect to see a busy ministry over the next few days!

"Don't you understand? I can finally be rid of Lavender! The bitch hasn't even contacted her own children in the last four years. I'm going down there now. I'm going to get the ball rolling as soon as possible" he got up and flooed away without another word.

"Well this is excellent news, isn't it?" Draco said, reading the article again.

"Oh, erm… yes I suppose it is" Hermione mumbled, trying to hide the tears that had welled up in her eyes from her husband and daughter.

"Why mummy crying?" Annabelle asked her father.

"She's just happy sweetheart" Draco lied to his daughter "Why don't you go and find your grandmother and see what she's doing" he said, trying to get Hermione alone to see why she was upset.

"Okay daddy" Annabelle ran off.

"Baby? What's wrong? Why are you crying?" He asked, turning Hermione in her chair and wiping the tears from her eyes.

"Well, I was just thinking, it won't be long before you follow Blaise to the ministry" Hermione admitted, fresh tears streaking down her face.

"Why on earth would I be about to follow Blaise? What are you talking about Hermione?" Draco asked, thoroughly confused by his wife's statement.

"Oh come on Draco; you didn't want to marry me. Why would you stay now that you can get out of it?" Hermione deadpanned.

Draco stood up and walked to the fireplace and rested his hands on it "You think I want out of our marriage. Seventeen years and three beautiful children and you think I would leave you now? For Merlin's sake Hermione, it's our anniversary today!" Draco was devastated. He loved his wife more than anything in the world, except maybe his children.

Hermione watched her husband's shoulders sink from across the room, her momentary lapse in confidence vanishing. "Oh love. I'm sorry; I don't know why I thought that. Please look at me" she said getting up and walking over to him.

Draco turned and looked at the witch he had loved for so long. "Listen to me very carefully Hermione" he had a look on his face that reminded Hermione of the Draco she knew before the war, the angry, dominated by evil Draco. He was a pure Malfoy right at this moment.

"I want you to take Anna to Ginny's and floo your office and tell them you're not coming in. Right now!"

"But Draco, I have to go to work and you have that mee-…." Draco cut her off with a look of pure anger.

"Let me make one thing very clear to you. You are my wife. I have loved you for a long time and how you just behaved shows me that maybe you don't feel the same way. Now do as I ask, and let us use the day to decide how we are going to carry on from here, because if you don't, maybe I will follow Blaise" Draco stepped around Hermione and walked out of the room robes billowing behind him, at that moment the image of his father.


The Great Hall, Hogwarts

Anthony was sitting at the Slytherin table enjoying his breakfast when the Daily Prophet landed in front of him. He opened it and read the headline, a large smile breaking out across his pale face.

He put the paper down and borrowed a piece of parchment from BJ, who was sitting next to him eating a bowl of cereal.

Meet me behind the statue of Boris the Bewildered at lunch. It's important. Please!

I love you


He folded it and charmed it so it flew across the room and fell in front of its intended recipient.

He then got up and went to his first lesson.


Meanwhile Jessica was sitting with Albus in the Gryffindor common room. The pair had been friends since birth but since starting school had progressed to best friends and were never seen apart.

Jessica was eating a piece of toast that Albus had brought up from the Great Hall, like he did everyday and was reading the Daily Prophet. "This is brilliant news Al, they aren't going to force us to marry people we don't like!" she told him.

"Yeah it's great" he said blushing.

"Why are you blushing Albus? You've been doing that a lot recently" Jessica asked him.

"I'm not, just warm in here" he mumbled, turning away. The truth was that Albus had recently found himself quite liking Jessica as more than a friend. He couldn't admit it to her but now with the law not existing anymore; in the future he would actually have a choice in the matter.


The Manor

Two hours after their disastrous breakfast Hermione returned from Ginny's house after dropping Annabelle and called out for Toppy.

The little elf popped into the foyer and bowed. "What is Toppy needing to do for mistress Hermione?" the little elf asked hopping from foot to foot and taking Hermione's travelling cloak from her.

"Toppy, do you know where Draco is?" Hermione asked, wringing her hands. She was terribly worried about what was going to happen today.

"Yes mistress. Master Draco is in you's bedroom mistress" Toppy told her, clicking his fingers so that her cloak vanished to the cupboard on their left.

"Thank you Toppy. One more thing, I have some robes at Madam Malkin's that I was supposed to pick up this afternoon. Could you possibly organise to collect them for me?" she asked the little elf.

"Of course mistress. Toppy will get them himself. Toppy will get them here perfect" Toppy said bowing again.

"Thanks Toppy" Hermione said, then turning and walking up the large staircase to find Draco.

Once outside the bedroom door she took a deep breath. She entered and found the room to be in the same condition as their 'first date' after leaving Hogwarts so many years before.

There was a roaring fire and fairy lights up on the walls. The same heart shape made from rose petals on the bed and Draco stood in his best dress robes.

"I thought you might need a little reminder" he said, walking over and lifting her to carry over the threshold.

"Draco, I'm so sorry. I never should have doubted you; I don't even know why I did." Draco interrupted her with a peck on the lips.

"Now listen Hermione Jean Malfoy. From the day I told you I loved you right up to this moment you have been my world. Now I don't care how we came to be together or what other people think, they don't matter. I love you and now I'm going to show you how much"

Draco took her over to the bed and laid her down. He vanished their clothes and lay on top of her. He spent the rest of the day and night making love to her.

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